Wednesday, August 10, 2022

 Submitted by: Jackie Juntti

This is the backup support I was so glad to watch following my earlier post today.  If you read that post - please watch this to further clarify what is going on in this world today.  Pastor 
Holthaus really puts the information out to understand.


You need to go to the 19:44 minute start to get right to the *meat*.  If you had ANY doubt or confusion as to the TIME we are living in - this should open your eyes.


Jackie Juntti

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Massive BUST - 37 Targets Arrested In Sting Operation!

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 McCarthy SHOCKS With Latest Statement

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Biden May Have To Cancel His China Meeting

Biden May Have To Cancel His China Meeting


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White House QUITTING Announcement Reversed!


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Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Lawsuit

Proud of This? Many Gays with Monkeypox Had Sex With 10+ Others




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The 'Arbiters of Truth' Hack The Patriot Post Rating, Again

The news "raters" form leftist fronts to suppress free speech, thus undermining free elections.

Mark Alexander



Oops! Jan. 6 committee backfiring big-time on Democrats
Posted by Bob Unruh
The clownish folks in power just don't get it.

The more they push their conjured-up, anti-Trump nonsense, the American people respond in a way that's making their heads explode. Read more…

 Submitted by: Jackie Juntti

Look at the many events taking place world wide -



Some folks are shocked - overly surprised - at the events taking place currently.  If all you look at is the events taking place here in America and fail to set alongside the biblical prophecies of this world I can understand the surprise and disbelief.   I however have long viewed all things in relation to biblical prophecy and none of it is a surprise to me.


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Gay Couple Arrested for Making Adopted Children Perform in P---

The Horrifying Details of Abuse...More


Flag And Cross

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GETTING NASTY: Russian Embassy Calls Israel’s Prime Minister a Liar


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Biden just signed death warrant on your freedom



Fellow Nevadan,

Civic engagement is alive and well in Nevada with organizations such as Keystone Corporation, who vets candidates for state office as they search for devoted leaders who will keep the government from overburdening our businesses with taxes and unnecessary regulation!


The Dan Bongino Show
August 10, 2022