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 Hydrogel Luciferase - Know it is What it Is - Coming Real Soon !!!

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Shabbat Shalom - Parsha Rosh Hashanah - Yom Teruah - New Year Blessings !!!

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg DOA at 87 - Supreme Court Justice !!!

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Verily, many may recall the extensive disclosures of truth via Rema Global since 2008. Be pleased to find this current post for a time such as this. The race for the approval of a global Covid-19 vaccine is on and there have been some significant developments over the last several months, let alone the last several days.  This latest disclosure, "Luciferase", uncovers a number of plots and sub plots in regards to where this is all heading. So what does Luciferase do? A Quantum Dot Tattoo vaccine is injected into your veins through something called Hydrogel which is a substance with the ability to expand inside your body to facilitate the transmission of the vaccine. Once inside your body the enzyme, Luciferase, within the vaccine, is the component that makes the tracking part of the vaccine work. Essentially, Luciferease is an identity marker!


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“As for the rioting which grabbed our attention these past months: A funny thing happened as soon as polls showed majority of voters of all races opposed them: they stopped. Just like that.”--




Cut the Chaff
By Clarice Feldman

In all the perfervid reporting this week (Victor Davis Hanson calls this “concocted melodramas”) there are only three big stories to my mind: The President’s stunning success in the Middle East, Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos’ brilliant parlay to Princeton’s virtue-signaling president and the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Each of these are likely to further tip Trump toward an election victory in which according to Rasmussen he’s already reached 53% approval among likely voters.

The Middle East

No one has better described the significance of the Abraham Accord than Spengler (David Goldman). The President, defying the conventional wisdom of decades of big thinkers in foreign policy establishments here and in Europe, offered the Palestinians their last best hope for peace. Since peace was never their objective, they turned it down and now they are like the petunia in an  onion patch of the  children’s song -- standing alone among its neighbors. 

The author details the wisdom of those big thinkers -- “that a resolution of the Palestinian statehood issue was a precondition for peace”; that “American influence required massive military deployment in the region”; that we had to “back Turkey in Syria.” Trump did the opposite on all three counts. He ignored them and moved our embassy to West Jerusalem -- a signal we would not stand for Israel’s liquidation, and other nations have followed on his lead. He assassinated Iran’s war chief Qasem Soleimani, making his point “Iran would pay a heavy price for its pinprick warfare against its Arab neighbors.” Only then could the Gulf leaders risk a deal with Israel. 

This week he met with a representative from Kuwait and predicted they too  would soon sign on to the Accord

Don’t doubt Spengler on how significantly the President demolished the reputation of the international foreign policy pundits in the process. If your memory is short on this point, here’s John F. Kerry, America’s number one globalist foreign policy fop, on the subject. By way of further  example, here’s Brookings InstitutionMartin Indyk on PBS ; and John Brennan echoing the same fact-free, foolish strategy pap.

After the fact of the Accord, there seems to have been a sea change in bipartisan support for it. As Matthew Continetti notes, Trump changed the world:

The irony is that Trump's opponents are ready to accept this "very positive thing" despite warning against and objecting to the policies that contributed to it. Through his personal relationship with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump reaffirmed that there is "no daylight" between the United States and Israel after an eight-year caesura. He defied conventional wisdom when he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, when he withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, when he cut off aid to the Palestinians, when he recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and when he ordered the lethal strike against Qassem Soleimani. But the catastrophes that the foreign policy establishment predicted would follow each of these measures never materialized. What emerged instead were the Abraham Accords and a growing alliance against Iran.

It is in the realm of foreign policy that Trump's deviations from political norms have had the most positive and irreversible consequences. If he becomes president, Joe Biden may mistakenly try to revive the chances for Palestinian statehood by getting tough on the Israelis. He may attempt to resuscitate the moribund Iran deal. But it is highly doubtful that he will rescind the Abraham Accords, or withdraw recognition of Israel's Golan sovereignty, or return the U.S. embassy to Tel Aviv. He won't have the support for such decisions. And he won't have any good reason to make them. Anyone who has read the news lately understands that a strong and engaged Israel is good for security. Her enemies are our enemies.

For this and for bringing about the peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo, the President has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Reuters’ Gwladys Fouche, to its shame, thinks high school dropout Greta Thunberg should get it instead. 

