Friday, May 27, 2022

 Submitted by: J Cryots

ALERT – Court overturns Biden’s attempt to rescind Title 42 border ban for now… but we need HR 759 for permanent asylum reform!

Dear All

A federal judge blocked President Biden’s plan to lift the Title 42 immigration ban, ruling that the Biden administration violated administrative law. President Trump issued the COVID-19 border ban in January 2020, and Biden’s effort to rescind it has drawn fierce criticism from lawmakers in both parties, especially Democrats vulnerable in reelection contests. You can read more about the court decision in this CAPS blog.

The U.S. Department of Justice has already filed an appeal with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals so that the administration can open the gates to the border surge. That is why we must pass legislation to reform asylum laws and procedures.

Tell your Representative and Senators to pass HR 759 and tighten our asylum laws!

Many asylum seekers at our southern border have passed through multiple countries before asking for asylum when they get to America, a process known as asylum shopping. They have rejected offers for humanitarian visas from Mexico. It’s not just Central Americans passing through neighboring countries and Mexico; some would-be asylees have transited through several African and European countries on their way to Mexico and our border.

Under U.S. law, asylum seekers may be removed to a safe third country “pursuant to a bilateral or multilateral agreement,” but the Biden administration terminated the Asylum Cooperation Agreements (ACAs) with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador—countries from which most asylum seekers arrive.

Along with other needed reforms to asylum law, HR 759, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act would eliminate this requirement for a specific agreement, bypassing a President uninterested in protecting our border, and allow denial of asylum to an alien who failed to apply or refused previous offers elsewhere.

CAPS realizes that the bill will not pass in this Congress, but it is important for you to contact Congress so that we can start the campaign for asylum law reform now. A survey by Politico-Harvard found that 55% of Americans favor using Title 42 to expel illegal entrants, and many Democrats in Congress fear that its rescission will make the border situation even worse. However, it is a public health measure, and cannot provide a long-term solution. Contacting Congress now can start the ball rolling so that we can place asylum reform at the top of the agenda for next year's Congress.

Tell your Senators and Representative and Senators to secure our border and pass the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act!

Thank you for taking action with CAPS!


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 We are a nation of brainwashed kids! WHY? Parents allowing it, good babysitter. Kat

Hypnotized Through All The Lies - Mass Media Mind Control - The Beast System Exposed! 



Friday, May 27th, 2022


CJ Hopkins





Texas School Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering

This just gets worse and worse. 12 minutes outside and an hour outside before LE made a move.

Who gave the stand down order?

Political correctness has destroyed law enforcement.

And why does the timeline keep changing?

Mother trying ...



I For One Refuse To Comply With Federal Laws That Are Blatantly Unconstitutional!
It is my opinion based on observation, study and history that the PSRRC, politicians, bureaucrats, judges, academics and large corporations are destroying this country and its people. History teaches us that when you take everything away from people and they have nothing to lose, that the people will revolt until only ashes remain.
By Andrew Wallace



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