Monday, September 21, 2020



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Honduras to Open Embassy in Jerusalem; Miami Museum's Offensive Nazi Flags Shock Neighbors on Jewish New Year; Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelIsraelis Grow Dates from 2,000-Year-Old Seeds! Hezbollah Suicide Bombers Get Life in Prison; How Jewish Communities Shined During Corona Crisis; Israelis Develop Antibody for Alzheimer’s
Palestinians Shocked: Qatar Supports Trump’s Pro-Israel Plan for Mideast
OFFENSIVE: Miami Museum Unfurls Nazi Flags on Jewish New Year, Neighbors in Disbelief
Israelis Use Tobacco Plants to Produce 3D-Bioprinted Lungs and Kidneys
Honduras Will Open Its Embassy in Jerusalem by End of 2020
WATCH: Ancient Judean Date Trees Revived from 2,000 Year Old Seeds!
Hezbollah Suicide Bombers Who Killed 5 Israelis in Bulgaria Get Life in Prison
WATCH: Jewish Communities Shined During Corona Crisis, Says UK Prime Minister in New Year Greeting
Good News Israel: Israeli Firm Develops Antibody for Alzheimer’s, Startup Makes Painless Bandage, and More!
The Jewish New Year: The Moral Dilemma of Giving and Receiving