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Barcelona Cuts Ties with Israel, Protesting ‘Stench of Antisemitism,’ Spanish Capital Madrid Draws Closer to Israel

Barcelona where Jewish gravestones were used as building material…..has returned to its Jew hating ways.

Barcelona where Jewish gravestones used as building material for churches can still be seen on the walls? Barcelona where the city ...

St. Louis Trans Clinic Investigated For Irreparably Harming 600 Teens, ‘Do You Want a Dead Daughter Ar An Alive Son?’

‘I want my breasts back’

The atrocities being committed in the name of left-wing medicine is unspeakable and unfathomable ….

WHISTLEBLOWER: “I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. What is Happening To Them is Morally and Medically ...

Biden Appointee Who Pushes the Unconstitutional Military Vaccine Mandate to Resign

He/she/it should be in jail. The radical freaks and geeks the Democrats put in charge of our sacred institutions is an attack on every American. They must be stopped. They are killing our best and brightest.

Biden Appointee Who Pushes the ...

FINANCE Director For Boston’s Democrat Mayor Charged With MONEY LAUNDERING

You can't make this stuff up. Democrats putting criminals in charge of the money.

Finance Director For Boston’s Democrat Mayor Charged With Money Laundering

By Mike LaChance, TPG, February 11, 2023:

Freda Brasfield, the finance ...

How Obama and Biden Weaponized Even The National Archives….As More Biden Classified Docs Surface in Boston

Emails released Friday by the National Archives reveal references to President Biden’s lawyers handing over boxes of documents in Boston — confirming a little-known detail in the chronology of Biden’s classified documents scandal. (more ...

In 78 Years, Funeral Directors Who Never Had a 15 Year Old Who Died From a Heart Attack Now Have ONE A WEEK

Post vaccine. Nazi 'medicine'.

What funeral directors know that you don't

In 78 years, they never had a 15 year old who died from a heart attack. In December 2022, they had 1 a week for three weeks straight. Nobody is talking about it ...

CDC Adds Failed COVID-19 Vaccine to Routine Immunization Schedule for Children and Adolescents

It's not  enough that Democrats are sexualizing our children, castrating and mutilating them – now they want to sicken them for life or worse, kill them.

Figures show there has been a shocking 755% increase in excess deaths among children ...

Soros Spends over $40M Getting Radical Pro-Crime DAs Elected Across U.S.

For years, the evil hand of Soros has tried to take down the country until he finally he found a backdoor for his perfidy. Perfect end run against American law and order.

Soros Spends over $40M Getting DAs Elected Across U.S.

By: John ...

EXPOSED: ‘Obsessed’ Biden Quietly Waives Sanctions, Enables Iran, Russia to Resume Nuclear Work, Make BILLIONS in Profit

Another stunning and shameful act of appeasement by the Biden Administration vis-à-vis Iran. The Biden Administration is not (and never has been) serious about confronting Iran on it's nuclear program. Israel is going to have to make a decision ...

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