Monday, October 24, 2022


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Concerning New Findings About COVID Vaccines and Myocarditis

Strangler’s “Gender Dysphoria” Won’t Get Him/Her Off Death Row




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FBI Robs Owners of Safe Deposit Boxes of Millions After Misleading Judge
FBI Robs Owners of Safe Deposit Boxes of Millions After Misleading Judge
How much do you trust others with your money and…


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Entire COUNTRY To Face 3-Hour Blackouts!

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Conservatives Just Won A Major Court Victory In This Liberal State   

And Liberal Totalitarians Won't be Happy...



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Editor Daily Rundown: Court Slams The Breaks On Biden’s Student Loan Bribe
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Drinking Treated Sewage Water To Fight Climate Change

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Video: AOC Has Nervous Breakdown

Bizarrely Dances, Does Imitations in Strange Display. . .More


The Liberty Revolution

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Governor Signs Law Censoring Rap Music

Governor Signs Law Censoring Rap Music



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October 24, 2022

Biden Shows He's Clueless on the Constitution

Biden's Lack of Knowledge Causes Major Concerns. . .More


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Liberal Media Admits Democrats Will Lose Midterm Elections


Breaking: GOP Walker Vows To FIGHT Once In US Senate


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Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy


GOP Contender Declares He DOESN'T NEED RINO McConnell To Win

On Saturday, New Hampshire senatorial candidate Gen. Don Bolduc (R) said in an interview that he will defeat his...


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Next UK Prime Minister a Strong Friend of Israel; Iran TV Exposes Jewish Org's Staff and Their Kids; ‘Righteous Among the Nations’: Polish Women Honored; Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelBurger Kings to Serve Israeli Startup’s Vegan Burgers; WATCH: Israeli School is Fulfilling the Zionist Dream – Making the Desert Bloom! Next UK Prime Minister a Strong Friend of Israel