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CONBUSTIBLE 02/01/2014

Majority of SOTU viewers oppose Obama acting without Congress
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GOP joins BHO on ‘Year of Action’
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Warfare/Welfare/Corporate State are all of a piece
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The President’s ‘Inequality’ Absurdities
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Obama ‘income inequality’ campaign allegedly borrowed from UN
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ALT 02/01/2014

ALT Headlines Featured Stories for February 01, 2014

Why is the Fed Tapering?
Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler - On January 17, 2014, we explained The How's and Why's of Gold Price Manipulation. In former times, the rise in the gold price was held down by central banks selling gold or leasing ...
Master of the Universe - Documentary Trailer
Youtube - This documentary features an elite German investment banker as he reveals the bankers' plans to rule the world. Filmmaker says it's a frightening megalomaniacal, quasi-religious parallel world. See more about this film here...


Super Bowl Ad: Charles Schulz Would Be Proud! (Video) NFL Super Bowl XLVIII is almost here, and with it Super Bowl commercials. This year, prepare to be pleasantly surprised as some ads take a patriotic tack! ... READ MORE

Liberals Love to Get Liquored Up From the Obamas to the Clintons to the Kennedys, getting liquored up is the best means Liberals have for not facing the consequences of their failed policy. ... READ MORE
Great Moments in Democrat Racist History – Hugo Black FBI Director Mueller: Another of Obama’s Zeros! Slow Walking = Short Life:  Obama takes Xi Jinping on a leisurely stroll


There are powerful forces in America that are determined to redefine the family structure and greatly diminish parental rights. They must be stopped!

In spite of recent legal and legislative attacks on marriage and the family, I promise you that Liberty Counsel will never stand idly by as the Obama administration, activist judges, or radical pro-homosexual groups try to redefine the God-ordained institution of marriage, marginalize parental rights, prevent children from receiving Christian counseling, and attack the family!

Please read my very important update on a major lawsuit – Mat.

There is a disastrous epidemic destroying America’s families that stems from ongoing cultural, legal, and legislative attacks on the family structure itself.
Radical groups want to redefine marriage and the family – and, in far too many instances, they are succeeding.  But God has raised Liberty Counsel up to fight these battles!   

++A dangerous court ruling profoundly affects our families.

ACTIVIST POST 01/31/2014


'American Anthrax' Exposes Attacks as Inside Job
Activist Post

Police Dig Into the Underwear of Pulled Over Drivers and Passengers
Amanda Warren

11-Year-Old Girl BANNED From Selling Cupcakes
Michael Snyder

The Ground Breaking Mathematics That Proves Free Energy Is Possible
Joe Martino

Why is the Fed tapering?
Dave Kranzler and Paul Craig Roberts

Roundup 'Weed Killer' Threatens Coral Reefs, Persists In Seawater
Sayer Ji

LIFE NEWS 01/31/2014

Nancy Pelosi Will Receive Planned Parenthood’s Top Margaret Sanger Award Nancy Pelosi will receive the Margaret Sanger award — the top honor given out by the Planned Parenthood abortion business.
Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced today that House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will deliver remarks at the organization’s Annual Gala in Washington on march 27, where she will receive the award. Planned Parenthood is awarding Leader Pelosi the Margaret Sanger Award, the organization’s highest honor, “in recognition of her leadership, excellence, and outstanding contributions to” the pro-abortion movement during her career.
Baby Born at 27 Weeks Via C-Section After Mother Declared Brain DeadWith so many expressing disgust over a Texas hospital maintaining a brain dead woman named Marlise Munoz because she was pregnant, I became aware of a remarkably similar case last year that had a much happier ending. (See You Tube imbed below.)
From the 11/13/13 Daily Mail story: A baby which was 15 weeks old when its mother was declared brain-dead was delivered by Caesarean section at 27 weeks, after doctors kept the mother alive on life support. The Hungarian doctors who delivered the baby in July believe the birth is one of only three such cases in the world…


LIMBAUGH: Amnesty Is The ‘Mother Of All Scams’
Jan 30, 2014 06:15 pm 


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Featured - Friday, January 31, 2014
Religious Liberty - USA

THE POINT 01/31/2014

Speechwriter: Obama Didn’t Lie About ObamaCare, He Just Didn’t Understand How It Worked

It's not like he occupies some important responsible position

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More Conservatives than Liberals Belong to Mixed-Race Families

The states with the highest rates of interracial marriage are red states,

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Submitted by:  Liga Berklavs

Quote of the day by Dianne Feinstein..........

Dianne Feinstein: "All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms."
Yep, - she really said it on Thursday in a meeting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee...
and the quote below from the LA Times is priceless. Sometimes even the L.A. Times gets it right.

Kurt Nimmo: "Senator Feinstein insults all U.S. Veterans as she flays about in a vain attempt to save her anti-firearms bill."

Quote of the Day from the Los Angeles Times:

JIHAD WATCH 02/01/2014

Jan 31, 2014 10:05 pm | Robert Spencer
Sylvi Listhaug is right: “Those responsible for food in public institutions should put pork on the menu, and then make sure that those who do not eat pork can get something else.” Again and again we see that wherever Islamic law and practice conflict with Western law and practice, it is the latter that gives […]

Jan 31, 2014 09:20 pm | Robert Spencer
Better to take the bus. “Immigrant Gets 6 Years for Funding Terrorist Group Al-Shabaab,” by Andie Adams for NBC San Diego, January 31 (thanks to Kenneth): A U.S. District judge sentenced a Somali immigrant to six years in prison Friday for his part in a San Diego-based plot to support terrorist group al-Shabaab. Ahmed Nasir […]


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Calls to 'impeach,' 'execute' at  town hall surprise congressman: 'You look so sweet'
Calls to 'impeach,' 'execute' at town hall surprise congressman
hall surprise congressman: 'You look so sweet'