Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 Submitted by: Edward Moore

Please call all of Mitch's offices to say "Tell Senator Mitch McConnell to stop caving & supporting Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer's Democrat agenda! Tell McConnell to demand the filibuster cloture rule stays in place!"

MRC TV 01/27/2021



The Five Republicans that Voted for Trump's 'Unconstitutional' Senate Impeachment Trial to Proceed



U.S. Sen. Rick Scott Fights for Floridians During the 116th Congress


Over the last two years, Senator Rick Scott has worked to represent the great State of Florida and make Washington work better for Florida families by championing issues important to our state. He has fought to rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending, enhance national security, advocate for freedom and democracy in Latin American and around the world, support America’s veterans, police officers and first responders, and protect Florida’s natural resources.



The Trump Presidency: A One-Term Postmortem

No president has ever been more relentlessly assailed by the enemies of Liberty than Donald Trump.

Mark Alexander

"Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are numerous and powerful; but we have many friends, determining to be free, and heaven and earth will aid the resolution. On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question, on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves." —Joseph Warren (1775)



Listen to today's show:
ep 1419

In this episode, I discuss the unbelievable story of Gamestop, a story that has Wall Street elites in meltdown mode. I also address the need for conservatives to emulate leftist tactics to win the ideological battle.

Bongino Report


 Breaking News...

What Happens Right After You Test Positive For Covid-19

320 Dogs And Cats Dead Or Sick; All Ate This One Pet Food Brand

SPECIAL: Constipation & digestive issues making you feel like you’re getting torn in half?

Florida ‘Paramedic of the Year’ Stole Vaccines At Work: Cops

DeSantis Slams ‘Disingenuous’ White House Vaccine Claims

JOHN SOLOMON - 'Lawyer up, and get out': FBI first spurned Hunter Biden laptop, says Delaware tech repairman

 Submitted by: Larry Jordan

Isaac said one of his biggest disappointments was the FBI's behavior when his family offered the contents of the hard drive to agents.Isaac said a man identifying himself as Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop and other water-damaged computer equipment in early spring 2019 and failed to pick it up, even after signing a document declaring it would become his shop's property in 90 days.



WND NEWS ALERT 01/27/2021


FBI director used this absurd excuse for 'obstruction of justice' by Trump
Posted by Bob Unruh
Should FBI officials be criminally charged for their actions against Trump? Take the poll inside the story. Read more…

Dems Biding Their Time with Biden Heading Towards Disaster?

 Submitted by: W.G.E.N.

We read and hear a lot about BUY-DEMS *dementia*  but so far I've heard nor read anything about the DEMENTIA of those voters who voted for him.  What would prompt anyone to vote for someone who hid in his basement - when he did speak it was filled with *gaffes*.  WHAT was it that prompted any legal vote (overlooking all the fraudulent ballots marked with his name) to be cast for BUY-DEM?  Were those voters suffering from DEMENTIA or were they assisted in marking their ballots - similar to the puppet handlers who operate BUY-DEM?  What we have occupying the Oval Office is the modern version of Charlie McCarthy - the dummy that is operated by the ventriloquist (Obama via Susan Rice). 




One Last Time: Bye-Bye Tom Brokaw!

By Geoffrey Dickens | January 27th, 2021

One Last Time: Bye-Bye Tom Brokaw!

On Friday, Tom Brokaw formally retired from NBC News. If you are confused, it’s because he already had one retirement when he vacated the NBC Nightly News anchor chair for Brian Williams back in 2004...


Is Modern Media More Biased Than Before?

By Cal Thomas | January 26th, 2021

There is a perception, supported by many surveys, that what passes for contemporary journalism is more biased, even propagandistic, than in earlier times....

Daily Doocy: Reporter Questions WH on FEMA, Lefty Violence, Trial as Others Lob Softballs

By Curtis Houck | January 26th, 2021

With former National Security Adviser-turned-Domestic Policy Council head Susan Rice appearing at Tuesday’s White House press briefing, the mood was one of ebullience as the liberal press corps felt at home with key allies, as...

NBC Warns Reopening States Kills, Gawks at Restaurants Shutting Down

By Nicholas Fondacaro | January 26th, 2021

If we’ve learned anything about the news media during the pandemic, it’s that they care more about gawking at people on TV instead of genuine, unvarnished compassion for those suffering (especially business owners). And that notion was...

Nets Try to Spin Conservative WIN Into a Loss With THIS Glaring Omission

By Scott Whitlock | January 26th, 2021

The networks on Tuesday left out a HUGE detail as they covered Mitch McConnell agreeing to a power sharing deal in the Senate with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. McConnell dropped his demand that Democrats agree...

Tucker Truth-Bomb: CNN, Media Lefties Want to See FNC Shut Down, Staffers Unemployed

By Curtis Houck | January 26th, 2021

During his Monday night monologue, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson stated the blunt, honest truth that, from CNN to The Washington Post, many in the liberal media see it as their life’s mission to...

MSNBC Shills Bemoan Filibuster Blocking Biden Agenda

By Kyle Drennen | January 26th, 2021

Throughout the day on Tuesday, MSNBC anchors and correspondents kept wailing about the Senate filibuster power preventing President Biden and Democrats from implementing a radical left-wing agenda. Despite bipartisan opposition to doing away with the...

BLACKOUT: Latino Nets Ignore Push to Recall CA Governor Newsom Over COVID Response

By Kathleen Krumhansl | January 26th, 2021

The media proved, once again, that they are the public relations arm of the Democrat Party. This time, Spanish-language media did the deed via its total blackout of the campaign to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom...

Race-Baiter Sharpton Hails Fake History in NYT's 1619 Project 

By Donovan Newkirk | January 26th, 2021

On Sunday evening, America’s most notorious race-baiting reverend, Al Sharpton, used his MSNBC show to decry former President Trump’s 1776 Commission and the Republicans who support it as racist. During his “Gotcha!” segment on PoliticsNation, Sharpton dismissed the commission as...

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‘We’re Not Far From Civil War,’ Warns Former Chief Rabbi of Israel


 Fox News Hiring 2 Trump Stars, Judge BLOCKS Biden, Prez Candidate Running for Senate

Why No One Believes the Media Anymore...  [READ MORE]

DAILY WIRE 01/27/2021




Biden may force American taxpayers to foot bill for San Fran homeless hotels

By Stephen Frank on Jan 26, 2021 08:55 pm
Mayor Breed does not house the homeless in shelters, or in dorm settings.  This is San Fran.  The Fairmont, the Crown Plaza and other five star hotels are the new home for the homeless.  They get three meals a day and marijuana, needles and some drugs.  What not to like if you are homeless—oh, they […]

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