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US Southern Border now Under Military Threat?
This is Biden's Crisis...
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This Photo Says Everything About Israel-Gaza Conflict; ‘Bloodthirsty’ Arab Mobs Wreak Havoc in Israel; Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelPA Admits Israel Warns Civilians Before Strikes; Bloodthirsty’ Arab Mobs Wreak Havoc in Israel;; IDF Destroys Hamas Submarine Drone; Media Blames Israel for Palestinian Terror

Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! - Your Voices Heard at Supreme Court






JUST PATRIOTS 05/18/2021


Ocasio-Cortez Does The UNTHINKABLE - It's Time To Remove This Woman!



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WHO Boss Joins Fauci In Racism Accusation, Seeks More US Funds

Women Are Dying In “Alarming” Number, Says NY Doctor

SPECIAL: Here’s What You Can’t Do Without Biden’s Vaccine Passport

Vegans LOVE Banana Peels | Slutty Vegan Admits “Chicken” Is Fake

Greedy Hospitals That “Kick You When You’re Down”

We're losing our Constitutional Republic: Army Reprimands Chaplain for Questioning Biden's Transgender Military Policy

 Submitted by: Edward Moore

It appears that the Biden Regime has started his anti Constitution and pro Marxism project.  An Air Force Lt. Col. was relieved of command for writing a book that was anti-Marxism and now a Army Chaplain received a reprimanded for questioning Mr. Biden's administration's new policy on transgender military personnel.   These two officers were right in what they did.  Marxism is the enemy, Americans have died fighting it for decades and transgenders are not males or females just by saying they are.  A born male is a male and a born female is a female.   Biden and his handlers are just trying to destroy our military and national security by weeding out anti Marxist/Socialist.  What's next making the members of the military swear an oath to a new Marxist government and it's leaders?   And making military Chaplains stop mentioning God and using the Holy Bible  and and have to worship Marxism/Socialism and worship people like Karl Marx and A. Hitler.  So far, it appears it only going to get worse, such as disarming loyal Americans and destroying the Constitution of the United States of America, the Holy Bible, take Americans property they worked for, then America will be destroyed for the first time in it's history, 245 years, if the people doesn't follow the courage of their ancestors the past 245 years.  GOD HELP US!







May the 18th, 2021



Steve Robinson and Shelby Busch, Co-Founders of WE THE PEOPLE – ARIZONA ALLIANCE are the guest on this edition of ARIZONA TODAY.

These two patriots have coordinated and led the charge to hold the Maricopa County, Arizona Board of Supervisors accountable for the egregious lies and actions perpetrated by the county officials.  Furthermore, Steve and Shelby are leading a movement that is reaching well outside the boundaries of Arizona, and has touched the hearts and minds of fellow citizens in multiple states who no longer are willing to sit back and watch elected officials destroy this exceptional nation.  You will be blessed listening to both of these patriots share their hearts and thoughts as to why we can no longer merely sit back and watch the takeover of our country by those within who detest our country.




MRC TV 05/18/2021



SCOTUS Unanimously Votes that Warrantless Gun Confiscation is Unconstitutional in the Home

GOP UPDATE 05/18/2021


Which America would you choose?

  • Americans LAST.
  • Pleasing special interest groups.
  • Wide-open borders.
  • Killing jobs.
  • Checks for illegal immigrants.
  • A Trillion-dollar infrastructure package.

ARIZONA TODAY - May 8th, 2021





Tuesday –

May the 18th, 2021


 Submitted by: John Rolls



Listen to today's show:
ep 1523

Is this the biggest national security threat of our time? Troubling new video about UFOs surface. In this episode, I discuss the controversy, along with the brewing controversy surrounding the Secret Service. I also address the new Spygate emails.

