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Judge Fails 'We The People'
by Lee S Gliddon Jr

A Federal Judge issued a ruling that a suit brought by Sheriffs in Colorado respecting gun control, specifically magazine capacities, as the Sheriffs have no 'standing.'

What this Judge, Marcia Kreiger, fails to take into account is the fact that Sheriffs are elected to protect their constituents. If the protection is allowed, and it is, legal processes must not be hindered by Liberal Judges vas the seek to promote their, 'anti gun,' stances upon our Constitution!

If President Obama is allowed to flaunt the Judicial System, and he does that regularly, then Legally Elected Sheriffs must be allowed to correctly utilize the Judicial System.

Just as 2 errant State Senators in Colorado were recalled so must be the fate of Judge Krieger!
Anything less that disrobing this Liberal Judge will be seen as yet another blow to America's Freedom!


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

The main stream media refuses to print the truth of Islam! They will not report the absolute brutality of the so-called 'Peaceful Religion' that is anything other than peaceful!

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Poll: Obama Seen as Biggest “Failure”

Did we need a poll to know that? Check it out: In fairness, he’s still in office. Hence Americans are more apt to take a harsher view of him than, say, Howard Taft or Calvin Coolidge. (For what it’s worth, … Continue reading

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DEMONIC: 76yr. Old Brooklyn Woman Becomes City’s 10th ‘Knockout’ Victim Just Moments After Rally to End Random Violence A 76-year-old Brooklyn woman was punched in the back of the head by a stranger in what residents fear could be the city’s tenth “knockout game” attack. Yvonne Small fell to the ground after being […] ... READ MORE 

Prayer: A Silent Revolution for a Revolutionary People When we think about influencing our culture for good, what are the first things that come to mind? What are the sorts of things we do when we want to make a difference? Take politics, […] ... READ MORE  



"The Great Sucking Siphon of America's Wealth!"
from "In Defense of Rural America"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues.
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As published on Newswithviews, November 27, 2013
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"It is an inescapable fact that there will always be the rich among us and there will always be the poor among us.   Sometimes the rich will make a wrong decision, lose their wealth and join the poor.  Sometimes the poor will break the bonds of poverty and join the ranks of the rich.  It is the natural order.   When government tries to even the playing field by passing laws, they muck it up every time and their meddling usually hurts the poor and the middle class, but never the rich.  In the process, their entitlement programs allegedly designed to even the playing field, become the great sucking siphon of America's Wealth."    Ron Ewart


BREAKING NEWS! President, First Lady Visit Illegal Alien Activists…Read the latest now on

ACTION: End the push for amnesty! Tell Congress "NO REWARDING PEOPLE WHO BREAK THE LAW!" Obama and his liberal army don't care about fixing the problem. They care only about votes for Democrats. Stop Congress from allowing millions and millions of illegals to steal our jobs, drive down our wages, get free health care, overload our schools and our jails and get $9.4 trillion in benefits! Send a stern warning to Congress, "NO MORE TRYING TO FOOL WE THE PEOPLE! END THIS INSANITY OF AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS!" Send your Fax Blast to every member of Congress today.

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December 1, 2013
Obamacare: New Lawsuits Should be Equal Protection Under the Law
"Why does Obamacare violate equal protection? Those who have insurance will have their medical services and treatments curtailed and controlled, even though they are not a part of the problem, which is caused by the uninsured. Encompassing 100% of the public to address a problem created by 20% of the public creates an overinclusive class, which violates equal protection. But then again, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid already solved the problem caused by the uninsured by taxing them in an amount that approximates insurance premiums. ......
by Devvy Kidd

CHUCK KOLB 12/01/2013

America, What have we done - AMERICA IS MY NAME !!!

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JFK Update - Grassy Knoll Gunman footage !!! 

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- the tie that binds ...

The Men Who Killed Kennedy Episode 2 (50:18) (Preview)

JIHAD WATCH 12/01/2013

Nov 30, 2013 08:04 pm | Robert Spencer
Don't you dare investigate the ideology that fuels this savagery. That would be "hateful" and "extremist." "7 Beheaded bodies found in Tikrit," from NINA, November 29 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Tikrit (NINA) – Police in Salaheddin province found 7 beheaded bodies in Tikrit. Police source told NINA...

Nov 30, 2013 07:40 pm | Robert Spencer
The pious Choukri Choukri Ellekhlifi almost certainly didn't think there was anything wrong with mugging Londoners, because after all, they're Infidels, and the Muslims have a right to their money and property. In response to this violent jihadist thuggery, the British banned Pamela Geller and me from the country. Apparently...


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From: Sher...One more example of proof that leftists have never learned the art of truly critical thinking...From: "cam39470"
"civil rights" for illegals in own nation


Submitted by: Debbie Beatty

Judge Rules Colorado Sheriffs Can’t Sue Over State Gun Laws

by Tim Brown
On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that Colorado sheriffs suing the state over gun prohibition laws passed earlier this year have no standing to proceed with their case as a group. However, the ruling is not dampering their legal battle.
Tim Brown | November 30, 2013 at 6:30 pm | URL:

THE POINT 12/01/2013

UK Muslim Financed Syrian Jihad by Mugging Londoners

Two of the gang’s victims needed hospital treatment after the gun was fired at them.

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Obama Released Iran Nuke Smuggler, Iran Still Holding Ex-FBI Agent

Atarodi, was arrested in California on charges that remain sealed

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Submitted by: Donald Hank


American envoy Chris Stevens paid with his life inBenghazi after he tried to retrieve U.S. weapons given to the al-Qaeda terrorist network, a new report says.
James and JoAnne Moriarty, two Americans serving on a non-governmental organization fact-finding mission, told the Voice of Russia that Stevens initially transferred weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, to radical Islamists in Libya to help overthrow dictator Moammar Gaddafi.
Al-Qaida, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and Ansar al-Sharia -- which actually act as one -- reportedly assisted NATO and the United States in toppling the Tripoli regime.
Once Gaddafi was out of the way, the alliance turned its attention to Syria. Stevens, James Moriarty asserted, was instrumental in sending weapons to the terrorists in Syria with the help of Abdelhakim Belhadj, leader of the Islamist al-Watan Party and former head of Tripoli Military Council.