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LIFE NEWS 03/31/2014

Gosnell Movie “America’s Biggest Serial Killer” Will Tell Story of Abortionist Who Killed Babies Born AliveHe is the abortion practitioner who killed babies in live-birth abortions that were more akin to infanticide than abortion. The media virtually ignored Kermit Gosnell until the pro-life movement launched a concerned effort to call them out on their bias during the early stages of his trial for murder.
Now, Gosnell is prison, having been convicted of murder in the deaths of multiple babies,though he was accused of killing thousands of viable babies. Still, one report from Gallup showed a large percentage of Americans still have no idea who Gosnell is and what he did. A new crowd-funded campaign for a Gosnell movie hopes to change that.


Candidate Scott Lively shocks politicians and audience at Mass. LGBT gubernatorial debate. Doesn't flinch from the truth! A lesson for the pro-family movement.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement
of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell
Pastor Scott Lively, an independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts,  shocked the other politicians and audience members at a televised candidate forum on "LGBTQ issues" at the Boston Public Library on March 25. Rather than join in the pro-"gay" chorus, Lively described the truths about those behaviors from a medical, sociological, and biblical standpoint. It was a cold dose of common sense that few there had likely heard before.


Your Tax Dollars: Obamacare Navigators Helping People Enroll At Mexican Consulates
Mar 30, 2014 04:37 pm 


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THE POINT 03/31/2014

Obama Cancels Tomahawk Missile, Spends $400K on Camel Sculpture in Pakistan

Meanwhile US Marines in Afghanistan are being denied hot meals.

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Flight 370 Passenger Allegedly Sent Message from U.S. Military Base in Indian Ocean Today's Articles

CHUCK KOLB 03/31/2014

Ezekiel 38 and the coming battle for Israel‏ !!!

Previousy posted ...
BREAKING ! ARPAIO to Release Evidence aka SOEBARKAH !!!

End-time experts are talking a lot about the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38–39, a prophecy that predicts a powerful confederacy,
apparently led by Russia, that is destined to someday invade Israel.  Some think that its fulfillment is even knocking at our door.

♥†♥ ♥†♥ ♥†♥


1. Russia Resurgent, America Diminished – Part 2
Frank Vernuccio
2. Obama Is the Manifestation of a Multi-Generational Soviet Plot to Destroy America
Dave Hodges

MUTH'S TRUTHS 03/31/2014


a 2An open letter to all Nevada candidates claiming to be fiscal conservatives…

Sponsored by Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge has been signed by true taxpayer champions and fiscally conservative candidates all across the country for over 25 years. 

The Left and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) hate the Pledge because it hinders their ability to get more money to grow government. 

And Moderate Republicans hate to sign the Pledge because it means they would actually have to vote the way they campaigned. 

ACTIVIST POST 03/31/2014


Self-Healing Muscle Engineered in Laboratory

Virtual Reality System Examines Brain in Real Time

APD Shootings Protest Turns Violent; Police Unload Tear Gas & Make Arrests

Yellowstone Earthquakes Foretold the Weekend of March 30?

GRASSTOPS USA 03/31/2014

"Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." ~ Ronald Reagan
May The Force Be With You.
Darth Vader Announces Bid For Ukrainian Presidency

You just can't make stuff like this up. The Ukrainian Internet Party claims it has paid the registration fees and will be running Darth Vader at the top of the ticket in the May 25th election. Vladimir Putin could not be reached for comment.

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Get Your Head Out of The Sand: Why You Need to Care About Politics

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Dear Conservative Friend,

Allen West was one of the first people to condemn my opponent liberal Democrat Alan Grayson when he outrageously said "the Tea Party is the home of bigotry and discrimination in America today, just as was the KKK for an earlier generation."

Jorge Bonilla for Congress, Join my Team!So I am incredibly honored and humbled to receive Lt. Colonel Allen West's "One to Watch" designation. Allen West is a true American Patriot, a friend, and a mentor whose wise counsel has been instrumental to my campaign.

Today I need your help now more than ever. You see liberal Congressman Alan Grayson, popularly known as "America's Worst Politician," is desperate and is warning his closest supporters that he could lose his seat in Congress...again!

He has lost elections in 2006 and 2010...and with your continued support we can add 2014 to that list!

We can't let this opportunity to stop Alan Grayson slip away!

So can I count on you to stand with me by chipping in $25, $50, $100, or more today?

