Thursday, February 9, 2023


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This Chinese App Is TARGETING Little Children!


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Clinton-Appointed Judge Backs Tranny Agenda, Nixes DeSantis rule

Surprise, Surprise: 37 Days Into His Term, Fetterman Is Hospitalized


 Deliasue submits:

Do NOT TOUCH anything stuffed into your car door handle or anywhere else for that matter.Fentanyl laced object is dangerous.Call Police and stay near people in case the perpetrators are close by.
Thanks to our "open borders" now, this is good advice!



WATCH: We Told You Jill Has A New Boyfriend

WATCH: We Told You Jill Has A New Boyfriend


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Chinese Secret Weapon Biden Ignored Proves To Be More Dangerous Than Previously Thought   









What can be done about Mexican drug cartels?
Posted by Bob Unruh
Mexican drug cartels cause catastrophic destruction in America, costing hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Now attorneys general from numerous states are demanding the Biden administration take a new position on the issue. ... Read more…




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Media Ignores Video Of Alleged Explosion In Billings, Montana


Breaking: Biden Administration's Border Strategy Is WORKING?


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DAILY NEWS | February 09, 2023


Lawmakers Say RESIGN - Biden Has No Other Option!


Thursday 2.09.2023



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DAILY NEWS |  February 09, 2023
Joe Biden's drug problem exposed by House Investigation


Palestinians Sexually Harass Israeli Girls on Public Buses; HARD TO BELIEVE: Israeli Plane Parks Next to Iranian One; Head of Turkish Jewish Community and His Wife Found Dead
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EXPOSED: ‘Obsessed’ Biden Quietly Waives Sanctions, Enables Iran, Russia to Resume Nuclear Work Together, Make Billions in Profit; 'Stab in the Back' to Ukraine




Special Counsel John Durham is THIS CLOSE to releasing his groundbreaking final report... so the Liberal Media and Radical Democrats are springing into action to undermine his entire investigation. . 

FIRST: The New York Times published a political hatchet job to attack John Durham’s credibility.




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The Dan Bongino Show
February 9, 2023


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Republicans Move To Guarantee Social Security And Medicare Benefits

imageHouse Republicans have introduced legislation to guarantee Social Security and Medicare benefit payments will continue even if the U.S. debt limit is reached, and to state that Social Security should be preserved for generations to come.