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Green Devices Spread “Fecal Cloud,” But People Still Use Them

CDC Wants This Texas Delicacy Off Menus Before Anyone Dies


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Trump Responds…
Trump Responds…
The January 6 Committee made their “big” announcement on Monday…


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New FTX CEO Exposes Company’s Embezzlment Scheme

The Results are In: Elon to Step Down as Twitter Chief?


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Criminal ACTS Against Donald Trump Exposed!


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Dr. Fauci WHISTLEBLOWERS Reveal What He Did!

Dr. Fauci WHISTLEBLOWERS Reveal What He Did!


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Biden SIGNS IT - The Law Is Signed!

Biden SIGNS IT - The Law Is Signed!


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'Christmas came early': Kari Lake's election lawsuit goes to trial
Posted by Art Moore
Finally, some seriously good news in the Arizona election mess.

'Katie Hobbs is going to have to put her hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth.' Read more…


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Democrats' New Plan To END Trump Run Will FAIL

A group of House Democrats have introduced legislation to ban President Trump from holding future federal office...

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 Jackie Juntti submits:

I've posted dozens of posts about how to avoid getting sick with bacterial or virus illnesses and how to avoid Big PHARMA anti-biotics with all their SIDE EFFECTS.


You can read my *history* at  https://drkelley.net/grannys-pharmacy/


It makes no sense to me for anyone to get *sick* if they simply follow the pH balance way of eating and drinking (viruses and bacteria die as soon as they enter into an ALKALINE system) and to take anti-biotics that are filled with serious side effects.  All I can think is they are LAZY and have lots of $$ to enrich Big PHARMA.


The Dan Bongino Show
December 20, 2022


 Leftists Get Taste Of Own Medicine And They're Going BERSERK



Watchdogs Press Congress To Axe Taxpayer Funding For Chinese Lab At Center Of COVID Pandemic

imageWith Congress approving a temporary spending package to keep the federal government operating throughout the end of the year, several watchdog groups are concerned that taxpayer funds will be allocated to a range of foreign labs via the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


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Judge Gives Newsom Bad News On Latest Gun Grabbing Scheme   

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Judge Makes Huge Ruling on Kari Lake's Election Fraud Claims: 'Buckle Up'

"This is far from over," Kari Lake said after the ruling.

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Blue State Citizens Stage Brutal Revolt - They Just Moved to Secede for Good

What's Happening: Most Americans know that the once-Golden State is the left's poster child. The worst of the worst liberal policies are implemented in California, often to beta-test before forcing them...

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Top doctor flips stance on COVID vax after suffering severe harm
Posted by Art Moore
The severe adverse effects of COVID vaccines are not just affecting the 'little people.'

Now one influential doctor is testifying to lawmakers of their 'devastating' impact after being personally harmed, and the cover-up by medical regulators. Read more…


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British TV Star Blasts Meghan Markle


Breaking: Journalists Hypocrisy EXPOSED By Elon