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BREAKING: Biden Presidency Pushes GOP to Rebuild...
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THE HORN NEWS 01/22/2021


Surprise 51st State bill unveiled by GOP (not what you think)
Surprise 51st State bill unveiled by GOP (not what you think)
Republicans are attempting to turn the tables on Democrats with a proposal for a 51st state. Find out which new territory they want to grant statehood... and what they want to name it! Read More 



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In this episode, I discuss this extremely dangerous proposal by a radical Democrat which will breach the dam, and rapidly move us towards a police state.

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Hammerin’ Hank Dead at 86; MLB Legend Got Covid Vaccine Jan. 5

White House Rules The Bidens Will Have To Follow

SPECIAL: Best fruit after dinner

Fauci Is All Smiles In Triumphant Return to White House Microphone

What To Know About COVID-19 Variants, According To Mayo Clinic

MRC TV 01/22/2021



'They Aren't Nancy Pelosi's Servants:' Gov. DeSantis Orders Florida Nat'l Guard Troops Home


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JIHAD WATCH 01/22/2021




Lincoln Project Picks Up Overseas Business: Oppose Netanyahu of Israel

By Stephen Frank on Jan 21, 2021 09:13 pm
First they used Democrat/Soros money to defeat President Trump and Republican U.S. Senators.  Now, using Democrat money they will try to destabilize Israel.  They will try to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The Associated Press confirmed that Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Stuart Stevens, and Reed Galen were recently hired to advise Gideon Sa’ar, a Netanyahu […]

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THE DAILY WIRE 01/22/2021


‘Incredibly Troubling,’ ‘Deeply Disturbed’: Canadian Lawmakers React To Biden Energy Policy

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Arab Family Invades Biblical Site, Calls it Home; The Palestinian Plan to Dupe Biden; Who Just Bought Israeli-Made ‘Smash 2000’ Rifle Sights; Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelBedouins Fix Vandalized Jewish Graveyard; Self-Driving Cars Coming Soon; The Passover Sacrifice: Ancient Ritual or Relevant as Ever Today? Living Torah: Never Give Up on God!



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Yonko Grozev, one of George Soros’ former employees who became a judge at the ECHR, has just abandoned to his death, without any further ado, a Polish patient in a coma since last November. The Court informed the patient’s lawyers of its decision by a simple letter, considering his appeal to be manifestly ill-founded.

The Rise And Fall Of Babylon

 Submitted by: W.G.E.N.

I see a lot of comparisons between the history of Babylon and Washington DC (America)

I also noted the changes in *language*  that PEE LOUSY has set forth in gender ID.  [the Lord judged the people and confounded their language].  Just a lot of things that took place in the original Babylon and what is going on and has been going on in Washington DC and those who are referred to as the Deep State (I call them Servants of Satan) and their *IDOLS*.  Those we allowed to gain office and rule over us in America have been working hard to recreate the BABYLON of scripture.  Most of us are aware of what happened to that in history.  With the newly ensconced demonic politicians ruling in Washington DC and many of the States we shall witness the destruction of this new Babylon.  The so called leader (BUY-DEM) is rushing to undo all that the previous leader had put into place - totally ignorant of the fact that he is rushing headlong to his own demise.

N ABSOLUTE NEWS 01/22/2021




Israeli Vaccinations Up, Infections Drop from Record High as Outbreak Appears to Ease

Wimps & Traitors in DC

 Submitted by: Dick

Wimps & Traitors in DC

One big problem is that we are giving them credit for being way smarter than they are.

they are clever bastards... but not smart.

Biden Commits Illegal & Impeachable Offense Stopping Deportations of Illegals (Buzz says)

 Biden Commits Illegal & Impeachable Offense Stopping Deportations of Illegals

You can see in our press release below that 95% of you said Yes 'Impeach Biden'.  Now ALPAC is leading the way on your behalf and we need you to 1.  Light up the phone lines to Republicans in Congress (Starting with all GOP Senators) with this release and 2. Sharing this press release far and wide rapidly by email and social media.
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How Joe Biden’s Proposed Policies Could Restrict Your Freedoms



by Political Deputy




Bozell Blasts Media for Demanding the ‘Deprogramming’ Communists Want





John Brennan Reveals Terrifying Plan Involving Biden Admin Moving In ‘Laser Light Fashion’ To ‘Root Out’ Political Opposition

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Report: National Guard Turned Backs on Biden Motorcade

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Pelosi Claims Trump’s Speech Incited Rioters At The Capitol Building — FBI Agent Says Not So Fast

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WHOALY MOLY did you see this?!


If you've ever wanted to flip off the Democrats...


... this is the way to do it.


Sign the IMPEACH JOE BIDEN petition today and become a citizen co-sponsor.


It happened last night and when I heard it...

I literally jumped out of my seat and screamed



I was so happy I swear I could have kissed the TV screen.


Let me just say that Marjorie Taylor Greene, a new Republican Congresswoman from Georgia is my new hero.


Did you hear what she’s doing?


