Friday, April 3, 2015


The Betrayal Papers Have Been Out for Weeks… and the Press Says Nothing
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Refuting Continuing Article V Convention Lies
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This Master Sergeant’s Wife Wants You to See What Bowe Bergdahl’s Desertion Cost Her Husband
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REGAN REPORT 04/03/2014

Iran Accuses U.S. of Lying About Nuke Accord; Brags About U.S. Concessions
The Free Beacon reports that shortly after what the U.S. characterized as a historic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif accused the Obama administration of lying about the details of a tentative framework. Zarif gloated in an earlier presser that the U.S. agreed to let them continue to enrich uranium and do key nuclear research.
Special: The Little-Known Link Between Magnesium and Obesity
WaPo: DHS Renews Quest for Access to National License-Plate Tracking System
The Hill: Fifth GOP Senator Says He’ll Back AG Nominee
NYT: Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings Co-Pilot, Researched Suicide and Cockpit Doors, Prosecutors Say
Politico: Conservatives Go on the Attack in Religious Freedom Debate 
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BO Places USA in Submission to Iran & Islam Itself | Oba...
Sher Zieve For those who have wondered what would happen of the USA was no morelook around. The world is on fire and the leader of the world coup dtat smiles, l...
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Dear Patriot,
Mrs. Clinton and her husband have a knack for seeing legal action come against them and skirting it with ninja-like agility.
So it will be a happy day if Hillary Clinton's recent transgressions keep her from receiving the Democratic nomination for President. It will be even better if she's marched away in handcuffs.
And that could happen now that this group has filed a lawsuit...
Click Here to See Who Just Sued Hillary Clinton
Steve Thompson

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  • BREAKING NEWS: No Question Obama Is Actually an Iran Puppet

    Endless nuclear negotiations with a much-less-powerful enemy will not produce the kind of results that are good for the U.S. and its allies, so it’s time to just walk away – but will Obama do that?


Hayden: Obama's Deal Would Give Iran a Nuke Within a Year
Special: Stop the IRS Dead in Its Tracks! Discover the Secret
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Catholic League's Donohue: Indiana Proof Liberals Are Real 'Masters of Intolerance'
GOP's Fiorina: I'd Stop Hillary From Playing 'Woman Card'
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There’s some continued confusion among some Republicans over AB78 – the Elk Tax.  Some are under the impression that the additional tax on elk hunting tags will only be paid by those who actually win an elk tag.  Not so. 

According to the actual wording of the law as passed in the Assembly, the tax will be added to every APPLICATION to receive an elk tag.  So even the thousands of unlucky hunters who don’t win an elk tag get to pay this new tax if passed by the Senate and signed by the governor.

And again, this is a TAX, not a user fee. 

GRASSTOPS USA 04/03/2015

"I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts." ~ Ronald Reagan
Way To Cave!
Breaking: Mike Pence Betrays Conservatives And America ...
Posted On America's Conservative News

Thanks to Indiana's RINO Governor Mike Pence, you can now kiss your religious liberties goodbye.

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SHUT DOWN for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage
Apr 03, 2015 07:00 am  

By Jason DeWitt 
It has begun. LGBT “activists” have gone full fascist since the passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).
Gay Group Demands Christian Churches Be SHUT DOWN for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage
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FIX THIS NATION 04/03/2015

Your #1 Conservative News Source
>> Russell Brand Blames Capitalism for German Crash <<
>> Tampa Paper: Gun Rights Not Absolute <<
>> The Hysterical Reaction to Indiana's Religious Freedom Bill <<

In Freedom,
Steven Williams

1776 COALITION 04/03/2015

Iran Says Obama Lying About ‘Nuke Deal’
Just hours after the announcement of what the United States characterized as a historic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, the country’s leading negotiator lashed out at the Obama administration for lying about the details of a tentative framework.... Read More


Submitted by: Donald Hank

There is only one remedy to the Islamization of any Western country, and that is Christians.
Democracy is totally useless as a remedy and in fact is the cause of this mischief.

BARBWIRE 04/03/2015

‘LGBT’ Extremists: Heads they Win, Tails you Lose

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Here are the top Bellwether stories of the day

Obama, Allies Hail Iran Nuclear Deal as Critics Slam Concessions

President Obama and other world leaders on Thursday hailed what they said was a breakthrough accord setting the stage for a historic agreement that will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, even though Iran will be allowed to enrich uranium under the agreement and the schedule for easing international sanctions remains to be negotiated. ... An ebullient Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's top negotiator, hailed the agreement reached in Lausanne as a "win-win" for both sides. ... Read More

BEFORE IT'S NEWS 04/03/2015

Bloodstains Found Atop Georgia Guidestones?

Bloodstains Found Atop Georgia Guidestones? CONTRIBUTOR: Revolution / ABOLISH THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT . Bloodstains Found Atop Georgia Guidestones? March 31, 2015 “I was flying my quadcopter above Georgia Guidestones and found these crazy stains that look like blood,” a man from the website Phenomenal describes. “Very intriguing to watch because you don’t see any stains from the ground at all.” Some of...