Sadly, because of his extreme liberal voting record, Alan Grayson will be able to depend on getting more and more money from liberal labor unions, trial lawyers, environmentalists, and pro-abortion groups.


Mar 31, 2014 07:00 am  

In another sign that Democrats are worried that the 2014 midterm elections may resemble the 2010 midterms in which the Tea Party movement gave the GOP historic gains.
Frightened Dem: ‘We Could Lose’ Congress To More Candidates Like Ted Cruz
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Black Liberal racist exposed by Bill Maher? I think I’ve seen the Seventh Sign, as Bill Maher actually exposed W Kamau Bell, as a black Liberal racist. Maher was discussing Paul Ryan’s comments about what’s happening in the inner cities, and Bell decided ... READ MORE
Kobe Bryant divorces Black People? All it takes for a black person to lose their “black” card is to not do what Liberal blacks expect. And that’s what Kobe Bryant did, when asked about Trayvon Martin. In an interview with The New Yorker, NBA star ... READ MORE

OPEN THE BOOKS 03/31/2014

"Open the Books is doing the work I envisioned when the Coburn-Obama bill became law.Their innovative app and other tools are putting sunlight
through a magnifying glass."
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.
Sponsor of 2006 "Google Your Government Act" 
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GOP USA THE EAGLE 03/31/2014

Vote Multiple Times for Obama; Get a Pass from DOJ

Eric Holder's Justice Department wastes no time suing states over their voter ID laws -- to protect the franchise, he says. But a fraudster who repeatedly voted for President Obama? Why, she gets a pass.

Liberalism Doesn't Solve Poverty

When Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., went off on Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for his remarks that, "We have got a tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work," the wrong part of what she had to say got all the attention.

BARBWIRE 03/31/2014

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Pelletier Travesty Prompts Dr. Keith Ablow to Warn Parents to Protect Rights
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EXCESSIVE FORCE: Protesters Storm Albuquerque Police HQ Over VIDEO of APD Killing Homeless Man Above is the video of police killing James Boyd What started as a peaceful protest against the Albuquerque Police Department quickly turned violent by nightfall with officers in riot gear breaking out the tear gas. […] ...READ MORE
GUNS.COM: Doug Giles Talks About His New Book, “Rise, Kill & Eat” and Masculinity (VIDEO) – On his cross country exploration of gun culture titled “We The People”, Ben Phillipi stops off in Miami to talk to Doug Giles, political commentator and columnist, about the great rift in American […] ... READ MORE

CLASH DAILY 03/31/2014

ANIMAL RIGHTS LUNATICS: German Journalist Triggers Death Threats Against American Hunter A German financial journalist triggered attacks on an American hunter by some of her fellow “animal rights” cultists that have included death threats against the hunter. Respected German journalist and animals rights activist, ...READ MORE
PERSONAL SECURITY: Fool Me Once, Shame On Me May there be no surprise… about your security. Surprise is a killer. Alfred de Vigny’s famous poem “The Wolf’s Death” is about stoicism. Yet the inevitable doom coming from surprise is magnificently captured in one ... READ MORE


by Lee S Gliddon Jr\

Obama and Secretary Sibellius have perpetrated yet another enormous lie and the nation has apparently fallen for it!

"We anticipate that 7 million Americans will apply for the Affordable Healthcare Plans by 03/31/2014."

Hmm...Let's do some thinking...

There are 300 million citizens in the U.S.A.. We were told that Obamacare was necessary in order to provide health insurance coverages for 40 million uninsured people.

Now, compare the numbers who enrolled, paid or not, to the 40 million uninsured...


Obamacare Website Goes Down on Deadline Day

BEFORE IT'S NEWS 03/31/2014

Must See!! Noah's Name in Relation to LA Earthquakes! (video)

CONTRIBUTOR: FreebytheTruth. First lets look at Merriam Webster Dictionary entry for Character Assassination. Character Assassination - the slandering of a person usually with the intention of destroying public confidence in that person. This is the point Darren Aronofsky gnostic Noah movie is attempting to make in slandering the biblical Noah and...



Today's Featured Article:
Was Obama kicked out of Saudi Arabia?

