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‘Israel Needs Vaccines, not Elections,’ Netanyahu Tells Gantz



 DISCUSSION: 2020 Election Triggers GOP Infighting...





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This may be the most important speech I've ever made....


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Cop Who Lit GF’s Crotch Still Jailed; Look Here For 1st Abuse Signs

China’s Deadly, Politically Motivated Cover-Up Of COVID-19

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Vaccine FAQs Answered By Mayo Clinic

When Alzheimer’s Patients Get Lost; How To Prevent It



WETHE PEOPLE AM 12/02/2020





Breaking Bad in Iran, Biden and Beyond

More "Shock and Awe" against Islamic tyrants, brought to you by, somebody...

Mark Alexander

"There is a rank due to the United States, among nations, which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war." —George Washington (1793)



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In this episode, I discuss the bold step President Trump took yesterday to bring the fight to the liberal tech tyrants. I also address the Project Veritas takedown of CNN.

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ep 1361

NASDAQ to Corporate America: Go Woke or Go Broke

The adage “go woke, go broke” has been turned on its head by the NASDAQ exchange. Alongside the financial requirements to have a company listed on their exchange, they’re now adding diversity requirements to the list.


Trump Says He Will Veto Budget Unless Big Tech Protections are Removed

President Trump says that he will veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) unless section 230 is terminated as part of the bill.

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Interview with Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn

Economics Legend Walter E. Williams Dies at 84

George Mason University economist Don Boudreaux posted to his blog this morning that at some point last night or this morning, his colleague and fellow economist Walter Williams had passed away. Williams was 84.

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Tlaib Retweets Slogan to Eliminate Israel; Israelis Discover Brain Injuries in Record Time with New AI Tech; CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelMedia Ignores Israeli Aid to Palestinians During Pandemic; Tlaib Tweets Eliminate Israel ‘River to the Sea’ Slogan; Iran to Quit Nuke Deal and Pursue Atomic Bomb? Saudi Press Lauds Killing of Iranian Scientist

THE HORN NEWS 12/02/2020


[Poll] Trump to fire Rudy Giuliani?
[Poll] Trump to fire Rudy Giuliani?
Is Rudy Giuliani doing a good job representing Donald Trump? Or is he spending too much time on hearings, and not enough time winning court cases? Vote here! Read More 