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Bill Gates cultivated Jeffrey Epstein for one eye-opening reason, report says
Posted by WND Staff
The disclosures about Bill Gates just get more unnerving by the day. Read more…



Watch As Legendary Rockers KISS Stop Mid-Concert, The Reason Why Has Liberals LOSING Their Minds [VID]

Watch As Legendary Rockers KISS Stop Mid-Concert, The Reason Why Has Liberals LOSING Their Minds [VID]

FAMILY WATCH NEWSWIRE 05/18/2021 (lengthy)

 Submitted by: J Cryots

Family Watch Newswire

The Family Watch Newswire is a service of Family Watch International that highlights important news items and useful analysis on the family and family related issues from around the world.

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SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Major Abortion Case. The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a major abortion case that will give the justices an opportunity to reconsider the precedent set by the landmark Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions. Read more here.

White House: Biden ‘Committed to Codifying’ Roe v. Wade. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that President Biden is “committed to codifying” Roe v. Wade after the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that will allow the justices to reconsider the precedent set by the landmark Roe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions. Read more here.

UK Medics Demand End to Abortion Pills by Mail. More than 600 medics have demanded that Boris Johnson end the controversial “pills in the post” abortion scheme, citing evidence that chemical abortions were being performed when the fetus was beyond the ten-week limit. Read more here.

Russian Health Ministry Notes Substantial Decline in Abortions. The number of abortions in Russia in 2020 dropped to about 450,000, almost 35% less than five years ago. Read more here.

Russian Orthodox Church Pleads for Reduction of Abortions to Fight Demographic Crisis. The Orthodox Church in Russia has urged women to refrain from abortions and instead give their children to church institutions, in part to help alleviate the country’s demographic problem. Read more here.

Nicaraguan Archdiocese Urges That Abortion Not Be an Election Issue. The Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Managua stated that the “abominable crime” of abortion should not be on the agenda for November’s Nicaraguan general election. Read more here.

Montana Gov Signs Bill Ending Taxpayer Funding of Abortion. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed a law which prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars to fund Title X family planning programs which include abortion. Read more here.

Top Kansas Court Upholds Law Barring ‘Wrongful Birth’ Suits. Kansas’ highest court upheld a law barring so-called wrongful birth lawsuits against doctors in a case in which a couple sued because they weren’t told of serious fetal defects until after an abortion could have been obtained. Read more here.



Company Sells Crocheted Prosthetic Penises to Pin to Children's Underwear. A San Diego-based company is selling crocheted prosthetic penises for children who identify as transgender as an alternative to silicone prosthetics which “do not come in sizes appropriate for smaller bodies.” Read more here.

Biden Admin Extends Humanitarian Exceptions to Migrants Who Identify as Transgender. More migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border are being granted humanitarian exceptions because they are considered the most vulnerable, including people who identify as transgender. Read more here.

Nine Transgender Athletes Hope to Compete in 2021 Summer Olympics. At least nine individuals who identify as transgender — seven biological men and two biological women — hope to compete at the Olympics in July in Tokyo. Read more here.

UK Ministers Tell Architects All New Buildings Must Have Separate Restrooms for Men and Women. Public buildings in the UK will have to have separate 'ladies' and 'gents' lavatories in the future in a blow for campaigners who want more gender-neutral facilities. Read more here.

CA Bill Forces Stores to Sell Gender-Fluid Clothes and Toys. A California bill that would force retail stores to sell gender-neutral clothes and toys in a separate section sailed through two committees and is favored to pass a third. Read more here.

UK Schools Are Actively Supporting Kids’ ‘Gender Transition’ Without Telling Parents. Schools in the UK are increasingly sanctioning the use of male names for girls as young as 13 without the consent of their parents. Read more here.

Scottish Student Faces Expulsion for Stating Biological Fact. Final year law student Lisa Keogh faces formal disciplinary action from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland for her alleged “offensive” and “discriminatory” comments affirming biological differences between men and women. Read more here.

Twitter Suspends Spanish MP for Saying Men Can’t Get Pregnant. A Spanish MP was temporarily suspended by Twitter for calling out a news article that claimed a pregnant man gave birth to a child. Read more here.

