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Florida High Court Oks Grand Jury Probe Of Covid Vaccines

“Flu Season”? Third Day of Winter And It’s Already Peaked


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Top University Caught Promoting Racism Against This Group   

The End of Higher Ed?



Democrats Abandon Biden Over Top Issue

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Texas Representative. . .


Trump: ‘I Did the Right Thing’ Meeting Kanye; Surreal Footage from Deadly Shootout; Russia to Supply Iran with Advanced Fighter Jets; Bibi to Freeze Annexation for Saudi Deal
World Israel News

‘You Can’t Tell a Jew on the Street’ – Whoopi Repeats Claim that Holocaust Wasn’t ‘Racial’





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Here Are The Biggest Ways Congress’ Massive Spending Bill Will Be A Boon To Illegal Immigrants
'Processing of illegal aliens'


 Drag Star Spews Hate About Traditional Families

 P McMillan submits:

How Big Tech and the FBI Hacked the Constitution
Daniel Greenfield, 24 Dec 11:14 PM

Elvis Ming Chan, the FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge at the center of the TwitterFiles scandal, had started out as an engineer at NEC: a Japanese computer company. The son of Chinese immigrants who was raised in Seattle, near the hub of Big Tech, Chan describes a tech industry where going into national security was always a backdoor option.



Dem Ballot Harvesting Manual Says Go After Dead People, “Bad” Addresses



Weekend Edition, December 24-25, 2022


The Businessman and the Holy Family

Lew Rockwell



Zucherberg Is Going BROKE Trying to Settle Lawsuits
› In, big time...

DeSantis Is Requesting VACCINATION PROBE
› Officially...





Being Deceived More Each Day But Now It’s Time to Grow and Wakeup

I warn you that Jesus said in Matthew 10:39 that whoever tries to save his life will lose it and he who loses his life for My sake shall find it. Pastor you remain silent in an attempt to save your ministry and refuse to speak out, you will lose everything!! “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless.”

By Glynn Adams



A Very, Merry Christmas To All

Let us put aside the great worries of the nation and remember what's important and dear – our family, our loved ones, our inner life.

I love this time of year. Yes, I am Jewish but I respect the religious tradition and the celebration of ...


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In the 12/24/2022 edition:

Horrifying Pestilences Are Starting To Run Wild All Over The Globe

 Jackie Juntti submits:


Jan 6 Commission Neglects to Mention 3 of 4 Trump Supporters Killed by Police That Day – And Only Mention Ashli Babbitt in Passing – And No Mention of Attempted Murder of Derrick Vargo Who Was Pushed Off 2-Story Ledge by Police


 Jackie Juntti submits:

I am not surprised as this corrupt court ruling.  I had this result figure out every time this *judge* would speak.  Was he threatened by the DEEP STATE or is he a Soros funded employee???

I hope there is another route for Lake to take.  Judge GRINCH on Christmas Eve


Jackie Juntti


It isn't who YOU are -  It is WHOSE  you are ! ! !! 




BREAKING: Judge Rules Against Kari Lake in Election Trial, Confirms Hobbs as Governor-Elect


Conservative Headline News

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NY Mayor Eric Adams: Migrants Come Before Citizens

 Mad Patriot News


DHS May Have Failed to Act on Jan 6. Intel

» Jack Dorsey Breaks Silence After Twitter Files Go Public


And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.
Luke 2:16-20 KJV

Shalom Chanukah Blessings Mishpacha
Kindle the shamash and seven lights tonight
חנוכה שמח Chanukah Sameach  
12/18 sunset > 12/26 sunset

Situation WW3 Updates 12/24/22 Merry Mingling - Anti Science - Covid Crossroad - Promoting Suicide 

 Patriot Truth News


Trump Shrugs off Jan. 6 Panel’s Criminal Referral: ‘What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger’



Elon Musk Addresses Potential WEF Involvement

AOC Was The Only Democrat To Vote Against Omnibus Bill


Lawsuit Challenges Biden to Stop Funding Palestinian Terror, Violating Federal Law; Ice Menorah Smashed at NY Jewish Center; 'No More Zionism or ‘Treacherous Christianity’
World Israel News

Netanyahu’s ‘Fascist Coalition’ will Cause ‘Explosion,’ Says Palestinian Leader