Tuesday, February 28, 2023


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Queer Sex Acts Now Threaten People Who Aren’t Even Gay

Florida Man Dead After Putting This Up His Nose



DAILY NEWS - February 28, 2023

SOROS BACKED Prosecutor Asked To Step DOWN!
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Train Derails In Florida Carrying More Than 30,000 Gallons Of Propane Fuel

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Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Issues First Majority Opinion


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Far-Out 'Secession' Plan Gains Steam In Western States   





Prominent Fox News journalist reveals serious problem he's dealing with
Posted by Richard Moorhead, The Western Journal
'The decision proved a fateful one, with life altering effects' Read more…


Patriots News Daily
DAILY NEWS | February 28, 2023


Biden Family BUSTED?






USA Daily Patriot

Red State Battles Biden with 1 New Law - And Every American Parent Will Applaud




Joe Biden was delivered news from his admin that proved Trump right all along

President Biden was not expecting this at all. His own admin has betrayed him.

Because Joe Biden was delivered news from his admin that proved Trump right all along.


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Right-wing Israeli Party Leader Resigns; Critically Wounded Father of Murdered Sons Wakes up; Why Was This Insect Named After Hitler? US Official Calls WW-II Victory 'Evil'
World Israel News
‘THIS REALLY HURTS’: US Citizen, 'Really Nice Guy', Named as Latest Terror Victim





The Dan Bongino Show
February 28, 2023


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February 28, 2023
Chicago's Dem mayor ousted by voters?
Chicago's Dem mayor ousted by voters?
Is Chicago's Lori Lightfoot currently being ousted from her first term as mayor of the Windy City? Get the latest on her future. Read More 
Everyone Who Believes Should Watch This
Everyone Who Believes Should Watch This
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Shalom Adar Blessings Mishpacha

Situation WW3 Updates 2/28/23 Dioxin Con test - W.H.O. Quiz - Klaus NWO Summit - Haley Hegelian



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Joe Manchin Stuns Democrats with 5 Words - He Just Sent the Swamp into Complete Chaos


Prolife Update


Actor Tom Sizemore's Family Is Advised to Consider End-of-Life Matters


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