Today marks the halfway point of the 78th Nevada Legislature, and it was a lively week.
Tuesday we had a great day talking about our Nevada lands in the 3-hour hearing on Assembly Bill 408. This bill is the most supported bill on our legislative website, and for good reason. AB 408 prohibits the Federal Government from owning certain public lands or the right to use public waters.
Today marks the halfway point of the 78th Nevada Legislature, and it was a lively week.


Iranian Exile Leader: Without Khamenei's Signature, Deal Won't Stop Bomb
Special: Terror Chatter High, Get the NEW and Improved Emergency Radio
Dershowitz: Iran Deal Could Ignite Mideast Firestorm
Yale’s Shiller: 'Stock Market Is an Enigma'
AEI’s Michael Rubin, Dr. Herbert London, ‘Is the Iran Deal a Good Deal?,’ featured on Newsmax TV Live — Watch on DIRECTV 349, DISH 223, or Verizon FiOS 115Go Here Now
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FREEDOM FORCE 04/03/2015

Muslim Terrorists Storm College Murder Over 140 Innocent Students Armed Muslim terrorists attacked the college campus in Garissa, Kenya around 5:30 Thursday morning, shooting bystanders and wreaking havoc. The carnage would end hours later with 147 people dead, 70 wounded, and a nation mourning yet another horrific Islamic attack.



Just before sending this email out, I got an email advising that Geoff and Jenna Lawrence, two of the greatest people in the world and rock-solid Nevada conservatives to boot, brought into this world today their second child, a baby girl!


Maybe the following history lesson could be the newborn's first bedtime story tonight...



A Robert Quinn writing:

America's only Presidential Imposter-section 1

To America....Land that I Love.                             April 1,2015
                                                                       Section 1
Over six years ago, I received information from Europe, stating that a Barack Obama birth certificate copy appearing on the "Daily Kos" Media Website was being touted by Obama as proof he was a "natural-born" American citizen, and, therefore, eligible to seek the Presidency of the United States of America. In reality, after examination by document experts, Obama's document was roundly derided as a fraudulent copy of a "Certification of Live Birth"(hereafter a COLB), a document which, under law, could not be used to confirm presidential eligibility, since it only contained approx. 13 points of required birth information, whereas, a valid, eligible long-form "Certificate of Live Birth" contains approx 41 points of required information, including the birth certificate number (blacked out on Obama's COLB), the physician's name and the birth witnesses names, etc., all missing on Obama's ineligible,fraudulent COLB. Obama, a former Constitutional teacher, would know his COLB was unacceptable yet he deliberately cited it as legitimate, to deceive our Nation and usurp our Constitution. Truth played no role in his devious actions. He criminally used this false document to unlawfully take over our Country.

JIHAD WATCH 04/03/2015

Texas: Muslim charged with aiding Afghan jihad groups
By Robert Spencer on Apr 02, 2015 11:18 pm

Texas: Muslim charged with aiding Afghan jihad groups
In what way is Muhanad Mahmoud al Farekh a “Texas man”? He was born there. Yet it is unlikely that he has anything but contempt for many, if not most, of his fellow Texans — those who would not wish to see Texas become an Islamic state. It is unlikely that Muhanad Mahmoud al Farekh […]

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Major political parties lose members in California –Independents Continue to Grow

By Stephen Frank on Apr 02, 2015 09:24 pm
Is there any reason to register as a Republican or Democrat? Why register as a Peace and Freedom Party member when you know that NONE of your candidates will be on the November General Election Ballot. In both 2014 and 2012 (when you include special elections) there were 28 legislative districts with only ONE POLITICAL […]

Read More and Comment: Major political parties lose members in California –Independents Continue to Grow

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Illegal Immigrant Thrown in Jail After His SICK Plan for 14-Year-Old Was Discovered

Obama wants to welcome illegal aliens into our nation and help them find homes, welfare, food stamps and Medicare, but here is what some illegals want — to kidnap children for their own sexual gratification. An illegal immigrant recently received a 10-year sentence in federal prison for attempting to transport a 14-year-old across state lines


From: Kathy Hawkins
Cat plays dead to avoid going for a walk – YouTube
BJ3:   More related to ”Cruz and NBC”
From Barb S.: Mrs. Ted Cruz’s affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations gives off Red Flags
     The wife of Ted Cruz,  Heidi Nelson Cruz, as a 5 year member of the Council on Foreign Relations, worked for Condoleezza Rice in the WH, herself a member of CFR.  Mrs. Cruz, an international investment banker for Goldman Sachs, while at the CFR reviewed a notorious 2005 paper called “Building a North American Community,” a project headed by Robert Pastor, regarded by constitutionalists as the prototype for a North American Union. The CFR has long pushed the U. S. into regionalization and globalism.
     Heidi Cruze’s term (see bio at Claremont McKenna College) expired prior to her husband’s attack on the globalist organization.  Ted Cruz Has called the organization “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty.