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New Rule: Corruption Of Minors Will Officially Begin In Kindergarten

Common Kitchen Device Linked To Lung Disease; 650,000 Sick


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Mayorkas Says Abbott ‘Not Cooperating’ With Biden Admin On Border Crisis
'We cannot have unilateral governor action'


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Women at Center of 2020 Voter Fraud Claims Given Award by Biden

The women were accused of bringing "suitcases" of ballots into the voting center.

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CNN Hires Republican Adam Kinzinger As Political Contributor


Breaking: Buttigieg Has PERVERSE Defense Of Wasting Military Resources








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The Wildest Videos From Mexico's New Drug War   

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This secret White House meeting left George Soros grinning from ear to ear

Billionaire George Soros has been bankrolling Democrats for decades. Now it looks like it’s a family business.

And this secret White House meeting left George Soros grinning from ear to ear.



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Biden Just BLEW IT! Gives Republicans EVERYTHING They Need To END His REIGN!

By Lisa Haven The US Constitution provides, in express terms, that the President, as well as the Vice-President and all civil officers, may be impeached Read more…

by Lisa Haven on January 6th, 2023

Alejandro Mayorkas sat in stunned silence after he was handed this devastating news


Netanyahu was Ready to Plead Guilty: Former Chief Justice; Ben-Gvir to Limit MK Visits to Jailed Terrorists; Netanyahu Blasts Opposition: Claims Against New Gov't 'Without Foundation'
World Israel News

'DERSHOWITZ IS WRONG’: Israeli Legal Expert Accuses Famed Attorney of Promoting Anti-Israel Bias




Patrick Houck   |  Government

A stunning breach of trust...