Texas Lawmakers Intentionally Derailed Bill to Ban Child ‘Gender Transitioning,’ Insiders Say. A bill banning chemical and surgical “sex changes” for children younger than 18 failed to be scheduled for a vote in the Texas House after stall tactics were deployed, according to activists and insiders. Read more here.



FRC Clarifies ‘No Compromise’ on Equality Act. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said Fox News’ story suggesting faith groups met with staff members of several senators in order to craft a “compromise” on the Equality Act is misleading. Read more here.



PP Board Member Aided in STD Experiments on Prisoners and Mental Patients. Recently unearthed documents reveal that a former Planned Parenthood board member was involved with abhorrent syphilis experiments in which Guatemalans were intentionally infected with STDs without their consent. Read more here.



State Dept Report Shows 80 Percent of People Live Under High Restrictions on Religious Freedom. The U.S. Department of State’s 2020 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom shows that most people in the world live in environments with significant restrictions on freedom of religion. Read more here.

Jailed Alberta Pastor Released on Bail. Pastor Artur Pawlowski, whose arrest for holding church services in defiance of Alberta’s Public Health Act drew international attention, recounted his experience in jail and reiterated his warning to Canadians about growing state tyranny. Read more here.



Census Shows China Has 30M Unmarried Men. A once-in-a-decade census in China shows that the country has about 30 million unmarried men, and the nation’s preference for male babies has many worried about a shortage of brides. Read more here.



Kids Can Explore Pronoun Options on Box of Kellogg’s New ‘Pride’ Cereal, by Jonathon Van Maren. “…Kellogg’s went above and beyond to ensure that your kids can go woke just after waking. On the side of the box, children are asked to choose their pronouns, with options like ‘he/him,’ ‘she/her,’ and ‘they/them,’ which, if you haven’t been keeping up, isn’t plural so much as ‘nonbinary’ or just bewildered. There are also some helpful blanks spaces in case you want to fill in your own, because at this stage in the revolution we’re just making stuff up and everyone has to go along with it.” Read more here.

The Case for Medical Conscientious Objection, by Brian Bird. “The basic motivation for conscientious objection is that the health-care service at issue does not help but harms: It injures health and is not care. Physicians who conscientiously refuse to intentionally terminate a patient’s life do so because health care, in their moral judgment, excludes killing. Health care, in their view, seeks to alleviate suffering while preserving life... If health care is laden with moral issues, it is dangerous to restrict the moral agency of health-care workers.” Read more here.

Here’s What ‘Partial-Birth Abortion’ Means, by Katie Yoder. “The secretary of Health and Human Services recently dodged a question about ‘partial-birth abortion’ by claiming that it isn’t a ‘medical term.’ But it’s a term that both Congress and the Supreme Court have carefully described – and the definition is shockingly gruesome.” Read more here.

Don’t Mix Up Adoption and Maternal Health, Worthy Causes, With Abortion, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “Garcia was adopted as an infant. She is in a unique position to change the way our national debate about abortion looks. She could uniquely be a voice for the young scared black and Hispanic girls going into that very clinic day in and day out, and for their babies. The girls could choose adoption and allow the next Kathryn to be born — if we’d rally behind real options.” Read more here.

Don’t Ban So-Called ‘Conversion Therapy,’ by Andrea Williams. “Boris Johnson has since suggested that prayer will not be criminalised, but just what would be criminalised? Conversations about sexual attractions appear to be the target. No free society should ever contemplate criminalising private conversations, yet this is what the government seems intent on doing. Anyone who cares about free speech should realise just how totalitarian and oppressive banning certain types of consensual conversations actually is.” Read more here.

