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Hypocrisy, thy name is Pelosi
Posted by Bob Unruh
Multimillionaire Nancy Pelosi got slammed over her wealth this week when she complained loudly about the disparity in income across the United States.

This comes after Pelosi proudly showed off her $24,000 refrigerator stuffed with expensive gourmet ice cream at a time people were losing their jobs during lockdowns.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Pelosi. ... Read more…


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Something huge will be unveiled on Jan. 6th
Mike Adams


It's going to be a game-changer. Trump's team is set to unveil something huge on January 6th that they believe will change the outcome of the votes of Congress as they decide which slate of electors to accept.

With Lin Wood now confirming that Jeffrey Epstein is alive, and with Trump quietly signing a one-year extension of a powerful executive order on human trafficking, something massive is going to be unveiled in the next week, it seems, that could change the course of history.

I cover all the details in today's Situation Update, which is only 21 minutes in length due to the holiday.

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 I am blown away by the hubris of the D's to steal this election, and it's right there for EVERYONE to see for accessing voting machines necessary.

GOD Bless and NEVER QUIT fighting




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Jackie Juntti

9:33 AM (1 hour ago)
to Jackie

Washington's Dictator, aka Governor INSLEEZE is Number 7 on this list.  I would have thought he would be higher on the list but being #7 out of 50  tells the story of what a vanity filled power grubbing poli-tick-son he is.  Between him and his cohort Lil Bobby Ferguson AG they make life as miserable as they can just to show off their political POWER.  Time to show these rats they aren't all that powerful - they need to lose ALL THEIR PAY and BENEFITS until they open up the economy.  Time to let them feel the pain and suffering they are putting the citizens thru and that applies at all level of government.  NO PAY OR BENEFITS until they open this country back up again.  They only get $$ and benefits when the lowest worker get theirs.

Jackie Juntti



Lots of tweets in this article but you need to go to the web page to see them.

Year-in-Review: The 2020 List of the 10 Worst Governors in the Nation

By Jennifer Oliver O'Connell | Dec 30, 2020 11:00 PM ET

So, there was no way that I could do a “Top 10 Worst Mayors” list without creating a similar list for the nation’s governors. Governors are the people who are most responsible for our state of being, our economic viability, and our safety, especially during this pandemic. Since this is a “Worst Of” list, we all know that the majority of them are failing miserably in all those areas.

One Republican made the list. In this era of NeverTrumpers and RINOS, this should come as no surprise. If it was a list of 20, there would have been a few more.

My determining factors, beside the dictator bloodlust, were:

  • How quickly does he/she run to the cameras?
  • How much gleam and glee is in his/her eyes when they talk about lockdowns?
  • How much joy does he/she exhibit when sticking it to Salon Owners, barbers, fitness center owners and small businesses?
  • How much does he/she blame President Trump?

And my final determinant:

  • If he/she got run over by a truck how much would their constituents cheer?

Without further ado, here is my list of the Top 10 Worst Governors in the Nation:

10. Larry Hogan (Maryland)

On March 30, Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan issued his formal lockdown orders. Unlike his fellow Republican Governors, he’s been more than a weasel about getting his state back open, and has become a poster child of Republican Trump resistance (see point 1: How quickly does he/she run to the cameras?).

As my colleague Sister Toldjah documented, Hogan went “full metal dictator” in his latest round of stay-at-home orders by commissioning the Maryland State Police to do the enforcement:

“The MDSP is expanding its COVID-19 Compliance and Coordination Center and deploying “High Visibility Compliance Units” across the state, Hogan said. Additional troopers will be assigned in every county to work in partnership with locals to investigate any reports of violations of state law.

“Beginning Wednesday, state troopers will support local authorities with compliance checks, with a focus on educating the public about existing orders and protocols, preventing super-spreading events, and assisting in enforcement actions when necessary.”

