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Catherine Austin Fitts was a Wall Street banker who rose through the ranks to become managing director at Dillon Read Investment bank. She resigned and became Housing Secretary under George Bush in 1989. She left to found Hamilton Securities which made money in the mortgage housing market. She was investigated and indicted 19 times and was eventually run out of Washington DC. Attempts were made on her life. She was persecuted for excessive honesty and had to retreat to a small town in Tennessee. She emerged on the Internet as a leading spokeswoman for the resistance to the New World Order.

Read her story here for a real eye opener:


Dear Conservatives,

It’s shameful that so much government spending goes toward buying votes and paying off special interests, but hardly surprising in the dog-eat-dog world of politics.

But what’s downright unbelievable is that the deeper we look at the federal budget, the more examples we find of utterly mindless expenses that should be quick and easy to cut -- yet nobody does.

For example, in 2013 the federal government spent over $1.5 billion on the maintenance and utility bills for various buildings that were empty and unused.


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GOP Slams Dems for Playing Politics With Veterans' Benefits

Senate Republicans on Thursday attacked Democrats for playing politics with a $21 billion bill that would have expanded benefits for veterans — leading them to block an effort by Majority Leader Harry Reid to move the legislation to a full floor vote.
Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky charged that the legislation "was not considered in committee, greatly expands spending without any realistic offset, and would vastly overwhelm the Veterans Administration healthcare system.


SAVAGE: Muslim Syrian Cut Off a Man’s Hand For Stealing and Post Pics LIVE on Twitter By Sara Malm and Mia De Graaf A group of Syrian Islamist militants posted a series of photographs of a man having his hand cut off in a live-update on Twitter. The live-feed of the […] ... READ MORE
A Band of Brothers …Till the End. Last week my wife’s father died at 85. My children lost their grandfather whom they lovingly called Papo. He couldn’t walk well and he spent a lot of time on the couch enjoying old westerns, […] ... READ MORE


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If people want to know a really small world, behold Bank of Hawaii is now run by a flunky who covered up the original nation rape where Mrs. Dunham worked and the other bank in Hawaii just happened to be purchased by BNP Paribas SA, currently owned by Nadhmi Auchi of Saddam Hussein oil for food bribery to the Clintons and the world socialists, with money laundering, who just happened to be in Chicago buying up Tony Rezko's real estate and shaking hands with Barack Hussein Obama. Toss in Marc Rich who was the genius behind BCCI funding and Bill Clinton's pardon, and one has the entire banking fraud scheme of the past 30 years now engulfing the world.

The Russkies Are Coming! The Russkies Are Coming!

Donald Hank writes:

Decades of Cold War have made many Americans reflexively fearful of Russia. They still think Russia intends to destroy America even today. But where's the evidence of this?

I have written about Russia and its love of tradition here, its resistance to social Marxism here, and have shown here that in terms of economic policies and social policies, the US is much more socialist than today's Russia.
The above-linked articles all contain links to evidentiary documentation, but the Russian bashers, who by now run a full-blown cottage industry, brush me off with keen observations like "that's all nonsense!" In fact, yesterday, one asked "are you a communist?" I responded, "no I am not, but if you are looking for a communist, you might try the Berkley Yellow Pages."
The more charitable say I am "a sincere patriot but tragically wrong" about Putin, who they declare is "insincere." Yet, nota bene: I have never argued that Putin was sincere. Are Western politicians sincere?


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From the World Health Organization
Latest Murder Statistics for the World
Murders per 100,000 citizens per year

Honduras 91.6 (WOW!!)
El Salvador 69.2
Cote d'lvoire 56.9
Jamaica 52.2
Venezuela 45.1
Belize 41.4
US Virgin Islands 39.2
Guatemala 38.5
Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.2
Zambia 38.0
Uganda 36.3
Malawi 36.0
Lesotho 35.2
Trinidad and Tobago 35.2

TEA PARTY NEWS 03/01/2014

Chuck Schumer and Dem Senators Beg Obama to Take the First Amendment Away from the Tea Party


Submitted by: Kathy Hawkins

Remember In 2008 When The MSM Ripped Sarah Palin For Saying The Russians Might Invade Ukraine?

A small force of Russians have taken over parts of the eastern parts of the Ukraine. A scenario that almost no one could have projected.....ALMOST.
Visit for breaking newsworld news, and news about the economy

Back in 2008, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin suggested that if Barack Obama were elected, we should expect a foreign policy which was so lousy there could be real instability in the world, including that Russia could invade Ukraine.
The mainstream media ripped Governor Palin for the projection. They called her statement “strange” and an “extremely far-fetched scenario,” Foreignpolicy.comsaid:


Submitted by Kathy Hawkins:

Drugging America: 19 Statistics - Almost - Too Crazy to Believe
The American people are the most drugged people in the history of the planet. Illegal drugs get most...

The American people are the most drugged people in the history of the planet. Illegal drugs get most of the headlines, but the truth is that the number of Americans that are addicted to legal drugs is far greater than the number of Americans that are addicted to illegal drugs.

As you will see below, close to 70 percent of all Americans are currently on at least one prescription drug. In addition, there are 60 million Americans that “abuse alcohol” and 22 million Americans that use illegal drugs.


