Thursday, July 7, 2022


Building an Abortion-Free America
Special Report: Mississippi’s Last Abortion Mill Closed, 9 Abortion-Free States to Date






Arizona Democrats to be Sentenced for Voter Fraud Scheme
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Fox News Host TURNS On Trump - Starts Attacking Him...

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Queer as a $3 bill: this Biden aide likes beastiality, gay prostitution

US Spends $10-20B on Illegals – Medicare for Seniors Going Broke


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Democrats Show Frustration Over Joe Biden

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WND BREAKING NEWS (Why do all the INSANE ideas always come from DEMOCRATS?)


Sen. Elizabeth Warren suggests insane way to handle crisis pregnancies
Posted by Art Moore
The left has accused pro-life advocates of caring only about politics, at the expense of pregnant women in crisis and of unwanted children.

Now Sen. Elizabeth Warren has suggested an absolutely insane way to handle crisis pregnancies. ... Read more…

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I’m so grateful to all of my supporters who voted to make Alaska great again.


The Dan Bongino Show
JULY 7, 2022



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January 6th "WITNESS" Bombshell - Democrats Pull A Fast One!


July 7, 2022
BREAKING Boris Johnson Announces Last Move Before Resignation


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Going To College? Here's What You Need To Pack For The Fall Semester In Order To Survive

Are you registering for classes for the upcoming fall semester at a prestigious and expensive university?... Read more


Arab-Israeli Terror Spy Caught Joining IDF; Real Israeli Cows’ Milk Without Cows! Jewish Mayor Told ‘Kill Yourself’; Israel Kills Syrian Soldier with Precision Missile; Latest News!
World Israel News

SHOCKER: European Diplomat Defends Nazi Collaborator Responsible for Murder of 800,000 Jews



Is Joe Biden scheming to take over the nation's elections?
Posted by WND Staff
Several government watchdogs are reporting an alarming scheme by the Biden administration to take over the nation's elections.

Here's what is being done about it. ... Read more…