Wednesday, September 21, 2022




New York can't afford another term of far-left leadership under Andrew Cuomo 2.0 - aka, Kathy Hochul, the corrupt Governor who views citizens as her "apostles."

Our economy is in freefall right now, with folks of all walks of life being pushed out of this state under sky-high taxes and cost of living.
And America's Crime Crisis has gotten even worse under Democrat control - Americans are FED UP with not feeling safe on our streets, and with so many innocent people becoming VICTIMS of this lawlessness and anarchy!

In just under 50 days, we have a historic opportunity to turn things around, TAKE BACK our streets, protect our freedoms, and SAVE NEW YORK.

I'll explain more, but before I do... Can I ask that you support this movement with Election Day right around the corner so we can hit our stride in this final stretch and help restore America to glory before it's gone FOR GOOD to far-left chaos?!


If you thought a Republican victory in a state like New York was out-of-reach, you can think again.
That's because the polls tell a different story - we are seriously within STRIKING DISTANCE right now and sit just single-digit percentage points away from winning this thing! Kathy Hochul has failed New York so badly that our campaign is getting MASSIVE crossover support from Democrats and Independents - this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally bring a Red Wave to NY!
It turns out, voters of ALL walks of life can see how our streets have been surrendered to violent criminals. Current Gov. Kathy Hochul refuses to repeal cashless bail, fire DAs who won't enforce the law, or support law enforcement... she would rather appease her far-left, Defund the Police allies and serve her Criminals for Kathy Coalition!
Oh yeah - and if you criticize her for it, she will literally tell you to pack up and flee the state. But I'm not going anywhere - There's too much at stake.
Please, I need your help to show that voters all over the country are fed up. We need to vote like our life depends on it this year (because it DOES)!

We can only send that message if we have the resources on hand. So I'm asking you right now - with Election Day coming in less than 50 days, will you help us build on our momentum and invest in saving a great American state?


Thank you for your support. This seriously might be the last chance we get here in NY, and losing is NOT an option!
All In,
Lee Zeldin

Mail checks to Zeldin for New York
PO Box 692, Shirley, NY 11967

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