Monday, February 13, 2023


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Trump Kept His Solemn Oath, “Took Care Of” Federal Death Row

How To Get All Your Medical Debt Forgiven ($500 to $5,000)


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New School "SEGREGATION" Issue Pops Up!

New School "SEGREGATION" Issue Pops Up!


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Capital Hill News

Grassley And Ron Johnson SLAM Weaponization Of Federal Government

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), teaming up with conservative colleague Sen. Ron Johnson (R-MN), has probed the Biden family’s...

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The Dan Bongino Show
February 13, 2023


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China Hits U.S. State With Bizarre New High Tech Attack?   




February 13, 2023
U-Haul smashes through pedestrians on streets of New York
U-Haul smashes through pedestrians on streets of New York
A man driving a U-Haul truck struck and injured several people on Monday before police were able to pin the vehicle against a building. Was it terrorism? Here's what police said. Read More 


USA Daily Patriot

Congress Drops the Hammer on Illegal Aliens - New Bill Stops Non-Citizens from Doing 1 Thing


The Liberty Revolution


No Biden DOCUMENTS - This Raises Another Question!

No Biden DOCUMENTS - This Raises Another Question!



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Another US Senator Endorses President Trump


Breaking: Washington Post FORCED To Retreat






The Federalist Wire
DAILY NEWS |  February 13, 2023
“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden was just exposed for this horrific act


Joe Biden raises DEFCON level with this stunning statement

The Chinese balloon was just the beginning. America’s enemies are closing in.

And Joe Biden has raised the DEFCON level with this stunning statement from the White House.


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AOC Blasts 'Jesus Gets Us' Super Bowl Ads, Says They Endorse 'Fascism'

imageFar-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is under fire for claiming that Super Bowl ads meant to share Jesus Christ's message of love were trying to "make fascism look benign."


Massive Jerusalem Rally 'Stop Dictatorship'; Is 'Neutral' ChatGPT Antisemitic? Judicial Reform Passes 1st Reading; Israel Legalizes 9 Settlements in Response to Terror
World Israel News

2 MORE JERUSALEM ATTACKS: Jewish Teen Stabbed Near Western Wall; 20-year-old in Critical Condition



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Fetterman Update Stuns the Nation - Latest Report Reveals 1 Disturbing Detail

What's Happening: As we always say, there are consequences to elections. And the state of Pennsylvania might soon learn this the hard way. Despite all the troubling signs, voters elected Democrat...

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How Dems took control of courts – and then elections

» Watch: Mother Reads Shocking Porn Content From Books Given To Kids In NY Schools


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