Friends and Associates: While the globalists and whomever they worship...Satan and/or Extraterrestrial influence, as the NAZI's had in the late 30's and mid 40's....the plan to throw everything at humanity they can, we have to ask ourselves....what is the end game for humanity? DEATH The globalist elites, the Illuminati families that own mega corporations, banks and property around the globe, including ownership of politicians, governments and everything in between....THEY themselves are the scared shit hole souls...having sold their souls for financial gain and fame, they are scared to go against the evil power that succumbs them daily. THEY have been [ordered] to destroy humanity, leaving enough [controlled] humans, to serve THEM, but in reality....the globalist elite will be the ones serving Satan and his dominion army of extraterrestrial beings of those likely preparing to make earth their new domain as a result of their own planetary destruction....a planet becoming unlivable as mars was millions of years ago, thus forcing martians to relocate to earth. Those secrets are open source info, but held tight by NSA discoveries on mars. God saw how beings from other planets and galaxies [Annunaki] savaged earth to the point, HE flooded the earth and wiped-out most, while some humans survived, the hereditary genes [Royal Blood] were passed down and live among us today. "The Annunaki “Those Of Royal Blood” are believed to be immortal gods that inhabited the earth during the Ancient Sumerian time in Mesopotamia." The belief of MANY globalists claiming "Royal Blood" are following a world extermination plan [eugenics] of all humanity. THEY are welcomed into secret societies, a "club that we are not part of," while we are looked down upon with DEATH as the only solution for exterminating humanity, as a whole....for their own benefit and that of Satan and his dominion. For us (stupid) humans that follow a different GOD, we are the enemy. Examples of our destruction is underway.....and the end game is near. * Control the food we eat * Limit the food we eat * Limit access to water * Limit travel * Limit and control conversation * Control media * Penalize those that refuse to be controlled * Remove all firearms and constitutional rights * Submit to draconian rules that change everyday to get a reaction * Create ongoing fear causing death * Forced vaccines that manipulate DNA while changing immunity response * Certification of Vaccine requirements to move about the country * Certification of Vaccine requirements to buy food, dine, fly, or enter other states * Vaccines with eventual nano [DARPA] technology that can kill humans by high powered wavelengths * Masks at all times, no family gatherings * Mandatory abortions * No churches * No bars * Limited shopping days * Empty shelves * Hoarding laws imposed * Limited fuel to no fuel * Only certain types of vehicles allowed * No middle class * No small businesses allowed to open * Voting by internet only * Classification of social freedoms based-on your vote * Block captains in neighborhoods watching and reporting any signs of dissidence * Contact tracing of those refusing mandatory vaccines * Removal from your home to re-education camps * Unexplained deaths at re-education camps * Mental health camps for dissidents The above list has communism written all over it...most of what is listed is already underway. Control of humans, by those that don't even follow their own rules, they make-up, is common day stuff, an attempt to make us think, the world is changing for the better and we must adjust or suffer the consequences, i.e., a rolling blackout this Friday through Sunday 12/6/20 throughout southern California because of the "Santa Ana Winds," a new idea to use the wind as a means to exploit the current COVID-19 / Climate Change hoax on dumbed-down humans. WE ARE BEING HOOD-WINKED Everything we are experiencing is all a beta test for the end game...the eventual extermination of humanity over the next decade. THEY want to see how much we will put up with, and what percentage allow to be fodder. We already know that 36% of America's population will be stupid enough to take any and all vaccines dished-out by the cabal. And that low percentage plays right into their scheme of things to come. Low percentage means...mandatory vaccines sooner than planned. Then....forced vaccines causes armed conflict which in-turn forces extreme anti-gun legislation. Speak-out too much, another reason to further restrict 1st amendment rights. Demonstrate and protest draconian laws, another reason for continuing curfews and COVID hoax requirements. It's all coming, most of it is already here...... After it all goes to hell in a hand-basket, when do the off-world / extraterrestrials come in full force for all to see and hear? After most humans have been exterminated? Or at a point when most humans say bullshit and fight to the death at the cost of their own existence? Before Jesus is suppose to return, or after? The BIGGEST HOAX (could) be when all is revealed, showing us that we have been under the influence of an off-world identity, the hoax will be...."they are here to save us." (See Project Blue Beam) Here's a news flash..... The off-world types are already here and among us. Be it in form, or psychologically and spiritually connected or channeled. The followers of Satan and his dominion are openly telling us what the game plan is for humanity. They're brazen, dangerous and incapable of love or compassion. We see them in the fakestream media, we see them in congress, we see them in our military, law enforcement and local government. They believe they are doing Satan's job for HIM because they believe an afterlife of eternal love is not in their cards, but hope they have a pathway to an existence, of what they believe is the only existence possible, thus....God and a Jesus is nothing more than story telling fantasy, but little do they know the hammer is about to fall ON THEM. This is not a sermon, but a call for humanity to start praying to GOD, because our days are numbered and as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have recently stated, "We will take-down America by 2027, but we are now ahead of that timeline." (sic) COVID-19 has been in their plans for over a decade and is being used to force the world into compliance, or suffer the consequences. If Trump is forced to concede, or decides to remove himself for next 4 years, because the enemy within, including a complicit DoJ, [FBI], and (both political parties) in Congress maneuver us into full-blown communism, and SCOTUS does not provide a pathway for Trump.....we can expect a very rough time ahead. All Biden / Harris and their CCP counterpart need is only 2 years....and 4 years, the Conservative / Patriot movement will be done. Let's reverse that....and hope that Trump prevails, and by 2024 be ready for the next wave of crap to come. ---Dave Bertrand "The purpose (being perpetrated by Chinese operatives) parading themselves as respectable / democrat / republican RINO politicians and corporate media types, is an illusion of such magnitude, the only end result is Civil War, if not an all out war with China." 1990's Predictive Programming (The Simpson's) House cat Flu is Coming, People House cat Flu is Coming, People Certificate of Vaccination Coming at mark 2:30min Will COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Be Required By Businesses? Experts Discuss | TODAY Will COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Be Required By Businesses? Experts Discus... THE CALL..... The Bertrand Report (USA) & News That Matters Emails Protected and Encrypted by Unseen.Is Attachments area Preview YouTube video House cat Flu is Coming, People Preview YouTube video Will COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Be Required By Businesses? Experts Discuss | TODAY Preview YouTube video Celtic Woman - The Call (Official Video)


Friends and Associates:

While the globalists and whomever they worship...Satan and/or Extraterrestrial influence, as the NAZI's had in the late 30's and mid 40's....the plan to throw everything at humanity they can, we have to ask ourselves....what is the end game for humanity?


MRC TV DAILY 12/02/2020



CNN Complains Project Veritas Tapes 'May Be a Felony' After James O'Keefe Crashes Their Closed-Door Editorial Meetings







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TEA PARTY 24/7 12/02/2020


Sidney Powell Tears Into FBI, DOJ, Calls For Dramatic Housecleaning In Federal Government


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It is beyond obvious as to what has been done to America by an 

Enemy from Within. 


 From: J Croyts; via Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr

On Friday, November 20, 2020, 7:13:35 AM CST,
WOW, This is - World History -  in the Making.The way America Goes, so do the other nations.
So what does this information in the article mean for you and me... at the county levels?

 You had better BELIEVE in a Holy War.  You are in one:  Good vs Evil.  Q (2020)