The Washington Beltway: Sinkhole for Donors’ Funds
I turned 72 in February. I want to make a few comments on the history of the American Right, while I still have my wits about me. I have spent my life on the fringes of academia. I earned a Ph.D., but I never went into full-time teaching. Well, not quite never. In the fall […] READ MORE

When You Hear “Bitcoins,” Think “Mt. Gox.”
Mt. Gox is gone. Bankrupt. It took $473 million with it. About a million investors listened to the hype about the “untraceable money of the future,” and they turned real money over to some 25-year-old French kid — a programmer who lived in Japan. They gave him real money. He gave them a dream. Goodbye […] READ MORE

CONBUSTIBLE 03/01/2014

The Obama Administration Reportedly 'Debating' Cold Blooded Murder
According to a recent New York Times article, the Obama admin. is debating whether to authorize a lethal strike against an American citizen living in Pakistan.
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Rand Paul: Democrats Should Be 'Embarrassed'
Sen. Rand Paul still believes Bill Clinton is a detriment to Democrats as the former president is reprising his role as super surrogate for the party.
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Obama Should Steer Clear of Ukraine
President Obama insists he does not regard the conflict in Ukraine "as some Cold War chessboard in which we are in competition with Russia."
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How the Keynesians Won . . . And Will Lose
A member of my personal website asked this question, "Why has Keynesianism prevailed?"
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Majority of likely voters oppose government monitoring news
The results of a Rasmussen survey, released on Tuesday, reveal that a majority of Americans oppose the government monitoring the content of news reports.
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March 1, 2014

The Boogie Man Sez the Boogie Man’s Coming!

In yet another sign of campaign desperation, Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray-Kohn sent out a hysteria-filled email fundraising pitch on Friday warning of an impending attack coming her way from the fine folks over at Americans for Prosperity.

Or as Bilbray-Kohn’s patron, Sen. Harry Reid, would call them, UN-Americans for Prosperity!

CLASH DAILY 03/01/2014

SICK: NY Middle School Forces Girls to Ask for “Lesbian Kiss” and Pretend They’re On a Date An anti-bullying presentation at a middle school in New York that focused on homosexuality and gender identity has angered parents after their daughters have come home to tell them they were forced to ask another […] ... READ MORE
BAM: Actress Slams Schools for ‘Brainwashing’ Kids With ‘Progressive’ Agenda Actress Sam Sorbo, the wife of “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo, slammed the American education system during an interview with Dana Loesch that aired Friday. Read more: The Blaze ... READ MORE

JIHAD WATCH 03/01/2014

Mar 01, 2014 02:03 am | Robert Spencer
The real name of Boko Haram is Jama’atu Ahlus Sunnati Lidda’awati wal Jihad — that is, the Party of the People of the Sunnah for Dawah and Jihad. Sunnah is acceptable Islamic practice. Dawah is Islamic proselytizing. This is how they go about practicing Islam in acceptable fashion, and proselytizing: by torching churches and murdering […]
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Feb 28, 2014 06:55 pm | Robert Spencer
Here yet again we see the Iranians openly expressing their contempt for America, secure in the knowledge that there is absolutely nothing that they can say that will shake the Obama/mainstream media view that the Iranian regime is now “moderate” and has agreed to a framework for lasting peace. “Ayatollah Jannati to Iran’s Leaders: The […]
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NEWS WITH VIEWS 03/01/2014

Children of, by, and for the State: A Legal Framework
Recently, a U.N. panel on children’s rights spotlighted a politically incorrect law signed by President Vladimir Putin, thereby igniting ire at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. For allegedly stigmatizing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, including children, traditionalists purportedly incite violence.[8]  Putin hardly qualifies as a moral compass. Even so, like it or not, he is not alone in limiting “family” to the orthodox, traditional model.......
by Debra Rae


National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 3-1-14
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And don't forget the newsbrief at the bottom...     "Welcome to Obamaville"

BJ3: The Good Rev. Manning absolutely outdid himself.  He is terrific. A couple of points: 1) The LYING (again, again and here) O'LIElly says that Hawaii said they have BHO's birth certificate on file. LIE! PLUS, the ONLY place that counts is what it says on that 4-25 "thing"...and on it, Hawaii ABSOLUTELY does NOT say what ophony O'LIElly said.   It says (copy available), "I certify this is a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file...". Yes, including "THE" spelled "TXE".   This is the same O'LIElly who swore up and down to his audience that he obtained BHO's actual birth certificate from Hawaii and then showed a copy of the "CoLB" with the "INVALID" declaration on the bottom.  As for Beck, couldn't agree more with the Good Reverend (and from personal experience) when "we" tried to have beck let LTC Lakin on his show...ZERO. BUT, what THE Rev. said about FOX News all republicbas MUST hear.
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SERMON (pt 3) What Is True Christianity...

What is True Christianity
What is Not
Part 3
Before we can truly understand what is True Christianity we must first clear up a few misconceptions that have been all but pounded into our minds. I know that I, as (initially) a Catholic was subjected to teachings that I know to be utterly false and misleading. I direct the first allegation towards what I have been told of as the meaning of a ‘church.’
I also know that many groups and Denominations claiming to be Christian teach misleading doctrines and myths about ‘churches.’
If we look at the dictionary we see the first definitions of the word ‘church are: A building for worship; the clergy of a religious body. These are the teachings of the misguided.
The third definition of the word ‘church’ is the true definition.
Church: The whole body of Christians.