Biden’s HHS Is Lying About Title X to Push Abortion, by Ryan Bomberger. “There is no health equity when it comes to abortion. Women bear the brunt of the physiological and psychological consequences of abortion. Men don’t. There is no health equity, regardless of hue of skin or socioeconomic status, if you’re a victim of abortion. The Biden administration is lying to the American public about Title X… The only thing that should be aborted is the new rule wrapped in old lies.” Read more here.

There Is No Way to ‘Fix’ the Equality Act. It’s Identity Politics or Equality Before the Law, and Republicans Must Choose, by Joy Pullmann. “Statistically speaking, nobody wants gay people forced to die alone without their families, or denied health insurance or a place to sleep at night. There are legal solutions to all such things that don’t involve erasing women’s sports and forcing Christian churches to be bankrupted by lawsuits from anti-religious cranks with axes to grind.” Read more here.

Pro-Abortion Group Too Extreme Even for NARAL Pays for Employee Abortions, by Rebecca Downs. “If you're looking for an example of disgusting pro-abortion promotion on display, look no further than Avow, a group so extreme that they used to be NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, but ended up splitting to be even more pro-abortion. As Live Action exposed, Avow's executive director Aimee Arrambide brazenly shared in an interview with ReproJobs that employees and their family members are provided with a stipend for abortions, to the tune of $3,000…” Read more here.

Doctor: Time for Transgender Treatment Industry to ‘Follow the Science,’ by Dr. Patrick Lappert. “Over 80% of children treated this way abandon their cross-sex idea of themselves by late adolescence. However, if you let them fall into the hands of the transgender treatment industry, virtually 100% will continue to suffer from gender dysphoria, and will ultimately have the same high risk of self-harm... This is no longer in doubt. This is why Sweden, Finland, and the UK have abandoned the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery in gender confused children.” Read more here.

The LGBT Movement’s Destructive History and Legacy, by Thomas Coy. “The most widespread intimidation tactic of the LGBT movement has been the creation of the word’s ‘homophobia,’ ‘homophobic,’ ‘homophobe,’ and recently ‘transphobia.’ These terms do not mean fear of homosexuals or transgenders. Rather, they mean being opposed to LGBT social objectives... The terms are meant to slander, shame, and intimidate, in the same manner a racist or bigot uses slanderous words to demean people they don’t like.” Read more here.

Russia: How Will Re-Training of Foreign-Trained Clergy Be Implemented? by Victoria Arnold. “While the number of people affected by the re-training requirement is likely to be small, as most clergy, religious teachers and missionaries in Russia now undergo any formal training inside the country, the burden for those individuals and communities which are affected may turn out to be considerable in terms of costs, bureaucracy and potential problems with law enforcement agencies.” Read more here.

When Sons Become Daughters, Part V: The Links Between Trans Identity, Gifted Minds, Categorical Thinking – and Anime, by Angus Fox. “Parents of trans-identified boys mention anime repeatedly. The animation style seems to loom large in the lives of many—at least half—of the young men whose stories I’m telling. Many of these boys have anime alter-egos, which function as a sort of stand-in for their real-life trans personae. Two of the boys whose parents I’ve met have even named themselves after the same anime character.” Read more here.

For the G7 [Comprehensive Sexuality Education] Is a Priority, by Luca Volontè. “One has to be speechless when one realizes that the foreign and development policy priority of the seven strongest economies in the world is girls’ education which includes the explicit support of both comprehensive sexuality education (in which early sex, contraceptive use and abortion are included), as well as reproductive health (which has become the equivalent of abortion). Another attack on the health and dignity of women and their freedom to be mothers.” Read more here.

Let’s Give American Families More Time for ‘Kinder and Kirche,’ by Samuel J. Abrams. “As President Biden and many in Congress push for countless new programs that grow the reach of government, citizens should ask for more support around time for faith and family. This is not suggesting that the government regulate personal time but simply help make kinder and kirche easier for millions of Americans. …[W]e have clear evidence demonstrating just how critical these institutions are toward promoting community stability and connectivity.” Read more here.


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