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LIFE NEWS 03/18/2014

Doc Ruptured 20-Year-Old Woman’s Uterus So Badly in Abortion She Can Never Have Children AgainHouston abortionist Douglas Karpen, sometimes referred to as the “Gosnell of Texas,” has been sued by a former abortion patient who alleges that he inflicted life-threatening injuries on her during a 23-week abortion then failed to inform her or send her for the emergency care and surgery she required.
Melanie Mendoza filed suit in Harris County Court on March 10, 2014, seeking unspecified damages after her horrific late-term abortion experience with Karpen on Valentine’s Day, 2013. http://www.lifenews.com/2014/03/18/doc-ruptured-20-year-old-womans-uterus-so-badly-in-abortion-she-can-never-have-children-again/


Dear Fellow Patriot,
The Tea Party Army™ is launching a massive petition drive urging Congress to compel Lois Lerner to testify regarding IRS abuses.
There is no cost or obligation for you to sign this petition and circulate it to your friends to also sign it.
The American people are outraged about former IRS senior official Lois Lerner!
The IRS, under Lois Lerner's direction, waged a campaign of intimidation against Tea Party and conservative groups in order to help Democrat candidates steal the 2012 elections.

THE POINT 03/18/2014

Obama Says Abbas Renounced Violence, Abbas Says He’s Just Like Hamas

"I have to commend President Abbas," Obama said.

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From the Greenhouse to the Big House...

When liberals said global warming causes crime, no one knew it was because they planned on prosecuting their opponents! Late last week, climate alarmist Lawrence Torcello didn't do his movement any favors when he lobbied for jailing global warming skeptics (which, after yesterday's storm, might have included the entire city of Washington). It was a new low for an environmental movement that is already God's gift to late-night comedy.


Featured - Tuesday, March 18, 2014


CT Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Visconti: Connecticut "Wants Dan Malloy’s Head on a Plate" Today's Articles


BENGHAZI: Did Hillary Issue the "Stand Down" ???

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue their campaign of lies and deceptions concerning the 9/11/12 terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans including our U.S. Ambassador.

The Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee believes it may have been Hillary Clinton who gave the "stand down" order denying military assistance for our American personnel in Benghazi who came under attack by Islamic militants at the U.S. 'consulate.'

CONBUSTIBLE 03/18/2014

Constitutional Amendments Work
Opponents of a Convention of States long argued that there was an unacceptable risk a convention might do too much.
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Senator Attempts to Disarm Sheriffs at Oklahoma State Capitol
Over 40 sheriffs walked out of the Oklahoma State Capitol this week after an unknown senator demanded they remove their firearms.
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If Spying on Senate is So Bad, Why is it OK For Them To Spy On Us?
The reaction of Sen. Dianne Feinstein to revelations that the CIA secretly searched Senate Intelligence Committee computers reveals much about what elites think.
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US college professor demands imprisonment for climate-change deniers
An assistant philosophy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology wants to send people who disagree with him about global warming to jail.
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Yesterday's Tomorrow is Today
Science fiction has predicted many of today's realities from cell phones to tablets.
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Submitted by: Ron Branson, VICTORY USA

The Religion of Humanism
By Ron Branson

Humanism is a religion - a very subtle religion, and the oldest of all religions. It started in the Garden of Eden under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Prior to the fall of Satan, there existed but one will - God’s Will. When Satan revolted against God, there then existed two wills - the Will of God v. the will of Satan. Thus began the War of Wills.

Satan’s greatest desire in his war against God is to become like God. His first act was to draw away from God a third part of the angels, which we call demons, to worship and to venerate him. He then turned his objective upon drawing away God’s creation of mankind, which then only composed of Adam and Eve, whom God created after His own image. Of the two, he chose Eve as his most vulnerable target.