Princeton’s “Systemic Racism”

If like me you’re disgusted with the corporate, political, and academic nonsense about “systemic racism” which now covers everything, including being on time for appointments, mowing your lawn, doing your homework, and speaking and writing standard English, Secretary of education Betsy De Vos seems deftly to have called the bluff of these virtue signalers.

Christopher Eisgruber, president of Princeton University, sent a missive to the university community admitting that his institution was plagued by “institutional racism.” Doubtless he intended this merely to add to the sickening masochistic white male limbo dance. As Paul Mirengoff at Powerline blog observed, however, the move was a dumb one. Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, discriminating on the grounds of race , color, or national origin can cost an institution federal funding.  (Princeton received over $75 million in federal aid in the seven years Eisgruber headed it.)

The Secretary of Education rather quickly informed Eisgruber that her Department had opened an investigation into racism at Princeton.  Rather costly virtue signaling on his part and a valuable lesson to other institutions who might otherwise be inclined to follow his lead.

First, Princeton is asked this:

The President’s Letter admits “Racism and the damage it does to people of color... persists at Princeton” and racist assumptions “remain embedded in structures of the University itself.” Do these admissions mean Princeton’s non-discrimination and equal opportunity assurances and representations to the Department and/or to students, parents, and consumers in the market for education... have been false and misleading? If not, why not?

Good question.

The second question is:

How many individuals were, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, excluded from participation in, denied benefits of, or subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance by Princeton January 1, 2015 and the present? Is this number evidence of systemic or embedded racism?

Finally, the Department asks for the number of “public nondiscrimination and equal opportunity representations... Princeton has made, measured by website visits, between January 1, 2015 and the present.

Eisgruber has put Princeton in a box. It either must formally admit to engaging in unlawful discrimination, which might well result in serious financial penalties, or it must admit, in effect, that Eisgruber was blowing smoke when he copped to systemic racism at Princeton -- an admission that surely would enrage the militant students and alumni Eisgruber has been working so hard to appease. 

I expect I’ll keep getting systemic racism mea culpas in emails and ads from every purveyor on the continent, but I expect universities with competent counsel will no longer follow suit.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Replacement

On Friday we learned that Justice Ginsburg, who had been valiantly fighting health issues for some years, had died, and the fight to replace her was underway. Progressive groups pledged $10 million dollars to keep the slot open, doubtless in the belief that Biden would win and keep this seat in similar hands. Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has shepherded through the Senate so many judgeships, said he intended to bring it to a vote on the Senate floor this session. (He was helped in reshaping the federal judiciary by Obama’s failure to fill so many vacancies and former Senator Harry Reid’s rule change precluding filibustering.)

There are 53 Republican Senators and 47 Democrats. In case of a tie, the Vice President may cast his vote. Senator Susan Collins says she will vote no. Senator Lisa Murkowski has said she will not vote for a Supreme Court Justice before the election. Rumor has it that Mitt Romney would vote against a replacement, something his spokesperson vehemently denied. Even assuming they all bail, Manchin, who voted for Kavanaugh, indicates thst he'll vote yes, and there’s at least one other Democratic senator in a tight race who might jump ship on this (Doug Jones of Alabama). The President has made clear some time ago that he’d move ahead with any replacement, observing honestly that a Democratic president would. Those who want to deny him another seat on the Court will bring up what’s called “the Biden rule” arguing that traditionally no president should do this in an election year. Unfortunately for them, as recently as four years ago, when Obama tried this with Merrick Garland, Biden said there was no such rule.

Biden said that statement, taken out of context, glosses over his main gripe from the time -- that Bush nominated Thomas, an "extreme candidate," in 1991 without consulting his committee just four days after Justice Thurgood Marshall retired.

There are a number of candidates on the President’s short list. I put my money on Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative Catholic mother of seven (including two children adopted from Haiti and one with Down Syndrome) who presently sits on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. At the American Spectator, Robert Stacy McCain persuasively argues for her appointment. He notes that there has not been a Republican woman on the Court since Sandra Day O’ Connor; she’s not from the Ivy League, graduates of which load the court “who come from a very insular, elitist perspective that does not reflect the experience of ordinary Americans”; and she’s from the middle of the country, not the coasts. During Barrett’s confirmation hearings to the Court of Appeals, Senator Dianne Feinstein famously slammed observant Catholics “The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern when you come to big issues that people have fought for years in this country.”