Talk about drunk on power. My colleague streiff, who lives in the state of Maryland, described Hogan thusly:

“I had high hopes for Hogan after the clusterf*** of corruption that was the Martin O’Malley administration. But he’s been a disappointment. He’s always been much more focused on burnishing his “reasonable Republican” credentials to garner favorable mention from the Baltimore Sun than he has been in either building a state party (the number of GOP members in the House of Delegates has decreased from 50 to 42 under Hogan) or enacting policies to increase personal and economic freedom in Maryland. I don’t see where he’s done anything that a Democrat would not have done, and we would not be stuck with the responsibility of defending his policies. Larry Hogan is Mitt Romney, though without the charisma, good looks, great hair, party-building skills, and conservative instincts. He’s a Chris Christie but without either moral courage or dazzling physique.”

Hogan is rumored to be mounting a run for president in 2024. Yeah… Good luck with that.

9. Tim Walz (Minnesota)

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz should be a byword, like Benedict Arnold. The level of incompetence exhibited by his restrictive lockdowns is one thing. But what transpired with the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, and the ensuing weeks of violence and unrest, were the result of not just his abject failure of leadership, but his abdication of it.

Walz was more concerned with freeing rioters and felons. Then there was the jailing of business owners and defunding of the police. All of it Walz-level incompetence.

My colleague Kira Davis put Walz’s sheer ineptitude so succinctly:

“Walz and other state and city officials across the country have stood idly by while looters and rioters burned businesses and neighborhoods to the ground. They did nothing and continue to do nothing as public property is defaced and destroyed. As their own citizens beg for protection, they have turned a blind eye to miscreants while forcing taxpayers to shut down their places of business and churches because of “COVID concerns.” They hypocrisy is frightening. The entitlement even more so.”

Walz then had the actual marbles (no way he has stones) to beg Trump for money to help rebuild the riot-ravaged areas.

Like Soy Boy Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, President Trump told Walz to go pound sand.

This is why he’s our president.

8. Kate Brown (Oregon)

Oregon Governor Kate Brown looks like the hall monitor you had in junior high. The pinched lips, the glasses at the end of the nose, the bug eyes. They all scream, “Control Freak!”

The fact that Oregon has the lowest hospitalizations and case rates, but is still locked into draconian COVID restrictions is confirmation of this.

Brown has instituted a statewide mask requirement for everyone over the age of five… despite the fact that the science and studies have shown that children under the age of 10 are the least vulnerable in terms of infection or transmission of COVID. Brown’s edicts also limit indoor capacity to 100 people, and restaurant and bar service must end at 10:00 p.m.

At Thanksgiving, Brown issued a brutal PSA via Twitter, telling her constituents to keep it small, and uninvite people.

“Difficult sacrifices now will save lives.” Funny, she wasn’t making those judgment calls when BLM and Antifa took over the town.

Like Walz, Brown is the overseer of the Summer of Unrest sparked from George Floyd’s tragic death, and all the damage and destruction done can be laid squarely in her lap. Brown doubled down on her Trump criticism, and ramped up on the peaceful protest rhetoric. Brown and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan obviously traffic in the same Woke circles. However, when the evil Proud Boys decided they wanted to hold a rally in downtown Portland, well, that’s where her goodwill came to an end.

My colleague Nick Arama points out Brown’s hypocrisy in allowing BLM and Antifa to rip through Portland and the surrounding suburbs without impunity. But the Proud Boys marching into town? Now, that’s a bridge too far.

“Brown is known for using the government to enforce rules for underhanded reasons. This is the same woman who allowed Antifa and BLM to burn, loot, and destroy Oregon communities but declared a state of emergency when the Proud Boys decided to hold a rally.

My colleague Brandon Morse also reported on Governor Brown’s penchant at retaliation.

“Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has been accused of ‘retaliating; against a salon owner named Lindsey Graham (yes, that’s her name) after Graham purposefully reopened her salon in May in defiance of the state’s lockdown orders, including sending Child Protective Services to her home to interview her children without her knowledge.

“According to Fox News, Graham has accused Brown of bringing the full weight of the state against her for violating the lockdown orders with unreasonable fines and intimidation tactics like threatening her children.”

Brown is not just a Worst governor; she’s a straight-up piece of work.

