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This was not funded by any political faction, nor by the top 1% earners of America.
It merely presents the facts and figures.

RENEW AMERICA 03/13/2014

March 13, 2014
BRYAN FISCHER — According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama's brigade of buffoons running his signature health care bill has waived the penalty for not buying health insurance. Yes, you read that right. The individual mandate, which we were told by Obama was the key to making the whole thing work, has been dropped out of ObamaCare until 2016... (more)


Sebelius Plays Hide and Sneak with Mandate

Kathleen Sebelius heads up HHS, not the CIA -- but with all the secrets she's keeping on ObamaCare, it can be tough to tell the difference. Earlier this week, the agency's cover was blown on yet another clandestine operation to change the health care law -- a change so classified that the media didn't notice until this week, when the Wall Street Journal blew the story wide open.
It seems the individual mandate, which forces people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, was suspended by the White House last week without so much as a peep to the media. Instead, the administration buried the news in a technical bulletin on a totally unrelated rule -- stunning reporters and confusing Americans who the change was meant to help. "Keep in mind," writes the Journal, "that the White House argued at the Supreme Court that the individual mandate to buy insurance was indispensable to the law's success, and President Obama continues to say he'd veto bipartisan bills that would delay or repeal it."


Submitted by Nancy Battle

This is what lies ahead for the United States if Obama is not stopped!

The last 30 seconds is Very Powerful & Frightening

The chickens coming home to roost.  We're next?

THE POINT 03/13/2014

Saudi Cleric Who Hates America and Women, Outlaws “All You Can Eat” Buffets

“Whoever enters the buffet and eats is violating Islamic law,"

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LIFE NEWS 03/13/2014

Gosnell Worker Who Said Baby Screamed During Live-Birth Abortion Jailed for 5-10 Years Gosnell abortion clinic employee Sherry West, who described how she heard a baby scream during a live-birth abortion, has been sentenced to 5-10 years in prison for her role in the “House of Horrors” abortion clinic incidents.
West described an incident which “really freaked (her) out” and related to the jury how she heard a child scream who was born alive following an abortion. West remembered how she referred to the dead children killed in these gruesome abortion procedures as “specimens” so she could avoid the mental trauma associated with knowing how they died.


DNC Defends ObamaCare: ‘You Have To Take Your Medicine’
Mar 12, 2014 06:45 pm 


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Submitted by Donald Hank

March 12, 2014

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently compared actions by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine to those of Adolf Hitler in 1938 in Czechoslovakia. Although this is hyperbole bordering on veritable absurdity, there are similarities that may explain the roots of the current conflict. In both instances the seeds of despair were planted about twenty years earlier by reckless politicians who drew maps of new countries with flagrant disregard to people's culture, religion and language. In Germany they were driven by revenge and in the Crimea by expediency.

ACTIVIST POST 03/13/2014


MIT Creates Soft Robotic Fish, Moves Like the Real Thing
NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake Dicusses Persecution & Future of the U.S.

Dashcam Video Sheds Light on Cop Shooting 70-Year-Old Disabled Man

Canada Waives Right to GM Fish Toxicity Info But Can't Say Why

TransEvolution: Ridding the planet of pesky humans


Dear Conservatives,
Currently, Federal Government policies ban offshore oil and gas exploration and development in 87% of the offshore areas under federal control. These areas have a huge potential to produce the oil and natural gas our nation needs. The first step towards making this happen is to find out how much oil and natural gas exists offshore. We can do that through seismic surveying.


Dear Fellow Patriot,
The House Oversight Committee has released a 141-page report on the IRS targeting of conservative Christian and Tea Party groups.
This document proves that the IRS -- under the direction of Lois Lerner -- deliberately targeted and silenced conservatives to influence the outcome of the 2012 elections in favor of Obama and the Democrat Party.
America's Founding Fathers would have viewed election interference like this as treason. We have to be able to trust the integrity of our national elections!
But Lois Lerner, the IRS ringleader of this operation, has gotten off scot-free. Congress is still weighing public opinion to decide if they should hold Lerner in contempt and throw her in jail for her actions.
Your opinion on this matter counts! Please send FaxGrams to the House Oversight Committee today and demand that they hold a vote for Contempt of Congress against Lois Lerner!

