Monday, November 28, 2022


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Americans Are Done With These Nasty Fast-Food Sandwich Chains

Too Fat To Fly? Qatar Airways Denies Boarding To 330-Lb. “Model”


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COVID Overlord Fauci Might FINALLY Be Brought Into Court

Pelosi Says That She Has “Strong Leverage” Over The GOP



Chuck Schumer's Super PAC just announced another $8.8 million investment in the race for Georgia's Senate seat.


Nancy Pelosi Was Caught Pushing This Radical Policy for One Last Time

You Won't Believe How Bad Nancy Pelosi's Replacement Is


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Police Walk Into Horrifying Scene At New Mexico Judges Home
Police Walk Into Horrifying Scene At New Mexico Judges Home
Investigators believe that a murder-suicide occurred in the death of…


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The illegal immigration supporting groups were already on the ground in DC to push for Amnesty legislation before the votes were even counted in the mid-term elections.





The NYC disconnect between zero emissions and reality

imageIt wasn't such a heavy lift for the overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature in 2019 to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, and it was easy for then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo to pick up his pen and sign it into law. Executing the vision of delivering 70% of the state's electricity from zero-emissions sources by 2030 is proving hard work indeed.


Iranians Love Israelis at World Cup; Antisemitic Thug Admits to Attacking Victims Who Look Jewish; 'Sorry, This Job is Not for Jews'; Latest from Israel!
United with Israel'Sorry, This Job is Not for Jews': Anti-Jewish Discrimination Found in 25% of US Hiring Managers; Antisemitic Thug Admits to Attacking Victims Who Looked Jewish; Black Lawmaker Ruffles Feathers with Staunch Support for Israel


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Biden's Favorite Newspaper Caught Endorsing Crimes Against Children?   

The Details are Shocking...





Freedom PressFreedom Press

November 28, 2022



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45,000 Prisoners PARDONED Suddenly!

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Liberals Calling for Biden to Dump Kamala in Potential 2024 Run
Liberals Calling for Biden to Dump Kamala in Potential 2024 Run
Now that we have come out of the midterm elections…



WATCH: Kids carry Disney's holiday message: 'We love you Satan'
Posted by WND Staff
Yes, this new Disney series actually has children declaring: 'We love you Satan.'

'They don't hide their agenda anymore.' See the video for yourself. Read more…


 Merriam-Webster Releases Word Of The Year

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Republicans Looking To Replace McConnell

On Sunday Sen. Lindsey Graham Said That Senate Republicans. . .More









USA Daily Patriot

Democrats Freak Out Over 1 Huge Voting Change - And It's Amazing News for True Patriots


The Dan Bongino Show
November 28, 2022


Trump’s Jewish Supporters Must Condemn and Disavow Him;Israelis Get Rude Awakening in Qatar; Left-wing Anarchists in Hebron Provoked IDF Soldier for Disturbing Video
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'IDEAL TARGETS': Iran Reveals 'Hit List' of Top Sites to Bomb in Israel



7 reasons every American should rally behind Herschel Walker
Posted by Chuck Norris
America and the U.S. Senate need a superstar to help make our country great again. This is that man. Read more…



Republicans Just Scored a Late Midterm Victory - Nab Overtime Win in Big Blue State