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 Here’s What Concessions Were Made in Battle for Speaker of the House

REPORTER: Atlas Shrugs: We shall see, won’t we? But huge props to the Freedom Caucus for getting it done. Newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) had to make numerous concessions to win over a holdout group of populist Republicans in order to secure their votes. Here are the key concessions McCarthy had to make, including what some Republican strategists say is the key one—allowing just one member to move to vacate the speaker’s chair, giving McCarthy a fragile grip on power.

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       LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.





BY  Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

       Host and Commentator

       January the 7th, 2023


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Idaho Killer Left Multi-State Trail Of Electronic Evidence, DNA Clues

Dunderbeck? His Neighbors’ Dog and Cats Will Never More Be Seen

Stewart Reeves submits:

Stop World Control

“Pedophiles will save the world”, says the World Economic Forum


Pedophiles don't produce offspring, and minors engaging with adults don't become heads of large families, which will ultimately save the earth, says the WEF.


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Everybody missed it: Bombshell Huckabee announcement – Supremes could flip 2020, boot Biden


 Random New Year's Thoughts

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McCarthy Remarks Upon Accepting the Gavel as Speaker of the House



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ICYMI, the Justice Department admitted the quiet part out loud...


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Report: Slim Senate Majority Could Boost Kamala’s 2024 Chances

Court Upholds Boys & Girls School Bathrooms AS Constitutional





Murder Victim Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Arrested By Capitol Police Conducting Memorial Service On 2nd Anniversary Of Her Senseless Killing

Micki Witthoeft, Ashli Babbitt's mother, was just arrested by Capitol Police (Pelosi's goons) while conducting a memorial service on the second anniversary of her daughter’s murder….

Pure evil. At least they didn't shoot her.

The ...


The DC District of Corruption

McCarthy wants the Speakership again. He claims he is owed it, but a few conservatives are refusing the neo-con Trotskyite continuum. The Congressman threatens endless war against conservatives over speakership failure. Now the folks who are holding back voting for him, have made McCarthy put in writing his verbal promises.

By Kelleigh Nelson





Two things Republicans must do in 2023 to win in 2024

By Stephen Frank on Jan 06, 2023 09:22 pm
Tom Del Beccaro understand politics and policy.  He understands what needs to be done to win in 2024—and it starts in 2023. Pass this on. “The 2022 Midterm elections exposed a new reality for Republicans. They can no longer expect to win just by pointing out that Democrat policies are failing. By all accounts, the […]

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Weekend Edition, January 7-8, 2023


The Evil Strategy of ‘Degrading’ Russia

Jacob G. Hornberger


ep. Kevin McCarthy Elected Speaker of the House


Justice Clarence Thomas has a rude awakening for Joe Biden right around the corner

Gone are the days when the Left could bully the U.S. Supreme Court into doing their bidding. But Joe Biden hasn’t gotten the memo.

And now Justice Clarence Thomas has a rude awakening for Joe Biden that’s right around the corner.


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