Tuesday, February 14, 2023


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The Tragic Price Innocent Black Babies Pay For Parents’ Sex Habits

Fauci Faces Growing GOP Ire Over ChiCom Bioweapon He Funded



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Move over Christianity, America has a new 'official state religion'
Posted by WND News Services
Today in America, long the most Christian nation on earth, a new religion has somehow become the country's de facto official church. It's a destructive, abusive national cult as never before. Read more…



First Spy Balloon Now Lasers – WATCH

First Spy Balloon Now Lasers – WATCH






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FTC Commissioner Announces Resignation, Cites Biden-Appointed Chair’s ‘Abuse Of Power’
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February 14, 2023


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Biden Unveils Craziest Idea Yet?   

Nutty, or Nessecary?



Biden Makes Insane Claim About Disaster That Is Likely His Fault

Following a disastrous release of harmful chemicals during a chaotic...


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BREAKING: Deadly Chemicals Making Their Way Through Water to Multiple States Following Train Derailment
BREAKING: Deadly Chemicals Making Their Way Through Water to Multiple States Following Train Derailment
Reports of hazardous chemicals released into the atmosphere in the…







Black National Anthem At Super Bowl Stirs Controversy

imageThe NFL's pre-Super Bowl festivities over the weekend included a performance of a song known colloquially as the "Black National Anthem," stirring controversy and debate on social media and beyond.


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AOC Calls’ Libs Of TikTok’ Owner A Liar


Breaking: Death Penalty CAUSED By Racism?


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DAILY NEWS |  February 14, 2023
The White House made a shocking announcement that should leave every American terrified


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House Republicans proposed legislation on Monday that would make permanent several expiring tax cuts enacted as part of the 2017 tax overhaul, the Washington Examiner reports. 


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Biden Scandal Exposes Corrupt National Archives - Look What They Did to Trump, but Not Sleepy Joe