Democrats have to risk alienating Catholics and traditional women concerned with family issues if they repeat this.

Barrett has said that women shouldn’t be pigeonholed into specific roles based on other “dogma” on the issue; rather, the individual circumstances should govern and nobody should assail their choices out of some feminist or traditionalist perspective. That’s a healthy viewpoint the majority of American women, and particularly middle-class or upper-middle-class women in the suburbs, will find wisdom in.

Which is a trap the Democrats could easily fall into, seeing as though so many of them have taken on the perspective that women who choose family over a career are somehow selling themselves short or are traitors to their sex and seeing as though the Left is insistent on forcing women to adopt more and more unrealistic ideals for themselves, at an increasing cost to the happiness of women in America. Nobody would accuse Amy Barrett of that, but to paint her as barefoot and pregnant because she has seven kids, including two adoptees from Haiti and one with Down Syndrome, will be an unmitigated disaster in front of suburban women far more likely to see her as a hero.

You guys want to alienate the rest of the Catholics you haven’t pissed off? You want to drive away those suburban white chicks you’re competitive with because of Trump’s mean tweets, the ones you had a brief flirtation with in the 2018 midterms but who are ignoring your texts thanks to the “mostly-peaceful” riots just a few miles away from where they do yoga a couple of days a week? Go make a run at Kavanaughing Amy Barrett. Let’s see how well that works for you.

I’d advise any senator on the fence to listen to Ted Cruz, who argues we can’t afford to have a vacancy on the court and resultant 4-4 ties with election disputes already underway and likely to continue. An unresolved election is dangerous to the world and could well lead to civil war here.

As for the rioting which grabbed our attention these past months: A funny thing happened as soon as polls showed majority of voters of all races opposed them: they stopped. Just like that.


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The News as We Once Knew it Is Dead

“The news as we once understood it is dead.


It has been replaced by the un-news: a political narrative created by partisans who believe the noble ends of destroying Trump justify any biased means necessary -- including destroying their own reputation and craft.”-- Victor Davis Hanson


Victor Davis Hanson



In 2017, the liberal Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University found that 93 percent of CNN's coverage of the Trump administration was negative. The center found similarly negative Trump coverage at other major news outlets.

The election year 2020 has only accelerated that asymmetrical bias -- to the point that major newspapers and network and cable news organizations are now fused with the Joe Biden campaign.

Sometimes stories are covered only in terms of political agendas. Take COVID-19.

The media assure us that the Trump administration's handling of the pandemic has been a disaster. But their conclusions are not supported by any evidence. 

In the United States, the coronavirus death rate per million people is similar to, or lower than, most major European countries except Germany. 

When the virus was at its worst, before the partisan campaign of this election year heated up, the governors in our four largest states had only compliments for the Trump administration.

Democrats Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California and Republicans Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida effusively praised the administration's cooperation with their own frontline efforts.

The most recent conclusions of impartial heads of federal agencies responsible for coordinating national and state policies are about the same.

r. Deborah Birx (adviser to both the Obama and Trump administrations on responses to infectious diseases), Dr. Anthony Fauci (director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and Dr. Scott Gottlieb (former head of the Food and Drug Administration) have not faulted the Trump administration's overall COVID-19 response. They attribute any shortcomings to initial global ignorance about the origins and nature of the epidemic, incompetence at the World Health Organization, or the initial inability of bureaucracies to produce easily available and reliable test kits. 

Prominent progressive Trump critics such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized the necessary Trump travel ban, yet Pelosi told people there was no reason to cancel planned travel to San Francisco's Chinatown.

However, the real warping of the news is not just a matter of slanting coverage, but deliberately not covering the news at all. 

In the last two weeks, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has achieved the most stunning breakthroughs in Middle Eastern diplomacy in over half a century. Countries once hostile to Israel, such as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, now formally recognize it. Other Arab nations may follow. Ancient existential enemies Kosovo and Serbia also agreed to normalize their relationship with Israel by signing economic agreements.