Submitted by: Donald Hank

The West bristles when it thinks of Russian censorship of the press. Rightfully so. Yet, it fails to see its own censorship.
This reminds me of the way Western media and politicians responded to the referendum in Crimea, asserting that it was illegal. And yet no one in the Western world said it was illegal for the Falkland Islands to hold a referendum that enabled that country to stay on as part of the UK.
Funny how flexible these human rights 'pinciples' are -- putty in the hands of their interpreters.
Our thanks to Edward Spalton, one of the very able translators for German Foreign Policy, for this article tip.
I am sending this to the US list as well because the same hypocrisy thrives here as well in our officialdom.
Don Hank


Warning: Illegal aliens move to conquer Florida--you must intercede

Warning all national ALIPAC Activists!

Today we need everyone in every state focused on an emergency situation in Florida where the illegal aliens and their supporters are advancing a bill to grant in-state tuition for illegal immigrants with the backing of turncoat Republicans working with a majority of Democrats again!


Submitted by: Bill Bissell

Carey Wedler: Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama
Join me as I wreck my last artifact of support for the war criminal-in-chief!! *I figured out the fraud a while back, but recently found th...
Video link:
Carey Wedler: Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama

GRASSTOPS USA 03/18/2014

"Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." ~ Ronald Reagan
It's Getting Nasty Out There...
[Video] Michelle Obama A Transvestite?

What's really amazing is that this nutty video has over 160,000 hits on YouTube...

Watch The Video


Lieutenant Colonel Allen West: “Faux Commander in Chief” Obama Thinks “Beards, Turbans, & Hijabs” More Important Than Vets
Mar 17, 2014 06:40 pm 


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CHUCK KOLB 03/18/2014

Our Judaic Faith - Yeshua - The Feast of Purim !!!

Previously posted ...
Soebarkah Search for Amulet w The Born Identity !!!


From ancient Persia to Hitler’s Germany to modern Iran, Purim reminds us of
God’s love for & protection of the Jewish people from those who seek to “annihilate” them !
The central theme of Purim is celebration. Mishe nichnas Adar, marbim be’simcha.
With the beginning of Adar rejoicing is increased. (Taanit 29a). Purim is the Jewish holiday that
celebrates the remarkable story of how the God of Israel used two faithful believers - Esther and Mordechai
- and a movement of prayer and fasting to rescue the Jewish people from an evil Persian regime determine to annihilate them.

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.
Romans 15:13 KJV


What is going on in the Virginia state legislature?

By Brigitte Gabriel

Dear Conservatives,

Something is terribly wrong with the Virginia state legislature.

On Wednesday, March 5th, in House Joint Resolution 484, the elected representatives of the people of Virginia commended the notorious, terror-tied Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church.

Dar al Hijrah has a history of ties to multiple known and convicted terrorists, led by its former Imam, Anwar al-Awlaki, who became head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, before he was killed in a US air strike in 2011.


Submitted by: Jason Lord

Romney: The Price of Failed Leadership

The President's failure to act when action was possible has diminished respect for the U.S. and made troubles worse.

March 18, 2014,The Wall St. Journal
Why are there no good choices? From Crimea to North Korea, from Syria to Egypt, and from Iraq to Afghanistan, America apparently has no good options. If possession is nine-tenths of the law, Russia owns Crimea and all we can do is sanction and disinvite—and wring our hands.
Iran is following North Korea's nuclear path, but it seems that we can only entreat Iran to sign the same kind of agreement North Korea once signed, undoubtedly with the same result.


This Candidate Has An Impressive Resume
Hear what Ben Sasse, the U.S. Senate candidate from Nebraska, had to say

In this week's "On the Campaign Trail" podcast, we are joined by Ben Sasse.  Ben discusses his campaign for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska where he hopes to replace the seat vacated by Republican Mike Johanns.

Ben comes from humble beginnings and developed his work ethic early on in life while working the bean and corn fields of his native Nebraska.  Through hard work and determination, he was recruited to wrestle at Harvard, and then quarterbacked the football team at Oxford. He earned a Ph.D. at Yale, where his dissertation on American conservatism during the Cold War won both the Field Prize and the George Washington Egleston Award.