7. Jay Inslee (Washington)

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, along with Oregon’s Brown and California Governor Gavin Newsom, have formed a coalition of Western governors. What does that mean? Not much that’s good. From the similar nature of the lockdowns in all three states, they are obviously comparing policies. Apparently, it’s a game of monkey-see, monkey-do, and Inslee is the monkey in the middle.

Inslee has been caught more than once inflating his COVID death numbers in order to justify maintaining the lockdowns in his state.

And Inslee decided that one should never be without a mask, so he dictated a mask mandate, even when people are indoors.

“(E)very person in Washington state must wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth when in any indoor or outdoor public setting.”

And despite the delivery and administration of the COVID vaccines in Washington State, and no sign of overwhelmed hospitals, what does Inslee decide to do? He extends his restrictions through the New Year.

This year, it’s not only the Grinch that stole Christmas.

6. Ralph Northam (Virginia)

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, or as I like to call him, “Governor Mammy McKlanRobes”, was also early out the gate to lock his state down, announcing stay-at-home orders on March 30 that would remain in effect until June 10. But just like his fellow Worst List governors, Northam just kept moving the goal post.

We are in December, and NBC News reported in November a new set of COVID restrictions for Virginia:

In the meantime, while Northam locked Virginians down, he also tried to shut down gun stores and pass bills to ban gun ownership. Progressive governance at its finest.

5. Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania)

Ahh, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania is spending a lot of time in court these days. The first time was the push back against his COVID restrictions, which the courts deemed unconstitutional. Then he joined the bizarre diktat club with his banning of alcohol sales for one night before Thanksgiving, while giving concrete guidance on how to have COVID-free orgies.


While it receives less attention than our No. 2 governor, Wolf and his Health Secretary Rachel Levine also oversaw the death of thousands of elderly who lived in managed care facilities. Levine moved her/his own mother out of a care facility into a hotel before COVID hit. It’s worse than insider trading.

But the presidential election blew all that out the water, and served to elevate Wolf’s Worst rating. All the court cases, the hearings, the tweets, all surrounding the accusation of election fraud… election fraud that the governor still denies.

This, despite Wolf, the lieutenant governor, and the secretary of state bypassing Pennsylvania laws and the legislature in order to change how the election was handled. The citizens of Pennsylvania are not buying it.

4. Phil Murphy (New Jersey)

Our diarist DavenJ1, who lives in New Jersey, wrote about the ills of Governor Phil Murphy.

“They say that states are the laboratories of democracy in action.  Murphy and his kindred Democrat governors in other states are turning it into Petri dishes of fascism one bar, restaurant and bowling alley at a time.”

Murphy traded in “the science” a long time ago. Now he’s content to be inconsistent, and very petty.

Just ask Ian Smith, one of the owners of Atilis Gym in BellMawr, NJ. Smith has become a folk hero because he has defied Murphy’s shutdown orders, literally kicking in the door that had been padlocked by the health department, and opening for business, despite Gov. Murphy’s warnings.

Smith remains open, and business is booming. His tag line: “Free men don’t ask permission.”  He is both lauded and resented, but Smith continues to own Murphy.

Like most of these elected cretins, Murphy considers liquor stores and pot shops essential, but your freedom of religion and assembly? Not so much. Murphy closed parks, arrested 15 synagogue congregants who dared to hold a funeral, and arrested a man for sitting, by himself, on a beach.

I. Kid. You. Not.

This is the governor who told Tucker Carlson that the Bill of Rights is “above his pay grade.”

But partaking of a night out with his family during a pandemic is perfectly okay. You get a flavor of how many Jerseyians feel about him. Language warning on this tweet:

And as for those George Floyd/BLM protests? Well, who am I, a crumpled White Man, to say protestors of color have to socially distance?

From my colleague, Nick Arama (via National Review):

“On Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, one of the most draconian governors during the height of the pandemic, issued this incredible statement saying he had no plans to encourage social distancing rules on ‘anti-racism’ protests.

