Sunday, November 6, 2022


The Secret Behind Israelis' Happiness; SICK: Palestinians Glorify Terror Attacks in Physics Exam; Over 1 Billion Shekels: Israelis Spend Big on Election Day; Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelIsraeli Plastic-Free Packaging Comes to US; Israeli Bombs Destroy Rocket Factory; Turkey: Ties with Israel Not Affected by Elections; Palestinians Glorify Terror in Physics Exams



Jackie Juntti submits:

Just finished watching J D FARAG's prophecy update  and it fits so well with my own thoughts


And,  as it was with Brandon Holthaus's prophecy update -  this is a MUST WATCH AND LEARN FROM message.  We are so close to the Rapture and it is so crucial for those who have refused or ignored the invitation to Confess, Repent, and Ask Jesus into your heart - or be LEFT BEHIND.  I know some who are deceived by denominational doctrine do not believe in the Rapture or the Tribulation but if those individuals would read the BIBLE they would discover they have been DECEIVED - false teachers have led them astray.

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Trump Ban REVERSAL Bombshell

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Ethics Complaint: Fetterman Allegedly Bought Land From His Nonprofit


Breaking: IT'S DONE: Female ISIS Trainer Goes To JAIL


Patriot Update

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GOP Candidate Takes Wrecking Ball to Dem's Record

Blumenthal didn't know what hit him after his opponent tore into him on his abysmal record.

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P McMillan submits: 

Our President in 100 seconds....not funny...pathetic! Kat


This should do it for the Biden's.



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What Has Republicans Running For Cover Days Before The Midterm Election?

By Lisa Haven In Biden’s latest speech he warned that American “democracy” could only survive if the nation functioned under one-party rule, his rule, a Read more…

by Lisa Haven on November 4th, 2022


REVEALED: Netanyahu's 'Prophetic' Personal Note to Bennett After Last Election; HARD TO BELIEVE? Anti-Israel Propaganda Films Featured at Jewish Film Festival; Latest Israel News!
World Israel News

BIDEN SNUBS BIBI: No Congratulation Call to Netanyahu for Election Victory

 Jackie Juntti submits:

Pastor Brandon Holthaus spoke in great detail on this in his video

 The Whore Of Babylon Visits Mt. Sinai - Prophecy update 


 Biden Claims He Was A Professor During Campaign Stop



MAJOR Sting Op Unmasks Crime Ring
› This is scary...

Biden Goes CRAWLING to Obama
› Things are heating up...


A Clinton advisor just put the nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party


 Nancy Battle submits

I own over 4 heavily treed acres in the deep south....birds & wildlife of all descriptions abound......NOW SINCE JULY 1ST ,2022, THERE ARE NO SQUIRRELS & NOW NO MORE BIRDS...PERIOD!!  There are no insects as well.    Lucifer told God the he, Lucifer, would destroy everything HE created including the environment.....all the trees and bushes have rust spots and tiny holes on all the leaves...just a matter of time now to see them die.....FLUORIDE IN OUR WATER, CHEMICAL TRAILS SPRAYING DEADLY CHEMICALS ON US DAILY FOR MANY YEARS AND 5G TOWERS EMITTING FREQUENCY WAVES AND I DO NOT HEAR ANYONE DEMANDING THIS TO STOP......WE ARE PAYING DEARLY FOR THIS SILENCE !



Zelensky Takes Time Off From WW3 To Shoot a Netflix Show!

“Planet Killing” Asteroid Hiding In Sun’s Glare Just Discovered

 Larry Jordan submits:

 27 of the 30 Cities with Highest Murder Rate Are Democrat Run


Patriot Journal Newsletter

Biden's Visit to Southern State Backfires Bigly - Early Reports Reveal Just How Badly Joe Failed

 Submitted by: Stewart Reeves:

Leaked documents: British spies constructing secret terror army in Ukraine



CNN delivered brutal news that showed Democrats are doomed on Election Day

Media outlets are in the process of releasing their final round of polling.

Democrats were clinging to hope they could avoid a Red wave.

But even CNN delivered brutal news that showed Democrats are doomed on Election Day.

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Kari Lake sent Democrats into panic mode by what just guaranteed her victory on Election Day

Trey Gowdy delivered one message that Democrats will not want to hear

Ron DeSantis made one bold prediction that left Democrats shaking in their boots

Ron DeSantis was grinning from ear to ear after a Democrat made one shocking statement

Jim Jordan made one promise that left Joe Biden trembling with fear



Weekend Edition, November 5-6, 2022


War Breeds Empire, Death, Starvation, Genocide, and Hatred, and The U.S. Is the Most Heinous Perpetrator of War in the History of the World

Gary D. Barnett





God Has the Plan; Let’s Use His Plan!

Christians, we have a mandate from Jesus to be on a mission to represent God on earth. If you do not know your mission and purpose, you will do all kind of things but not the right things. Satan will give us good things so we will not do the right things. Present the Kingdom of God which is the rule of God!!! Today, most Christians in America are ruled by Doctrine of Demons and not God.

By Glynn Adams


 Breaking! National Guard Deployed Across U.S. to Protect Midterm Elections! MUST WATCH!! (Video)

REPORTERChristian Patriot News: Breaking! National Guard Deployed Across U.S. to Protect Midterm Elections! Now Nothing Can Stop Trump's Incoming Red Tsunami! It's Time to Take Back Our Country & Return Power to The People!

Go Here to see, "Breaking! National Guard Deployed Across U.S. to Protect Midterm Elections! MUST WATCH!! (Video)"