ACTIVIST POST 03/18/2014


What Does It Mean To Be a Parent In The Era Of Designer Babies?

'Natural Cures' Author Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years Prison

Irony in Canada: 300 Arrested at Protest Against Police Brutality

What IF Citizens Really Understood the U.S. Constitution?


Lia Roberts Invite

Please visit SueLowden.com to make an online contribution.

Paid for and authorized by Sue Lowden for Lt. Governor.

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RENEW AMERICA 03/18/2014

March 17, 2014
ALAN KEYES — "The Constitution is on life support because there are so few men and women with courage, principle and a sense of right and wrong in politics today in the Republican Party, which, sadly, represents the only hope of reversing the statist, socialist, anti-American political onslaught."... (more)

March 17, 2014
CLIFF KINCAID — It's hard to keep up with the Russian propaganda over the Ukraine, but a fascinating article, "Playing by Putin's tactics," examines some of it. The column in The Washington Post is by Molly K. McKew and Gregory A. Maniatis, who worked for Georgia's president Mikheil Saakashvili and his national security adviser during and after the 2008 war with Russia. However, the article offers no substantive response to what Putin is doing... (more)

COWBOYBYTE 03/18/2014

Most Transparent Administration: Obama Denies Freedom of Information Requests

Seems opposite to most americans. Check it out: President Obama was swept to office amidst his pledge that he’d run the “most transparent administration in history.” A new report out finds that he hasn’t even run the most transparent administration … Continue reading

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Sharia Law in America?
Don't skip this one people.

Visit The Constitution Club at: http://constitutionclub.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

JIHAD WATCH 03/18/2014

Mar 18, 2014 03:41 am | Robert Spencer
“Muslims in Karachi believe that the attacker was a Hindu,” but this is extraordinarily unlikely. Holi is a Hindu feast during which people throw colored dyes upon one another. It’s a joyful, festive occasion, and while this may have been the work of some embittered Hindu, “the acid-throwing incident follows the burning of a Hindu […]
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California Asian-Americans block affirmative action revival
image Stunned by an unexpected uprising within their party's minority base, Democratic lawmakers on Monday dropped a push to reverse California's 16-year-old ban on affirmative action in college admissions.

Cutting pension funds to pay unemployment
image A bipartisan deal in the Senate to renew long-term unemployment benefits could affect more than 2 million people nationwide. The news emerged last week that Congress may yet renew the federal aid, nearly three months after it expired.

ALT 03/18/2014

ALT Headlines Featured Stories for March 18, 2014

What Will Happen When The Big One Hits California?
On Monday, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake threw the city of Los Angeles into a bit of a tizzy. The ground shook, people screamed and news anchors ducked under their desks. But it was just a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. So what would happ ...



Senator Reid recently described opponents of ObamaCare who shared their stories about the law as "liars." He has insulted the millions of Americans who have had their plans cancelled, lost access to their doctors, and are now facing millions of dollars in higher premiums. 

Now, a Las Vegas man is facing $400,000 in medical bills because of the new law.
Will Senator Reid insult one of his own constituents and call him a liar, too?

Call Senator Reid today and tell him to apologize for insulting the Americans who are suffering because of ObamaCare and listen to our struggles.

D.C Phone# 202-224-3542, Las Vegas phone# 702-388-5020

Don't let Senator Reid ignore this man's plight. Hold Senator Reid accountable and tell him to stand up for Nevadans, not President Obama's broken law.
Please call today.
In Liberty,
Zachary Moyle
Nevada State Director
Americans for Prosperity


WATCH: Hillary Supporter Gives Nazi Salute, Says “Heil Hitler” At Local Board Meeting

Mar 18, 2014 02:44 pm

Imagine the outrage if a Republican pulled this stunt...
This post originally appeared on Western Journalism - Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Read More and Comment: WATCH: Hillary Supporter Gives Nazi Salute, Says “Heil Hitler” At Local Board Meeting