“From National Review:

‘I can’t imagine what it would look like if we said to people, ‘Actually, you have to stay in. You have to ignore systemic racism — I’m sorry, just ignore it. Stay in,’” the governor said during his daily coronavirus briefing. “I can’t imagine what that looks like as it relates to public safety.’

‘The governor attended protests in Hillside and Westfield, two of the more than 130 protests across New Jersey over the weekend in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis after a white police officer knelt on his neck for close to nine minutes, persisting even after Floyd lost consciousness.’ ”

After the Tucker Carlson interview, Tucker dubbed him “Phil of Wrongs.” Too much truth in that.

3. Gavin Newsom (California)

California Governor Gavin Newsom was the very first progressive Governor to preemptively shut down his state and participate in the “15 days to slow the spread.” Wouldn’t you know it, Nancy Pelosi’s nephew has had us shut down ever since.

Newsom, hungry to polish his presidential credentials, used the pandemic to go on every cable news show imaginable so he could talk about the pandemic as being an “opportunity for a new progressive era.”

Newsom’s most revelatory comments start at 2:28

Not sure if this “progressive era” included widespread fraud in the California Employment Development Department, and citizens not having their unemployment claims submitted, despite filing in March when the state was locked down. Death Row convicts received over $3 million in unemployment benefits instead.

I am not sure Newsom’s opportunity involved overseeing some of the highest COVID cases and death tolls in the nation.

As my colleague Nick Arama wrote:

“Without California, our Wuhan virus numbers would be declining.

From Mercury News:

‘As other regions of the country finally see some relief from the insidious coronavirus, California’s surge has grown so large it now claims a dark distinction in the nation’s outbreak: Without the Golden State, U.S. numbers would be dropping.

‘That’s according to The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic, which analyzes data from across the country.’

“So that’s good for the rest of the country, it really isn’t doing the surge that was expected, at least not yet.

“But then that raises another big point. California has some of the strictest restrictions in the nation. They just decided today to lock everyone down again indefinitely. So why is it surging with all those restrictions? Might it just be that those restrictions don’t work?”

Yes, Gavin, California leads the way… the good news on that is we are leading the way to get this clown recalled.

We have had enough.

2. Andrew Cuomo (New York)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, like Governor Gavin Newsom, has used the pandemic to burnish his own political credentials. Who the hell releases a book about your leadership on a pandemic while it is still ongoing? The term flagrant narcissist comes to mind.

My colleague Mike Miller said it best:

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will long be remembered in the annals of New York COVID-19 history for having forced nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients, undoubtedly resulting in many more deaths than the 7.6 thousand the state has officially attributed to-date, which does not include patients who left nursing facilities and later died in hospitals.

“Toss in Cuomo’s self-serving, nearly as obscene book, “American Crisis: Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis,” and you get an accurate sense of the true character of a man whose lofty ego is only eclipsed by his self-centeredness and complete lack of self-awareness.”

My colleague Becca Lower wrote about Janice Dean and her fight to hold Cuomo accountable for allowing her elderly in-laws and other elderly residents to die by the thousands in nursing homes and care facilities.

“If you’re not familiar with Janice’s continuing pressure on Gov. Cuomo and his administration, it stems from the fact that her in-laws, who were living in a long-term care facility in New York, both passed away this year from complications of coronavirus. Many people believe that Cuomo’s refusal to keep COVID patients from being placed in facilities like that one cost the lives of many Americans he should have taken care to protect — the ill and the elderly.”

Along with Marxist Mayor Marfan (Bill DeBlasio), Cuomo has been targeting and terrorizing houses of worships in general, and Jewish synagogues in particular, because Jews have been defying his orders on gatherings. Even though the Supreme Court has slapped Cuomo down twice, he still does not care.

My colleague Bonchie pointed out his latest hypocritical acts, having his daughter and 89-year-old mother over for Thanksgiving dinner:

“Andrew Cuomo’s performance during the current COVID pandemic has been absolutely abysmal. Instead of flattening the curve, Cuomo’s state shot up a peak that mimicked Mount Everest before tumbling down the other side. Somehow, the New York governor decided that was actually a success. Not shockingly, the press have gone along with it, praising him as a pristine example of leadership on the coronavirus.