Yet none of these historic events have drawn much media attention. All of them would have been canonized were they achievements of the Obama administration.

In 2017, the media suggested that Trump's plans to get out of the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord, to confront Chinese mercantilism, to forge new alliances between Israel and moderate Arab regimes, to isolate an ascendant Iran, to close the southern border to illegal immigration, to jawbone NATO alliance members into honoring their defense expenditure commitments, and to destroy ISIS and weaken Hezbollah were all impossible, counterproductive or sheer madness. 

And now?

An embargoed and bankrupt Iran is teetering on the brink. Its international terrorist appendages, including Hezbollah, are broke.

China is increasingly being ostracized by much of the world.

The U.S. has cut its carbon emissions, often at a rate superior to those nations still adhering to the Paris climate accord targets. 

Cross-border illegal immigration has been reduced, according to many metrics.

ISIS was bombed into near dissolution. Moderate regimes in the Middle East are ascendant; radical cliques like Hamas and al-Qaeda are not.

More NATO members are meeting their commitments. The alliance's aggregate defense investments are way up.

Is any of that considered news? Not really.

Instead, every three or four days the public is fed a series of fantasy "bombshells" much like the daily hysterias of the Robert Mueller investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump team and Russia -- a two-year, media-hyped dud.

In recent weeks the media warned us that Trump was dismantling the Post Office to disrupt mail-in balloting.

Trump, we are told, has decided never to concede his sure loss in November and might have to be forcibly removed, perhaps by the military.

We read that Trump defiled the memory of fallen American soldiers in cemeteries abroad. We are lectured that Trump supposedly never took COVID-19 seriously.

All of these stories were either demonstrably untrue, were supported only by anonymous sources, or were the sensationalism of authors hawking books.

Yet such concocted melodramas will continue each week up to Election Day, while fundamental geostrategic shifts abroad brought about by American diplomacy will by intent go unnoticed.

The news as we once understood it is dead. 

It has been replaced by the un-news: a political narrative created by partisans who believe the noble ends of destroying Trump justify any biased means necessary -- including destroying their own reputation and craft.


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Behind The Scenes With BLM and Antifa In Philly and DC: It Ain’t Pretty [VIDEO]

Some of these people are trying SOOO hard to surrender and submit to their BLM/Antifa oppressors.  Makes me physically ill to watch the saps...



Trump's Secret Weapon Sure to Fool Libs Again
Smells like victory!
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ISRAEL REPORT 09/19/2020

 Submitted y: M Mullukin

Socotra Figures in Multiple Threats to Israel Following UAEBahraini Pacts…..
September 18, 2020

Two radical forces are gunning for Israel’s interests in the Gulf region since they were formalised in pacts with the UAE and Bahrain on Tuesday, September 15.

Middle East sources claim that the United Arab Emirates and Israel are setting up spy bases on the Yemeni island of Socotra which the Emirates took over in 2017.

The same sources disclose that the UAE and Israel have deployed espionage equipment on the island for monitoring the Houthi insurgents on the Yemeni mainland, 350km away, as well as Iranian naval movements in the Red Sea and the Strait of Hormuz.

The Yemeni government has called the take-over an act of aggression and Al Qaeda’s Yemen branch (AQAP) threatens to attack the putative UAE-Israeli intelligence base on Socotra.

AQAP warned that if Israel set foot in Socotra “you and your Emirati partners will be targets for our fire, our commando attackers and our martyrdom bombers.”

This Socotra archipelago sits athwart the Red Sea shipping routes from the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean and is therefore a major strategic asset, especially if Iran were to block the Strait of Hormuz.

In Yemen, Al Qaeda is on the run from Houthi rebels and in decline in other places; its leader Ayman al-Zawahiri [pictured above] has not been seen for many months.

Nonetheless, nineteen years after 9/11, jihadist experts are not yet ready to write al Qaeda off as a spent force.

At the other end of radical extremism, are Iran-backed Shiite terrorist groups in Bahrain.

With close operational links to the Lebanese Hizballah, they proclaim their intention of opposing the Gulf kingdom’s pact with Israel.

The Saraya Wa’ad Allah, the first group out with a statement, says it has set up a new specialised sub-unit for attacking Israeli interests.