Today's Politically Incorrect Headlines:

ALT 03/31/2014

ALT Headlines Featured Stories for March 31, 2014

Uber, Tesla and Airbnb Are Under Government Attack
Youtube - Electric car maker Tesla, taxi app Uber and hotel alternative Airbnb are not only revolutionizing their industries, they're also under attack from interest groups that are using politics to force regulations that will help keep big business ...
12 Signs That Something Big Is Happening To The Earths Crust Under North And South America
Why are fault lines and volcanoes all over North and South America suddenly waking up? Are we moving into a time when major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ...


Submitted by Dr Richard Swier

Check out this political satire:


Please join me as a charter subscriber to the hottest free weekly online magazine for America’s new generation of black conservative leaders.

Ben Carson photoDear Friend,
America is the land of dreams, and it has fulfilled the dreams of so many people from so many places. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. And by working hard, embracing my mother's values and seizing opportunity, I was able to become a neurosurgeon. But I worry that today's generations have been lulled into a complacency that is destroying the promise of The Dream.
The ruling elite has convinced too many young adults that it's OK to stay at home and live in your parents' basements playing video games or aimlessly roaming the streets with friends. After all, you can get a monthly check, a free cell phone and health insurance from Uncle Sam for doing nothing. Opportunity has been replaced by despair. Embracing character, values, marriage and family has been ridiculed. Government dependence has been substituted for self-reliance. And mediocrity has replaced excellence.
I want you to join me today in demolishing this culture of failure and standing up to the media elite, who for too long have treated black Americans as a monolithic bloc addicted to a single political dogma. We need a new media source that embraces hard work, moral character, family values, good education and self-reliance and inspires the next generation with role models who have cast off the chains of mediocre expectations and proven that the American dream is alive and well.


Fighting transgender politics
image A Cambridge transgender woman, outraged that convicted wife killer Michelle Kosilek could receive a free gender reassignment operation that health insurers refuse to cover for law-abiding citizens, has filed suit demanding the same right to tax-funded surgery -- a move critics say could mark the beginning of a dramatic, costly shift in entitlements under the controversial federal court ruling.

ACTIVIST POST 03/30/2014


Shocker: comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, all US wars

Did some of Syria’s WMDs come from America?

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Uber, Tesla & Airbnb Are Under Government Attack

House Investigates Saudi Intelligence Involvement in 9/11 Attacks

NEWS WITH VIEWS 03/31/2014

Today at NewsWithViews.TV
A Disconnected Body: Why is the body of Christ so disconnected?  How can we possibly expect to advance the Kingdom of God if the churches and the church leaders are not connected to each other?
--With Coach Dave Daubenmire

Marxism and Redistribution are High Treason
The Constitution is emphatic; there can be no Compromise with Marxists or any similar group of Traitors, such as Establishment Republicans or Democrat Officials and Judges who ignore the Constitution for power and profit or for any reason at the expense of the very lives and sustenance of our people. Our Constitution Demands “Equal Justice” which made our country great. Marxists practice Unconstitutional “Social Justice” which means......
by Former Kentucky State Trooper Andrew Wallace, Ret.

JIHAD WATCH 03/31/2014

Mar 30, 2014 10:30 pm | Robert Spencer
Some time ago here at Jihad Watch I had an exchange with an English convert to Islam. I said: “I would like nothing better than a flowering, a renaissance, in the Muslim world, including full equality of rights for women and non-Muslims in Islamic societies: freedom of conscience, equality in laws regarding legal testimony, equal […]
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National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 3-31-14

Note: This is a "DAILY" Newsbriefer. "If you DON'T see one DAILY, say something". THX

And don't forget the newsbrief at the end:    "How Wolves Change Rivers"

From: VDARE...More on That Texas Middle School Which Fired A Principal For Requiring English In The Classroom by Allan Wall

From: John Rolls......In Europe BO Says Constitution Outdated -International Law Is Supreme, United Nations

RedState Briefing 03/31/2014

Morning Briefing
For March 31, 2014

Pete Ricketts for Nebraska Governor
Pete Ricketts is running for Governor of Nebraska. I’m very happy to endorse his candidacy. Nebraska has a lot of farmers and one of the things Pete has championed is a proposal to reduce property taxes on family farms.

Pete is a fiscal conservative and also a solid social conservative. He’s long been involved in Nebraska politics and in conservative politics. He is the former CFO of TD Ameritrade, a company his father founded. He has also been involved with the American Enterprise Institute, the Platte Institute for Economic Research, and has used his ties and knowledge to help other entrepreneurs get off the ground. . . . please click here for the rest of the post