Republican and Democratic Members of the House of Representatives Send Letter to President Obama on Iran
WASHINGTON, D.C. – 395 Members of the House of Representatives wrote President Obama to describe what they believe must be included in any final agreement between the United States and Iran regarding its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability. The letter was spearheaded by Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and signed by 216 Republicans and 179 Democrats. Leader Cantor said the following about the letter:


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

 April 3, 2013
Senator Patty Murray
Senator Maria Cantwell
Washington, DC , 20510
 Dear Senators:
 I have tried to live by the rules my entire life. My father was a Command  Sergeant Major, U.S. Army, who died of combat related  stresses shortly after his retirement. It was he who  instilled in me those virtues he felt important -  honesty, duty, patriotism and obeying the laws of God and of  our various governments. I have served my country, paid  my taxes, worked hard, volunteered and donated my fair share  of money, time and artifacts.

GOP USA 03/18/2014

White House Orders DHS to Review Deportation Policy

Earlier this week, a group of House Republicans said that despite a series of delays, they're eager to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform, buzz words for bills that would legalize 12 million illegal immigrants and issue more than 20 million work visas during the first decade after enactment. Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, a former immigration lawyer and member of the now-defunct House Gang of Eight, leads the charge.



"The judiciary of the United States is the subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working under ground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric. They are construing our constitution from a co-ordination of a general and special government to a general and supreme one alone." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Thomas Ritchie, 1820


Weak Sanctions Against Russia


Hillary Clinton: Abortion Needed for Equality and Human Development?

Restoring Liberty reports, “Twenty years after the Clintons failed to get countries to declare a right to abortion, Mrs. Clinton told a posh UN crowd that humanity cannot advance without reproductive rights. ‘You cannot make progress on gender equality or broader human development without safeguarding women’s reproductive health or rights,’ she declared. Clinton is adamant that reproductive health includes abortion.” 


Why Did the Obama ATF Raid This Gun Parts Store?

CLASH DAILY 03/18/2014

UNREAL: Military Sexual Assaults At An All-Time High, Most Are Male On Male There is a raging epidemic of sexual assault in the U.S. military. A report released by the U.S. Department of Defense says that an astounding 12,000 women serving in the U.S. military were sexually assaulted […] ... READ MORE
UP YOURS: Check Out What NY Gun Rights Advocates Did With Gun Registration Forms SARATOGA SPRINGS — Nearly a thousand gun registration forms were turned into ashes Sunday. The forms are used for people to register with New York State Police firearms that meet the state’s definition of military-style ... READ MORE

BEFORE IT'S NEWS 03/18/2014

Veteran Fights Against USSA Police State (Video) (video)

Veteran Fights Against USSA Police State (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Wake up America. By Susan Duclos Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews Rick Rynearson, founder of Veterans Against Police Abuse, who details his court case regarding his being stopped and harassed at a border patrol checkpoint, for 34 minutes where he was asked about his military service but not his immigration status for the...

TEA PARTY ARMY 03/18/2014

Dear Fellow Patriot,
Obama wants to hand control of the internet over to the United Nations, much of which is controlled by third-world and Muslim nations.
If this happens, the first thing those freedom-hating thugs will do is establish a global tax on the internet, which you will have to pay if you want to continue using the web.
This will be the biggest tax increase in world history and it will affect every single American.
Obama's UN friends will tax freedom-loving websites like ours, the Drudge Report and World Net Daily out of existence and they will tax YOU into the poorhouse.
We need to rise up as a nation right now and demand that Congress stop Obama! Please send FaxGrams immediately to keep the internet under American control!