The group strongly denounced “this false normalisation with the Zionist enemy…” calling it “a cancerous gland on the body of the Ummah.”

This Saraya Wa’ad Allah [emblem above] has named its new sub-unit the “Martyrs of Jerusalem Company,” its purpose is to target Israeli interests on the island-kingdom and is calling for recruits.

This group claims to be part of the pro-Iran “Islamic resistance” and maintains links to other like-minded radical Shiite terrorist groups as well as the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

Most of these groups’ operations are confined to blood-curdling media threats, including widely distributed video clips, rather than actual bombings. No terrorist attack inside Bahrain has been recorded since 2017.

Despite the preponderance of threats to Israeli nationals and interests in Bahrain, it remains to be seen how many materialise.

Their effectiveness for action has been substantially stymied by arrests, heavy-handed tactics and weapons seizures by the Bahraini – plus Saudi – security forces for quelling Iran’s insurgency-fomenting tactics against the throne.

However, the pact with Israel may rouse Tehran and those groups into actually making good on their threats and soon make the “puppet regime” of King Hamad al-Khalifa “taste his pursuit” for associating with the “Zionist enemy.”

We’ll see – developing...…

Clandestine Hizballah and Al Qods Operations Uncovered in Israel…..
September 19, 2020

Yasmin Jaber, [pictured below] resident of East Jerusalem, was recruited by the Iranian Al Qods and Hizballah during a visit to Lebanon some years ago.

This was disclosed on Thursday by the Shin Bet security service.

Employed as a librarian at Israel’s National Library, she had been tracked for some time by Shin Bet surveillance when she held secret meetings in Turkey and other places with her Hizballah and Iranian Al-Qods handlers.

She was assigned with recruiting Israeli and Palestinian Arabs for terrorist operations in Israel.

Her orders were to focus on Israeli citizens and women to take advantage of their freedom of movement around the country.

Detained with Jaber were her associates in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

She and at least one accomplice are to be indicted for security offensives in the coming days.

Jaber maintained her clandestine contacts with her masters through coded messages in Facebook and Instagram after receiving training in these techniques at her meetings with them in Turkey.

Amir Tsarfatis Weekly Round-Up...…
18 September 2020

Shalom from Southern California!

I’m glad to report that I arrived safely in California on Friday, September 11th. I’ve had some time to rest, get over jet lag, and make the final preparations for my three messages I’ll be teaching in the next week.

In my time in California, I’ve been able to partake in several events. On Monday, my good friend, Pastor Barry Stagner, helped co-host my Middle East Update, wherein we covered a wide range of topics.

On Tuesday, Pastor Barry and I hosted another Prophecy Roundtable with our dear friend, Jan Markell, from Olive Tree Ministries. And yesterday, I joined Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for his Happening Now series.

We covered several different events taking place around the world including the circumstances in Lebanon, Coronavirus, and the historic peace agreement between Israel and two Gulf States.

I may have left the Middle East, but the activity in the region is as busy as ever.

Following two Israeli strikes in Syria last week, satellite images released by a private Israeli security firm revealed that the damage done near Aleppo is nothing short of significant.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) targeted a missile production facility belonging to Hezbollah, and in so doing, they destroyed one building while heavily damaging another.

Near the end of last week, Israel carried out another series of strikes in Al-Bukamal, Syria, which is a high-traffic area for Iran and its interests. Nearly a dozen Iranian-sponsored fighters were killed.

Iran is continuing down its own path of hostility, which is being displayed on all fronts.

The regime had the country’s young, successful professional wrestler, Navid Afkari, executed. [pictured above]

Afkari was sentenced to death after an alleged fatal confrontation with Iranian security forces back in 2018.

However, Iranian security forces were and remain notorious for the violence they inflict on unarmed civilians both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, the regime is believed to be planning to assassinate a US ambassador in retaliation to the US killing of former general Qassem Soleimani earlier this year.

If that’s not enough, this caused Israeli and US embassies around the world to go on high alert, and President Trump took no shortcuts in issuing a strong warning to Iran should they harm any US personnel.

The radical Iranian regime has another mutiny on its hands as the Rial continues to hit rock bottom and then some.