“Of course, like most Democrat officials, Cuomo has also been shown to be a massive hypocrite. While he’s got no problem targeting Orthodox Jews, he’s remained silent on the recent Biden dance parties in the streets, as well as all forms of liberal protest over the last year.

“Now, as if to make sure that we understood how big of a hypocrite he truly is, Cuomo is having his 89-year-old mother and his daughters in town for Thanksgiving.”

And of course, there are those sexual harassment allegations that Cuomo refuses to acknowledge.

Cuomo remains insufferable and unbowed. Now he is reserving the next round of COVID vaccine, not for the elderly and most at risk, but for people in rehab.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Now, a drumroll for our No. 1 Worst Governor…

1. Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan)

How do we hate Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer? Shall we count the ways?

Whitmer was in line to be a vice presidential pick for Joe Biden’s presidency, until the intersectional police decided he needed a “Black” VP. But ever the faithful (and ambitious) soldier, Whitmer remained a surrogate for the campaign, and went on Meet the Press to basically say the quiet part out loud. Kira Davis, always on point:

“Don’t shoot the messenger. This logic came straight from the horse’s mouth this past Sunday on “Meet the Press” – the horse being Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and the mouth being one adorned with bright red lipstick and frothing with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“Whitmer told host Chuck Todd that lockdowns and COVID restrictions can end, if Americans just vote for Joe Biden. The governor, who has become one of the faces of hypocritical lockdowns for the Left over the last few months, insinuated that Trump doesn’t care that 220,000 people have died so far from COVID, and that 8 million positive COVID tests have been logged so far.”

Of course we know she lied. She’s a politician, and also the queen of lockdowns. Whitmer didn’t even pretend to “follow the science;” she just assumed that she had the power, so therefore you have to respect her authority.

So Michiganders endured bizarre restrictions like not being able to buy craft supplies, gardening supplies, or seeds. When Summer approached, Whitmer demanded that citizens not to travel to their summer homes within the state’s borders. Of course, this didn’t include her husband, who tried to be the first to get his boat out of dry dock. Lockdowns for thee, but not for me.

Whitmer is hated so much, that a group of “patriots” plotted a coup to have her kidnapped.

The media, and Whitmer, did their utmost to connect these skeezes to President Trump. As soon as it was discovered the plotters didn’t really like Trump and were Pro-BLM, they dropped that narrative like a hot potato.


Whitmer was taken to court over her Executive Orders, more than once, in fact. My colleague TJ LaDuke wrote:

“First, her Executive Orders were ruled unconstitutional on Oct 2nd and she was not happy about it which I wrote about right here. Gov Whitmer Lashes out at Court Overturning Her COVID Executive Orders. Then she was the target of a Bad News Bear effort to kidnap her FBI Thwarts Attempt to Kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and thankfully she was not harmed with that.

“Now the appeal of her hand slapping from the Michigan high court has fallen on non-sympathetic ears. From Fox 2 Detroit

‘The Michigan Supreme Court has rejected Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s appeal for a 28-day extension of her COVID-19 pandemic executive orders.

‘The state supreme court ruled on Monday that the governor’s request for an extension was denied, upholding the court’s ruling on Friday, Oct. 2 that Whitmer’s COVID-19 executive orders were not valid because the 1945 law where she drew the powers from was invalid.’

“Justices voted 6-1 against halting the precedential effect of its opinion until Oct. 30. They also, as expected, reaffirmed their initial 4-3 ruling that declared a 1945 emergency powers law unconstitutional — this time in a lawsuit brought by the Republican-led Legislature.”

If your own legislature is working to impeach you, then you might want to rethink your strategies, as my colleague Brandon Morse says here.

After using Santa to frighten children into adhering to her COVID restrictions, what was Whitmer’s next egregious act? Vetoing a bill that would give health care workers needed COVID protections, and another bill that sought to limit her executive overreach.

Yeah, good times.

Winston Churchill, a true stateman, warned:

Their insatiable lust for power is only equaled by their incurable impotence in exercising it.”