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DeSantis Wins-Teacher's Video Debunked
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Cleavage-Baring Dress Puts All Eyes On Jamie Lee, 64 [VIDEO]

One Gay Sex Habit Making Everyone Sick [Restore Sodomy Laws?]


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Project Veritas Board Under Intense Pressure After O’Keefe Ouster


Breaking: Obama Administration RESPONSIBLE For 2014 Maidan Uprising?


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Govt Agency Finally Reveals Truth About Covid Origin?   




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February 27, 2023



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FBI Whistleblower EXPOSES Abuse

In a tell-all book, former FBI agent turned whistleblower Stephen Friend has revealed additional details about the agency’s politicization, abuse and discrimination against conservatives.

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Jackie Juntti submits:

 I  learned my lesson in the 1990's on why NOT to send $$$ to the RNC here in Washington State.  Back then I was very feet on the ground active and knew all the players.  I figured out fast that any $$ I contributed went to the CANDIDATE and not the political party honcho's.  I was - after a big fight with the Party honcho's, to get appointed to the empty PCO position in my district.  The Party Honcho's didn't want a real CONSERVATIVE with a track record to get involved.  All this was here in Far LEFT socialist Washington State - where the RINO'S held most offices under the cover of GOP.  Reality was they were TARES in the Wheat field.


This entire *loyalty Oath* is to remove Trump or anyone like him - maintaining the real meaning of RNC = RINO NEUTRAL COVER.  RINO's are who they are to prevent real conservatives from gaining any power.  Look at Mitch McConnell and company.


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February 27, 2023


Senator Joe Manchin departing from the Democrat Party

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin is a critical vote in the upper chamber. Where he lands can decide the fate of major legislation.

And Senator Joe Manchin has now announced that he’s departing from the Democrat Party.


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Teacher Forces White Kids to Bow Down to Black Kids
Teacher Forces White Kids to Bow Down to Black Kids
A sixth-grade teacher in Florida has sparked outrage after posting…




Patriot Wise
Supreme Court REMOVES This From Its Schedule

Supreme Court REMOVES This From Its Schedule!



 Submitted by: Stewart Reeves:

 Stewart Reeves submits:


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What could possibly go wrong? It has worked so well in the democrat lead big cities....oh, wait...

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Stewart Reeves submits:

 LIST of Top AZ Officials Allegedly FUNDED BY CARTELS


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