White House Says Obamacare Not The Reason For People Losing Their Doctors?
White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer appears to be the administration’s “short straw” mouthpiece. With some regularity, he is handed the duty of defending the president on Sunday morning chat shows on the heels of particularly bruising news weeks. Perhaps his most memorable performance came last spring, when he bungled a series of interviews on […] READ MORE

BARBWIRE 03/18/2014

Video: Duck Dynasty Stars’ Big Screen Debut in ‘God’s Not Dead’
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Today's Featured Article:
Russia Laughs at Obama’s Sanctions

Today's Politically Incorrect Headlines:


"What Are We To Do When That Amount Of Power Is Not Enough? ... What Are We To Do... When A President Nullifies Our Vote?" -Congressman Trey Gowdy

       Perhaps Representative Gowdy should have asked: What are we to do when a President declares that he has dictatorial powers to subvert the Constitution and subjugate the will of the American people under the iron boot of a tyrannical government?

       The House of Representatives answered that question and just passed Gowdy's ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014 (H.R. 4138). And despite Harry Reid's and Barack Obama's desire to stop Gowdy’s legislation cold in its tracks, we need to demand that the Senate pass it too... right now.

       We need to deluge our elected officials in the Senate with calls and faxes and demand that they send Barack Obama a clear message: You are not our king... you are not our dictator... and you do not make up the law as you go depending upon how you feel when you wake up in the morning.


WH: ‘Real Treat’ for Michelle Obama to Take Her Mom and Daughters to China

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Submitted by: Kathy Hawkins

29-Year-Old Welfare Parasite Would Not Accept An $80,000 A Year Job Driving A Truck

What should be done with a 29-year-old welfare parasite that believes that in addition to practicing with his rock band, his main job in life is to "make sure the sun's up and the girls are out"?  Most people that receive government assistance truly need the help and do not abuse the system, but there are definitely others that do abuse the system and do not make any excuses for doing so.  When 29-year-old Jason Greenslate was recently asked if he would be willing to take a job driving a truck in North Dakota for $80,000 a year, he said that he would not.  He would rather keep purchasing sushi and lobster with his EBT card and hanging out with his rock band.  Greenslate seems very happy with his taxpayer-funded lifestyle, and he says that he wants "to thank the United States of America, and the situation — the way things are set up".  Is this really what we pay taxes for?  The rest of us are taxed into oblivion so that we can fund the endless partying of parasites like Jason Greenslate?  What in the world is happening to this country?
If you have never heard of Jason Greenslate, let me get you caught up by quoting the article that I wrote about him last year...


Mar 18, 2014 06:03 am  

By Kyle Becker  
Once the Second Amendment falls, the rest will go with it.
WATCH: NY Gun Owners Burn Assault Weapon Registration Forms Mandated by ‘SAFE’ Act
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Disarm Or Leave: Oklahoma Sheriffs Visiting State Capitol Were Asked to Disarm or Leave the Capitol… Guess What They Did

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NEWS WITH VIEWS 03/18/2014

Is Putin a New Hitler?
However, in order to carry on their evil plans, the CFR conspirators need to create enemies to justify their warmongering actions, so that the “patriotic” Republican sheeple can have an excuse to keep sending their children to die in foreign lands on behalf of the New World Order.[12] But it seems that some of the sheeple are waking up and, after the conspirators’ failed attempt at turning Putin into a .......
by Servando Gonzales

RedState Briefing 03/18/2014

Morning Briefing
For March 18, 2014

Is Hillary Clinton on the Missing Malaysian Airlines 777?
Hillary Clinton must be on the missing Malaysian Airlines 777. That seems to be the only plausible explanation that an unbiased press corps has for not asking her how her Russian reset is going. It was Hillary Clinton who presented a physical reset button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in 1999. . . . please click here for the rest of the post


Submitted by: BobJen

National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 3-18-14

Note: This is a "DAILY" Newsbriefer. "If you DON'T see one DAILY, say something". THX

And don't forget the newsbrief at the bottom..."State quietly passes Law so illegals become cops"

BJ3: OK, let's see someone blame this on anyone but the republicans.

BJ3: Hmmm. There's a solutional message there.
From: CommieBlaster...Obama Spent $2.7 Trillion to Sign Up 4.2 Million People ...That's Over $0.6 Million per Person  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/mar/16/curl-we-completely-overhauled-american-health-care/?page=all