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Alan Jackson: “I’ve Been Reluctant To Talk About This Publicly”

Legally Blind FL Man Arrested By Pitiful Excuse For A Cop [VIDEO]


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Look What DEMOCRATS Are Quietly Buying!

Look What DEMOCRATS Are Quietly Buying!


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Giant EARTHQUAKE - Death Toll Revealed!


This Drug Could Slash Cancer Relapse by 88%; Palestinian 'Lion’s Den’ Killers Praised in Boston; Experience the Majesty of Israel - Filmed in the Air! Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelWATCH: Experience the Majesty of Israel – Filmed in the Air! Israelis Provide Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers Life-Saving Treatments; UN’s Anti-Israel ‘Sham Hearings’ Slammed


Joe Biden just embarrassed himself on the world stage like never before


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Border Patrol Gets Huge Win Over Biden Admin   

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 Jackie Juntti submits:

I know many are disappointed at the results that 'appear' to be announced related to the *election*.  None of it is a real surprise to me.  The *Cheat* was in before the first ballot was marked.

I say that because of my understanding of scripture and my strong belief that we are SO CLOSE to the Rapture.  The understanding I have of the *preparation* for the Great Tribulation that those LEFT BEHIND will live thru.  Born Again Believers will not go thru the 7 years of the Anti-Christ Tribulation as they will have been Raptured out of this mess..





Religious Parties Threaten Netanyahu: Give in on This Issue or You'll Have No Gov't; Islamic Scholar on Temple Mount: ‘No Such Thing as Palestine’; Latest Israel News!
World Israel News

CHUTZPAH? Country Begs Israel for Arms While Supporting UN Criminalization of Israeli ‘Occupation’



Sports star says 'God created Adam and Eve,' all hell breaks loose
Posted by WND Guest Columnist
'I'm not going to accept all the weddings, all the parades, and anything else they do as normal.' Read more…




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Exclusive!! Pfizer Is Bragging…When You Find Out About What You’ll Be Ticked!

By Lisa Haven In a move that will disgust the average person Pfizers top chief advisor is now bragging about their vaccine and when you Read more…

by Lisa Haven on November 11th, 2022


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Pennsylvania Man Gets 17 Years For Plotting Church Bombing


 Biden's Versus Trump's 'Lies' - What a Difference an Administration Makes


 Twitter Ad Boycott Exposes Democrat Double Standard


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Red State Chaos Election Update - Crazy Voting System Just Kicked in


 Susan Duclos submits:

Take a look at the house races here, then in the bottom left corner of the CA races still not called, look at the humiliating numbers of estimated votes tallied.... my heavens, if we thought AZ was a national embarrassment, CA tops it with the most humiliated state in America!



Weekend Edition, November 12-13, 2022


Fake Elections Are the New Normal

Dr. Joseph Sansone


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NOV 13, 2022

BREAKING: Republicans Fail To Take Back The Senate From Democrats: Projection

BREAKING: Republicans Fail To Take Back The Senate From Democrats: Projection

Ashe Schow



FTX CEO Who Stole Billions in Cypto Ponzi Scheme Is DEMOCRATS’ Second Largest Donor After Soros

CEO of cratering crypto firm FTX is Dems second largest donor after Soros. The Democrats are the wrold's largest criminal racket. At least a billion of customer funds have vanished from failed crypto firm FTX.

Tens of Billions of US Dollars ...





The Rainbow Is The Miracle Sign of God That He Wants Us To See

Satan is trying to lock mankind into his 666 system of darkness. The true light of heaven is Jesus Christ. His light will be put into everyone he resurrects or transfers to his kingdom. The deep mystery of God is that once that light gets put into those that are linked to heaven, they will never be able to die.

By Investigative Reporter Gregory Ciola


DC Clothesline

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 BobJen submits:

Massive Fraud in Maricopa!



UPDATE: Latest Maricopa County Saturday Ballot Drop Favors Kari Lake

DEEP FAKED: Here’s What’s Coming Next…