The rial is now valued at 271,000 rial/1 dollar. And while the people of Iran suffer, the ayatollahs do as they feel necessary to accomplish their agenda.

Turkey is facing a similar problem as the lira continues to crumble.

Undoubtedly, the most significant development to take place that concerns the Middle East is the agreement ceremony that took place in Washington D.C. on Tuesday celebrating the newfound relationship(s) between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Officially, this new deal is called the Abraham Accords, and representatives from each country were all present at the White House to celebrate this new agreement. These are the first two Gulf States to ever normalise their ties with Israel.

And why? Because they understand the benefits of a working relationship with us as much as they see the hypocrisy and stubbornness of the [Arab] Palestinians – and they’re tired of it.

For some reason, many believers have been very quick to criticise this agreement. I understand and respect the desire to protect the land that God has given to Israel, but it’s important that we don’t go so far that we misunderstand what the Scriptures are saying.

And it’s also important that we don’t categorise this agreement as something it’s not.

Let me remind you that Israel has only gained sovereignty from the time of the unveiling of the Trump Peace Plan to the signing of the Abraham Accords.

The deal is an exchange of peace for peace, not land for peace. We’re not giving up any land!

Iran issued an immediate threat to Bahrain following its announcement to work with Israel, just as they did to the UAE.

These bullies in the Middle East are being exposed for exactly what they are.

And adding insult to injury for Iran and Turkey, a Saudi source has reported that Israel could very well establish a NATO-like defence alliance with several countries in the region in order to combat the destabilising nature of the two countries.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, as soon as PM Benjamin Netanyahu began his speech on Tuesday, [pictured above] Hamas began launching rockets from Gaza into southern Israel in conjunction with its threats.

Here we are making peace with countries in the region, and instead of trying to align themselves in a similar fashion, they choose to launch rockets at us.

We’re seeking peace while they’re looking for a war. The Israeli Air Force responded by striking multiple military facilities in Gaza.

I’m sad to say that Israel is facing a three-week shut-down due to increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases.

And for the first time ever, synagogues are to be limited to no more than 20 people during the traditional fall feasts; Rosh HashanahYom Kippur, and Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles).

Inside the White House

Bill Koenig
White House Correspondent
19 September 2020

The Abraham Accords

was not able to attend the White House’s Abraham Accords signing event on Tuesday because I had to take my wife Claudia to her doctor. We would appreciate your prayers.

I watched the event on TV. Peace is wonderful and something very worthy to pursue, and the UAE and Bahrain are probably the most non-threatening of the Arab countries.

Plus, the UAE is extremely entrepreneurial and cutting edge in technology and science, and their modern capitals, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are incredibly impressive.

The UAE is more similar to Israel than any other Middle East country. And they have had a good long-term relationship that many people were not aware of.

But when the land of Israel is the bargaining chip . . . and when a normalisation contingency is used to stop annexation/extended sovereignty of 132 Jewish communities in the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, the support of a Palestinian state with continued support of the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 . . . historically there will be serious consequences, as there were once again this week.

Hurricane Sally swept ashore, , with smoke clouds from the West Coast fires overshadowing a majority of the U.S. and with the beginning of Israel’s second national virus lock-down during Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles for three weeks to be enforced by 6000 police and 1000 soldiers.

President Trump, in a recent Axios interview, said that the U.S. is working on a deal that would drop troop levels from 8,500 to between 4,000 and 5,000 in Afghanistan.

And on August 23, U.S. troops withdrew from Taji Base and handed it over to Iraqi security forces.

On September 9, 2020, the US military said it will reduce its troops in Iraq from 5,200 to 3,000.

In last week’s news report, we provided information on China and Russia’s rapid movement into Iraq and China’s Iran military plans.

Iran also has significant influence on the Shiite majority in Iraq and neighbouring Syria and with the Shiite majority in Bahrain, which also motivated Bahrain’s normalisation with Israel for their national security needs.

The Sunni countries in the Middle East were very concerned about the Obama-led Iran nuclear deal in 2015 and his desire to exit the Middle East.

That increased Arab cooperation with Israel. The UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt worked closely with Israel to counter the Iranian threat.

