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WND BREAKING 04/30/2016

Ready for the 'nightmare you'll never wake up from'?
What do the leaders of Russia, China, Israel and Iran know about this near-existential threat that our leaders don't?

Nothing. It's just that theirs are preparing for it.

This former Defense Department security policy analyst is warning that America is vulnerable to 147 simultaneous Fukishima-style nuclear meltdowns. It's preventable and Congress is doing nothing about it ...
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Tea Party Riot in California (video)

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GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA

GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA CONTRIBUTOR: MILLENNIUM Reporter. THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA How the CIA made Google . Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet— Part 1 By Nafeez Ahmed _____________________________________________... INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism...


Khazarian Mafia¹s system of Cartels

Submitted by: Robert Cooper

Look at the world today...How many deaths and corrupt deals must we be subjected to?


Apr 30, 2016 06:29 am  

By Doug Ross  
Cub Reporter Biff Spackle scoops the world with this exclusive, tippity-top secret agenda for the DNC.
Secret Agenda for the 2016 Democratic National Convention Revealed!
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Rick Scott calls for Republicans to Rally behind Donald Trump
2016-04-30 | by Alice Greene | Share on Facebook
Florida Governor Rick Scott has called on the GOP Party to unite around Donald Trump.

"Republicans now need to come together. Donald Trump is going to be our nominee, and he is going to ...More


Submitted by: Davis Bertrand

Blowing the doors of NSA wide-open by "SNOWDEN"

Friends and Associates:

Oliver Stone unveils "SNOWDEN" September 16th in movie theaters nationwide.

The movie is rich in accurate events and portrayal of the NSA, taking us behind the scenes of how the agency gathers data on a massive scale.....everything imaginable. Edward Snowden was at the top of his class as a genius and was involved with hardcore electronic spying of Americans. He saw that WE had been hoodwinked into thinking that massive surveillance was for catching terrorists.

Many think he's a traitor, while a majority believe he is a hero.

Without Edward Snowden and his revelations, we as Americans would continue to surrender more freedoms for alleged security, when in-fact....NSA spying on EVERY American is mainly for the purpose of helping traitors in Washington, by watching bloggers and journalists and other politicians that begin to unravel the corruption. NSA also monitors world investors and gives selected elite an edge in-order to keep the fiat dollar alive. (Insider Trading?)

If a certain politician begins advancing and is not liked by the establishment, every bit of communications is evaluated and provided to the CIA and the administration.

For other crimes that involve citizens, including domestic terrorism, local law enforcement and the "Fusion Centers" have unlimited control over monitoring their area of concern with just a subpoena....and in many cases, just open monitoring of texts and emails. 

The NSA protects Americans and they subdue Americans for pursuing criminal acts by the government, including False Flags. The agency and the CIA are equivalent to being the man behind the curtain that (basically) answers to no one. THEY tell Obama what he should do or think.....

The "Snowden" movie is further evidence that proves the lies that have been planted via mainstream media and the administration. Like other movie directors, writers, and journalists of whom revealed intelligence to the public, in the last couple years, have ended-up dead.

Let's hope Oliver Stone survives long enough to see the American Revolution as WE change America back into a country we can respect.

Over 2.2 million have watched this trailer in just 2 days

NEVADA NEWS & VIEWS 04/30/2016


Is nothing sacred? 

I just read that Cracker Jack boxes will no longer come with an actual prize inside.  Instead, you’ll get a sticker with a QR code that you’ll have to scan and then go online to get access to “four mobile, baseball-themed games.”

Frito-Lay says the new online prize “allows families to enjoy their favorite baseball moments through a new one-of-a-kind mobile experience, leveraging digital technology to bring the iconic Prize Inside to life.”

BEFORE IT'S NEWS 04/30/2016

Satanic Dictator Rises From the Shadows and You Won’t Believe the New World Order City He’s Building! Huge Prophecy Alert! (video)

Satanic Dictator Rises From the Shadows and You Won’t Believe the New World Order City He’s Building! Huge Prophecy Alert! CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven The bible tells us that in the later days a dictator will rise from the shadows and take over the world. This character, known as the Antichrist, will rule and reign over every tribe, tongue, and nation, and literally usher in all hell on earth. While no...


CHUCK KOLB 04/30/2016

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported
226 people have been killed in Syria over the past eight days.
Here is the latest report on the planetary carnage continuing it's increment.
We look forward to the Glory of Lord, God Almighty, the unsaved are doomed
and our commission is thus finished. For they do know what they do and the
dispensation of  Our Father's Grace has ended. The extensive publishing
of the Truth - If not NOW, then when it is too late ... Worry NOT report about
tomorrow - If not WE, then Who - when it is too late ...
The final question/answer is - Where do They want to spend eternity ...
Maranatha !

Syria 226 Dead in 8 Days !!!

Previously posted ...
Shabbat Shalom - Acharon Shel Pesach - Passover Feast for the Messiah !!!


Mimi Walters for Congress

  Conservatives --

Today is our last day to hit our fundraising goal for the month of April and ensure California continues to have a strong, conservative voice in Congress, and I've been so busy fighting to lower taxes, ensure proper treatment of our veterans, and to protect our basic liberties that I've had little time to spare on fundraising.


Random Thoughts for May, 2016. By Robert A. Hall


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JIHAD WATCH 04/30/2016

Australia: Jihad murderer makes Islamic State gesture in court
By Robert Spencer on Apr 29, 2016 06:19 pm

Australia: Jihad murderer makes Islamic State gesture in court
Everyone in the world knows that the raised index finger is a sign of allegiance to the Islamic State. Yet if you dare point this out, watch for a barrage of accusations of “Islamophobia” and a blizzard of emails containing photos of non-Muslims with raised index finger. Even those who stoop to this sort of […]

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From: Sher   From: "doug walk"...(Whatever Justice voted against this better not go to any dude ranches alone)
BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court denies bid to block Texas voter ID  
Texas' controversial voter identification law will remain in effect -- possibly through November's elections -- after the Supreme Court denies an emergency request from a coalition of Latino advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers.


Say Goodbye To Choosing Your Neighbors And Local Tax Rates –Obama/Feds Will Decide

By Stephen Frank on Apr 29, 2016 08:26 pm
Free choice is where you live in America is quickly coming to an end.  Like any other tin pot dictator, Barack Obama is setting in place the “rules” of where you are allowed to live—based on his bigotry, using color and national origin and even bringing terrorist from the Middle-East and illegal aliens from south […]

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Our World
Upside Down
Part 3
If you went to the movies and saw the film ‘Avatar’ you witnessed a subtle message of there being intelligent life on other planets with powers to ‘tap into’ plant life. What you actually witnessed was God’s truths turned into a lie.
Romans 1: 25They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.