ALIPAC 03/13/2014

Illegal Alien Suing Emergency Crews That Saved His Life Should Be Deported


illegal immigrant sues rescuers that saved his life from flood



"The only foundation of a free Constitution, is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People, in a greater Measure than they have it now, they may change their Rulers, and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting Liberty." --John Adams, letter to Zabdiel Adams, 1776


Air Force Academy Does It Again


Crimea to Vote on Whether To Rejoin Russia
As Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to meet his Russian counterpart in London for last-ditch talks Friday aimed at averting a rushed referendum on Crimea’s reincorporation into Russia, neither Russia nor the separatist authorities in Crimea show any sign of backing down. President Obama’s decision to send Kerry comes just two days after the […] READ MORE
Gun Control Discrimination May Be About To Ruin This Teen’s Future
Meet Jordan Wiser, a high school senior you might call an overachiever. Enrolled in an Ohio vocational-technical school, Wiser was taking Firefighter 2 and EMT courses to bolster his dream of future public service. “Last year, I completed the law enforcement course,” the 18-year-old told The Huffington Post. “I received several certifications, including the National […] READ MORE


Obama Quietly Releases Newest Edict: Everyone can be Exempted from Individual Mandate if they Can’t Afford Obamacare


Leader Cantor On Obama Administration's Secret Individual Mandate Delay
WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement on the Obama Administration's secret individual mandate delay:
"The Obama Administration once again tried to sneak through a unilateral change to ObamaCare which essentially allows anyone who has experienced a hardship in obtaining health insurance to opt out of the individual mandate tax without requiring documentation. It’s no surprise that the Administration tried to sneak this through after spending years attacking Republicans for wanting to spare Americans from this very mandate. These backdoor changes to the law have to stop. Republicans agree that Americans should not be subject to ObamaCare’s mandate tax and will vote tomorrow to delay it for five years and use those savings to protect Medicare for our nation’s seniors.

BEFORE IT'S NEWS 03/13/2014

Russian Red Army Masses 80,000 Troops On Ukraine Border

Russian Red Army Masses 80,000 Troops On Ukraine Border CONTRIBUTOR: Now The End Begins. Ukraine warned last night that 80,000 Russian troops were massing on its borders and could invade – as world leaders told Vladimir Putin to back off. A senior security chief in Kiev said Moscow could launch a full-scale  invasion and Russian troops would be in the Ukrainian capital within ‘two...


Leader Cantor Announces Update Of Imperial Presidency Report  

WASHINGTON, D.C.– House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today released an updated report on the Imperial Presidency, highlighting examples of the Obama Administration’s executive overreach and abuse of the law:

“Our Founders created a series of checks and balances for our democracy to prevent any one of the three branches of government from becoming too powerful. Today, this system is under threat as the executive branch continues to bypass Congress and use executive action to promote its own agenda. Most evident of the Administration’s blatant disregard for the rule of law is the President’s selective implementation of ObamaCare. At a time when the law is creating more uncertainty for working families and for our economy, the President continues to circumvent Congress and issue delays to parts of the law. Not only are these delays unilateral, but they are oftentimes put forth in a way that is not apparent to the American people, buried on holiday weekends, late evenings, and even entirely behind closed doors as we saw last week. The American people deserve better.

GRASSTOPS USA 03/13/2014

"I'm not a Republican because I grew up rich, but because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me."
~ Mike Huckabee
Shady Lady
Hillary Clinton Linked To Illegal Campaign Scam
Posted On America's Conservative News

The mainstream media will likely work overtime to avoid mentioning Hillary Clinton's ties to this emerging scandal.

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Is Your Family Making Enough Sacrifices? Obama Doesn’t Think So…

Mar 13, 2014 02:40 pm

He also had the nerve to blame unaffordable health care on Texas
This post originally appeared on Western Journalism - Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Read More and Comment: Is Your Family Making Enough Sacrifices? Obama Doesn’t Think So…

CLASH DAILY 03/13/2014

CHUMPS: When Blacks Voted 80 Percent Dem, Malcolm X Called Them ‘Chumps’ By Larry Elder When blacks gave 80 percent of their vote to the Democratic Party in 1964, black activist Malcolm X called them “political chumps.” White voters, X said, “are so evenly divided that every ... READ MORE
PATHETIC: Amidst Dwindling Poll Numbers, MSNBC Travels to Kenya to Locate Obama Fans Now in his third week at MSNBC, Ronan Farrow delivers to us a supposed “news report” so laughable that you almost have to commend him. On the same day that NBC News released polling showing […] ... READ MORE


Featured - Wednesday, March 12, 2014


"We Must Have The Support Of The American People In Order To Have Impeachment." -Rep. Michelle Bachmann
       No matter what you may NOT hear from the lame-stream media, the sad and unfortunate truth is that Michele Bachmann just hit the nail on the head... the ONLY thing prohibiting Congress from REMOVING Barack Obama TODAY is THEIR delusion that YOU WON'T SUPPORT IT.

       If you're frustrated that Congress is not moving aggressively enough to remove Barack Obama, you can make it happen right now.

