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NBC News Under Fire For Protecting Hillary Clinton From Trump Spy Scandal

Scary New Virus Detected – Learn What to Look for



REPORT: Billions to be Diverted to Fund Pet Project of Far-Left
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Best Thing For Joints With Wear-And-Tear Arthritis [NOT Painkillers]

SHAFTED: Seniors’ Legit Medicare Claims Denied 1 In 5 Times


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Alejandro Mayorkas Deflects Blame to the CDC for Ending Title 42


FBI Admits That The Rise in Law Enforcement Murder is Alarming


Breaking: State DEFUNDS Schools Allowing Transgender Sports

 Submitted by: Robert Bowen

Confirmed: Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee Is Now Holding Onto Evidence that FBI Was Running Operatives During the Jan. 6 Protests — WILL THEY LIE ABOUT THIS TOO?

Jeremy refused to be an FBI informant so they stormed his home and arrested him on bogus misdemeanor charges months after the Jan. 6 protests.

Jeremy Brown did nothing wrong.

His only “crime” was refusing to work as an informant for the FBI!

[Read the rest of this shocking report at link above. It's not long, but what an exposé of this stalinist cabal currently in power!]



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Hollywood Couple’s Relationship Built on Satanic Practices, Admits to Drinking Each Other’s Blood
Hollywood Couple’s Relationship Built on Satanic Practices, Admits to Drinking Each Other’s Blood
I've heard some crazy things before regarding relationships, but this…

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Donald Trump CATCHES Fox News Star - Reveals Sneaky Ploy!

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Marco Rubio - U.S. Senator for Florida E-Newsletter

This Week in the Office of Senator Marco Rubio


Affidavits Allege Widespread Discrimination Against Florida’s Unvaccinated, Despite Law


 MSNBC Just Revealed 'The Most Dangerous Figure in America'

The left is TERRIFIED of him.  [READ MORE]


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Healthcare for Migrants

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Joe Biden got blindsided by one revelation that will change everything

Joe Biden’s collapsing Presidency is on the ropes.

He’s on the verge of facing his biggest problem yet.

And Joe Biden got blindsided by one revelation that will change everything.

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DeSantis Signs New Law Establishing an Election Police ForceOnce again, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the way, and it is the way the rest of the nation should be going. Governor DeSantis signed a new bill this week that will bring massive voting changes through a new, dedicated election police force. This will enable his administration to have investigations with teeth to fight election crimes. Florida is now one of the first states in the country to have a law enforcement unit dedicated to election fraud. This has become a significant issue to many voters since former President Donald Trump’s loss in ...Read More



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April 29, 2022