Now, with President Trump continuing to express a desire to remove more troops from Afghanistan and in Iraq, and with China’s and Russia’s activities increasing, they assuredly must know of the importance to work closely with Israel for the sake of their survival.

Interestingly, the accord also further isolates Iran and Turkey and gives the Arab Palestinians conditions that they are not pleased with and probably will not agree to with the current government.

In the past, the Arab Palestinians have had the veto power that influenced Arab relations with Israel, but not anymore.

However, the Sunni countries continue to publicly state that they do not support annexation and fully support and expect an Arab Palestinian state.

The enormous cost of catastrophes continues

Think of the enormous personal and financial costs of the catastrophes over the past 20 years that corresponded to U.S. pressure and involvement in dividing the land of Israel.

As shared before, there are Christian leaders who have continued to endorse using Israel’s covenant land for so-called peace and have strongly supported the recent accords.

Politically, the Abraham Accords reinforces the UN role in the process.

Also the accord negotiations reportedly curtailed the annexation/extended sovereignty to 2024 if not longer.

It also continues the possibility of a Palestinian state situated in up to 80 percent of Judea and Samaria.

It is not about Trump’s Support of Israel—it is about God’s Land….

President Trump is concerned about Israel’s security, and he backed out of the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA).

He sincerely would like to see Israel live in peace and security with their Arab neighbourhoods.

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been actively working on a comprehensive Middle East peace plan between Israel and the Sunni Arabs.

Interestingly, during this three and a half year period the U.S. has experienced seven record-setting hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, Michael, Laura and Sally).

These occurred at the very same time they were working on dividing the land of Israel, supporting an Arab state in parts of Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem and using the land as an inducement to normalise relations between Israel and Sunni Arab countries.

These are not regular seasonal hurricanes and tornadoes or an occasional earthquake.

It is denial not to acknowledge the obvious. How can anyone miss it?

Furthermore, the law of probability of these happening over and over again at the time the land is being dealt with is astronomical.

Israeli PM Netanyahu endorsed the Trump plan on January 28.

This began an unprecedented and difficult period of time for both the United States and Israel.

And today Israel is the first country in the world having its second national lock-down, beginning within a few hours of Rosh Hashanah and scheduled to last for three weeks through Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot.)

President Trump was experiencing God’s favour in many ways prior to January 28. Since then it has been one crisis after another.

It is not about President Trump’s significant support of Israel—it is about Gods Land!

Syria Warning UpdateSyrian Regime Offensive on Idlib may be Imminent…….
19 September 2020

Turkey may have agreed to cede control of territory in southern Idlib to pro-Assad forces in a meeting with Russia on September 16.

If the reports of a deal are true, a pro-Assad offensive is likely imminent.

Turkish-backed opposition forces and al Qaeda linked elements may fight back against advancing Russian-backed regime forces even without Turkish support.

Turkey is most likely to cede the territory south of the M4 highway, a zone in which Turkey had already agreed to allow Russian patrols in March but retain forces, including artillery units, that precluded a full regime takeover.

Turkey could face backlash from al Qaeda-linked elements, local civilians, and even Turkish-backed opposition forces for negotiating away opposition-held territory.

Other sources, including Turkish media and the usually-credible Asharq al-Awsat, subsequently corroborated these reports.

A negotiated removal of Turkish forces from areas of Idlib, if it does occur, would reflect a revision to the de-escalation agreement signed by Russia and Turkey on March 5 and would indicate a renewed pro-regime offensive is imminent.

A series of recent events indicate Russia and Turkey have been negotiating an agreement providing for a partial Turkish withdrawal from greater Idlib.

It is unclear what concessions Turkey may have gained from Russia in exchange for the withdrawal.

A MUST watch - Don Stewart interviews HIS Channel Founder and CEO Dennis LSwick …
18 September 2020

A MUST watch – Don Stewart of WORLD NEWS BRIEFING interviewed Founder and CEO of HIS CHANNEL Dennis L. Swick yesterday regarding his research into the technology at the back of global STARLINK satellite communications, RFID vaccinations, social distancing, Luciferaze and the rapid set-up for the technology required for the fulfilment of Revelation 11 & 13.

Watch it HERE and if you are pushed for time begin at the 30 minute mark.

Don Stewart's BREAKING NEWS 18 September 2020

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