Monday, October 17, 2022


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Supreme Court Cases To Watch Next

Supreme Court Cases To Watch Next



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Supreme Court TRAGEDY - A Line Has Been Crossed

Supreme Court TRAGEDY - A Line Has Been Crossed


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Headline Health - Breaking News for a Healthier Life
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Cut McD’s Quarter-Pounders In Half Before Eating, Check For This

3 Things Having Sex Does To Your Brain [Mind-Blowing Benefits]


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Putin Makes GIANT Gamble - This Could Mean Everything

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October 17, 2022
[Video] Jill Biden booed at Eagles game
[Video] Jill Biden booed at Eagles game
Viral videos have emerged of First Lady Jill Biden facing jeers from Eagles fans during a coin toss on Sunday. Is it fake news? We have the truth the media won't share. Read More

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Judge Makes Case That Joe and Kamala are Unfit

Calls Out Their Massive Corruption. . .


The Dan Bongino Show
October 17, 2022


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Below are links to some of the most important news stories today for your consideration.

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Today's Headlines:

Liz Cheney Tried to Save Joe Biden by Dropping This Massive October Surprise

Nancy Pelosi Has One Weird Trick Up Her Sleeve to Order Donald Trump’s Arrest


Prolife Update

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Nebraska News Anchor Fired for Collecting Signatures for Pro-Life Petition - Prolife Update


       LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.



Sunday –

October the 16th, 2022



Rep. Mark Finchem, candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, is my guest on this segment of ARIZONA TODAY.  As we are now in the final stretch for the Mid-term election, our conversation addresses topics related to his campaign, the still on-going denial by liberals, including liberal or establishment republicans who claim there was nothing wrong with the National Election of 2020, and if elected Secretary of State, what does he view as critical subjects to address on day one.

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Obama Has Hillary "Deplorables" Moment

Exposed For His Disturbing Comments. . . More


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Top Headlines


Arizona State Rep. Says He Will Defund PBS Due To Election Debate Fiasco


Breaking: Lauren Boebert Might NOT Stay In The House


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