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What They’re Putting In The New Chick-fil-A Sandwich [Try One?]

Do This Right After You Have Sex… People Keep Getting This Wrong




Congress Drops the Hammer on Illegal Aliens - New Bill Stops Non-Citizens from Doing 1 Thing

As we push toward the 2024 presidential election, it's likely that one subject will top all others for millions of Americans: illegal immigration. A recent report stated that non-citizens now comprise...

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Chinese Spy Balloon Worse Than We Thought - Biden Exposed By Frightening News


Republicans blew the lid off this horrific attack on the First Amendment

Democrats don’t care for the free speech rights of everyday Americans. It only serves to stop their radical agenda from being put in place.

That’s why Republicans blew the lid off this horrific attack on the First Amendment.


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Super woke for Super Bowl: Navy quietly reshuffles flyover team to ...
Posted by WND News Services
Yes, even for Super Bowl Sunday, the U.S. military has changed its original plans for the big game's flyover, now giving it a more woke flavor. Read more…


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Dems attack suburban homeowners for “equity’ agenda

» Biden’s Drug Price Controls Will Kill More Patients in the Long Run




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Ocasio Cortez PAID OFF A Chinese Agent

Ocasio-Cortez PAID OFF A Chinese Agent!



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Hunter Biden Calls In FEDS On Trump Allies!

Hunter Biden Calls In FEDS On Trump Allies!

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Something Fishy Going On! Coup At Project Veritas…Is This What Really Happened To James O’Keefe!?

By Lisa Haven Something fishy is going on over at Project Veritas with their latest announcement that James O’Keefe, its founder, is going on PTO…or Read more…

by Lisa Haven on February 10th, 2023



'Obscene, sexual activity': Girl pressured to memorize porn takes serious action
Posted by Bob Unruh
School districts across America are completely out of control, with the latest case of outrage involving a teen girl forced to memorize pornographic material.

It was so 'horrifying to read,' one official actually told her mom not to voice the words out loud at a school-board meeting. Read more…


Conservative Confidence In A Strong And Thriving Nation

Another Doctor Questions Biden’s Fitness for Office

Want a Grant From the State Department? You Better Be Woke!


Joe Biden is ducking for cover after testimony blew the lid off of this scandal


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Boebert GRILLS Twitter Executives

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) grilled former Twitter executives Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde and James Baker for their involvement with the FBI and the shadow banning of her account.