       And don't just take our word for it. Take Bachmann's word for it. If you really want Barack Obama GONE... there's only one way to make him go... direct action.

ALT 03/13/2014

ALT Headlines Featured Stories for March 13, 2014

Big Brother Surveillance It Is Not Just For Governments Anymore
Traditionally, when we have thought of "Big Brother technology" we have thought of government oppression. But these days, it isn't just governments that are using creepy new technologies to spy on all of us. As you will ...

NEWS WITH VIEWS 03/13/2014

Do You Believe in Evolution?
Before we argue about whether or not a rock evolved into life we need for them to explain to us where the rock came from.  The battle is over origins, not evolution. Look friends, let's not fall into their trap.  Rather than wasting our time arguing with the God-haters about a literal six-day creation, or a worldwide flood we need to force them to tell us what happened “in the beginning.”......
by Coach Dave Daubenmire

JIHAD WATCH 03/13/2014

Mar 13, 2014 02:08 am | Robert Spencer
Omar Sacirbey, the fiercely smiling author of this RNS editorial masquerading as a news story that the Washington Post picked up, has all the journalistic standards of Josef Goebbels. Recently he published assertions about me that were obviously and flagrantly false, whereupon I wrote him asking for a retraction and an apology. He wrote back […]
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RedState Briefing 03/13/2014

Right-Wing Mobs? No, A Cleaning Crew.
I was not with Ann Coulter in her support of Chris Christie for President. And it took me a lot longer to get to Romney. Ann went to him once it became clear Christie wasn’t running. I waited till all the others were eliminated. But I like Ann and I find myself with her more often than not. But not with her defense of Mitch McConnell.

In her syndicated column, Ann defends McConnell’s record on immigration and refers to RedState’s posts on McConnell as “nonsensical jeremiads against McConnell on the RedState blog.” I am glad she’s reading us. But I think Ann makes some errors about Mitch McConnell and glosses over some key details.  . . . please click here for the rest of the post

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Obama’s MyRA Scam: Your Savings Pays for US Debt

Outrage Over Gov't Plan to Confiscate Savings Accounts

Experts Predict Imminent Collapse of U.S. Dollar
Obama: You could afford insurance if you gave up your cable and phone
In 2009, President Obama famously told a woman that her 100 year old mother who might be refused a pacemaker under Obamacare might need to “simply take pain killers.” This is an attitude common to liberals. They know what’s best and when pushed, they’ll spell it out for you: make whatever accommodations you must but you will comply with what they’ve presented to you as your “choices.”

The Libre Initiative has the newest example up, with president Obama scolding poor people who fear they can’t afford the mandated health insurance premiums. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

Don’t Tread On Bossy
This week, liberals and their media lap dogs have once again revealed a part of their telling agenda: They want to ban the word “bossy”. Yes. The word.

Why? Because it’s “offensive.” It holds back the young, up and coming women leaders of the new generation. They believe, and want us to believe, that we cant think for ourselves or raise strong independent young conservative women because “bossy” is bad, ugly, hurtful, and degrading. It doesn’t matter that “bossy” has and will be used by women toward their male bosses and that’s OK. Nobody objects to that. But for poor, weak little girls, having the word “bossy” used about them stunts their growth and won’t let them achieve their goals. Girls can’t take the heat, so get back IN the kitchen??  . . . please click here for the rest of the post

Rand Paul’s Crimea Flip Flops Disqualify Him For the Presidency
Just as the last refuge of the poltroon is patriotism, the last refuge of the GOP poltroon is comparing oneself with Reagan.  We’ve seen this play on in humiliating clarity over the past several days with the behavior of freshman senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul concerning the Russian anschluss with Crimea. . . . please click here for the rest of the post
Morning Briefing
For March 13, 2014

A Tin Cup Half Full: Chrysler To Add 1,000 Part-Time Workers, UAW To Collect Full-Time Dues
According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler will be adding 1,000 part-time workers to its plant in Toledo, Ohio.
As part of the deal hammered out between Chrysler and the United Auto Workers, the part-timers won’t be getting full-time work or even full-time benefits. However, they will be paid $15.78 per hour—the same as entry-level full-time employees.

Additionally, it is expected that the part-timers will be required to pay union dues—the same amount as full-time workers. . . . please click here for the rest of the post


National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 3-13-14
Note: This is a "DAILY" Newsbriefer. "If you DON'T see one DAILY, say something". THX

And don't forget the newsbrief at the bottom... Boehner-BHO Agree On Immigration Reform

BJ3: Such is it for "The most transparent adminisdtration in history" (that's "hi story").
From: CommieBlaster...Report: 1/2 Fed Gov't Agencies Failing at FOIA