Sunday, February 19, 2023


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Death Confirmed By Nashville PD; Pickler Family Issues Statement

“F--- This!” McD’s New Drive-Thru Robots Making Hilarious Mistakes


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[Trending] Trump Supporters LOVE this $5000 Sweepstakes!

Biden Nominee Pulled Amid Accusations of Anti-Semitism


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Strange? A Lot Of Bizarre “Accidents” Happening In The U.S.! Sabotage?

By Lisa Haven Something rather bizarre is happening right here in the United States. From attacks on our rail system, to attacks on the power Read more…

by Lisa Haven on February 17th, 2023


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FEBRUARY 19,  2 0 2 3


Piers Morgan BLASTED By Kari Lake

Arizona conservative Kari Lake ripped into Piers Morgan on his “Uncensored” show after he dismissed...

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Kamala Harris DENIES Seeing This - Look At Her Reaction!

Kamala Harris DENIES Seeing This - Look At Her Reaction!

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REPORT: Former President To Soon Pass Away   

A Tragic End...


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New York TERROR ATTACK Threat - Please Read!

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McCarthy Just Flayed Romney – Watch

McCarthy Just Flayed Romney – Watch


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REPORT: Joe Biden’s Brother Made A $140M DEAL

During a recent interview, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) discussed the implication...

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Blinken Says 'No Apology' From China For Spy Balloon

Special: Sean Hannity: How much Bidenflation will tax your retirement savings...

WATCH: Four Women Bully San Diego Hispanic Food Vendor



TRENDING: Expert Weighs In On Biden's INCOMPLETE Exam!
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Why Are Animals FLEEING Black Neighborhoods?
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'War is on the way:' Warning is blared after Hawaii gets lasered
Posted by Bob Unruh
'They could have come from only one source' Read more…


Sunday 2.19.2023


 P McMillan submits:

Unless We Abandon Globalism, China Will Win
Daniel Greenfield, 19 Feb 12:40 AM

Chinese spy balloons have briefly captured the nation’s imagination, but they’re just another in a series of surveillance layers that begins with satellites and ends with phone apps. The spy balloons seem odd, but they reveal the thoroughness and dedication of Beijing’s data hounds who are not satisfied with hacking us, embedding thousands of spies in our universities and tech firms, but want that added edge with slow-motion spying on our bases and defenses.


Royal Patriot

God To Get NEW WORD Under This Rule!