Friday, October 21, 2022


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Pervy Ob/Gyn Guilty: ‘Sexual Penetration of an Unconscious Person’

Tattoo Popular With Seniors Now Deemed ‘Ethically Controversial’


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New York Judge Allows Guns to be Carried in Churches – Watch
New York Judge Allows Guns to be Carried in Churches – Watch
Thanks to a District Judge in New York, congregants in…


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Democrat Makes OUTRAGEOUS Claim About Abortions In US

Stacey Abrams, Democratic candidate for Georgia governor, made a bizarre attempt Wednesday to tie the need for more abortions to inflation...

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Democrat Candidate Accused Of HIDING Disturbing Past!

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Jill’s Angry Outbursts and Abuse Exposed

Accused of Terrorizing Staff, Controlling Biden. . .

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A Radio ICON Has Just Died!

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Joe Biden will have to step down after learning this brutal reality

Joe Biden keeps telling anyone who will listen that he is running for reelection in 2024.

But there is good reason to believe that will not be the case.

And Joe Biden will have to step down after learning this brutal reality.

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Americans Weigh In On Democrats' Most Evil Policy, And Liberals Might Never Recover    

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 I am beyond tired of all the political pushing for the JABS and their BOOSTERS.  For all the warnings of the time of year and the FLU and this RSV illness.  Urging everyone including tiny kids to get all those jabs.  The *powers that be* are using eery scare tactic they can to get their Big Pharma poisons into as many humans as they can - making everyone a lab monkey for their so called EXPERIMENTAL poisons.  they aren't *experimental* - the Globalists pushing these money making poisons are WELL aware of what they are pushing to DEPOPULATE this earth.  MSM assists in this DEPOPULATION AGENDA.  Very little reporting of the DEATHS from these JABS.


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October 21, 2022




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Biden Announces Further Depletion Of Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Breaking: Stacey Abrams Has DISGUSTING Remedy For Biden's Inflation Crisis


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Damning FOOTAGE Of U.S. Troops Released - Too Far?

Damning FOOTAGE Of U.S. Troops Released - Too Far?


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Supreme Court Ruling Sparks Explosion - States Racing to Protect Top Constitutional Right


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Thousands Of DUPLICATE Mail-In Ballots Sent Out In California

Riverside County, California, revealed on Monday that it accidentally sent out 5,000 duplicate mail-in ballots for the upcoming general election. Election officials told citizens not to worry, however – the county promised that no improperly returned ballots would be counted.

 Jackie Juntti submits:

2 video programs to watch this morning;


1:  Grant Stinchfield   Grants Podcast is every Mon - Wed - Fri


The FBI spends 42 million dollars a year on confidential Informants.  Three trials have exposed the FBI and it's pay to play scheme designed to pay informants to not just make up evidence, but erase evidence. 

From the Russian Collusion hoax, to January 6th and the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping aka fed-napping case.  Wait til you hear the dirty details of how low the FBI is willing to go to entrap and set up conservatives.




 What is Going On in Arizona?

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12,000 fentanyl pills found packaged in Halloween candy


P McMillan submits:

Freedom is in decline for
American conservatives


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