On January 21st, the day after Biden takes office Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is drafting articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for abuse of power.


Think China and the Ukraine for starters...


...the billions from China he’s lined his family’s pockets with and gotten filthy rich on...


I mean COME ONE MAN...


How does a public servant afford a $20,000 a month luxury estate AND... a multimillion-dollar waterfront home?


A little suspicious don’t you think?


Sign the IMPEACH JOE BIDEN petition today. Help Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) push impeachment through and gain unprecedented support.



The BILLION DOLLAR BRIBE to Ukraine officials to fire the prosecutor investigating his son Hunter alone should be enough to impeach Biden.


Let me remind you of what Crooked Joe Biden was caught on tape bragging and LAUGHING about...


On his meeting with Ukraine officials:

“We’re leaving here in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well son of a bitch he got fired.” – Joe Biden


It’s high time someone give the filthy lying vile DemoCRAPS a taste of their own medicine.


IMPEACH THE B*STARD the minute he gets in office!!!! Sign the petition now and become a citizen co-sponsor of the move to IMPEACH BIDEN.




Even if this impeachment ends up symbolic it speaks volumes.


This my friend is a HARD BLOW to the left.


The vile vipers on the left deserve to be dealt a blow like this...


How do they like it?


You know what?


I hope Greene and the rest of the Republican Congress hammer the hell out of the left for what they did to Trump...


...and for what they did to us the past 4 years.


As God is my witness, those radical thugs are not fit to the lick the bottom of my boots!!!!


There they sit—the party of punishment, lies and deceit—insisting they want unity and healing.


BULLSH*T. No they don’t.


What a crock.


Sign the IMPEACH JOE BIDEN petition today. Then go the extra mile to donate--$100, $50, $25, $15, $5—whatever you can do to help build the war chest to IMPEACH BIDEN.


We’ll see to it the IMPEACH JOE BIDEN petition with your name on it as a citizen co-sponsor goes directly to every member of Congress and President Trump.


We’re not fooling around here.


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) needs our help...


And you know what?


We fully intend on supporting her efforts to gain impeachment momentum across the country.


It’s clear the left has no intention of creating unity or healing. If they did...


They would not have proceeded with impeaching Donald Trump again.


All they did was divide the country even further, fueling the fires of anger and fear.


And on what grounds? It was a total SHAM.


As Congresswoman Greene said so eloquently at the Senate impeachment hearings this week...


And I am going to share this with you in full because it’s just TOO GOOD and SO TRUE:


“President Trump held over 600 rallies over the past 4 years. None of them included assaulting police, destroying businesses, or burning down cities.


Democrats have spent all this time endorsing and enabling violent riots that left billions in property damage and 47 dead across the United States.


Democrats are on record supporting violence when it serves their cause in their own words on social media, on interviews and on fundraising platforms...

Democrats support defunding the police when it’s someone else’s city, someone else’s home, and someone else’s business.


Democrats will take away everyone’s gun just as long as they have guards with guns.


Democrats’ impeachment of President Trump today has now set the standard that THEY should be removed for their support of violence against the American people.” –Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) January 13, 2021 at the Trump Impeachment Hearings


AMEN sister!!!


President Trump did nothing wrong.


But you and I know that along with millions of other Patriots.


We understood perfectly well what he meant that day during his speech.


Yet there’s the left, twisting his words into a LIE so they could impeach him.


They just couldn’t help themselves—it’s like a sickness with them.


And my friend...


That just goes to show you how DEEP their hatred for Trump and his supporters and American democracy really runs.


Their disgust and disdain run like poison through their blood.


And yet...


There was no evidence, no investigation, and no trial. That’s because they had NOTHING on Trump.


Biden is the real criminal here!!! He’s the crook who needs to be impeached—a traitor to our country!


Become a citizen co-sponsor and sign the IMPEACH JOE BIDEN petition today. We must get 150,000 signatures by midnight tonight!!!


As soon as we have 150,000 co-sponsors we’ll send it to every member of Congress and to the White House.


President Trump will be proud to see we’re not backing down.


Enough with these Democrats and their sleezy double standard in the Swamp!!!!


We can’t have a crook in the office of the White House who compromises Americans so his family can become filthy rich. 


Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family are the real dangers to America and our Patriots. 


Sign the IMPEACH JOE BIDEN petition today.


Can I ask you to give a donation, too? It will help us launch the campaign to help Marjorie Taylor Greene build a tsunami of support like never before.


We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!!!


Thank the good Lord for those like Congresswoman Greene who put it so well:


"I'm proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored."


Here’s what Senator Greene had to say on Twitter (while she still can—who knows how fast the Twitter fascists will pull the plug on her...)



“The Silent Majority in this country is fed up with being the target and not having people in Congress stand up for them. The Democrats want us to sit down and shut up to go along with their plan to destroy this country. I won’t let them. #ImpeachBiden #QuidProJo”


She’s dead on.


We must stand behind Marjorie Taylor Greene and demand Congress IMPEACH JOE BIDEN!


You can sign the IMPEACH JOE BIDEN petition right here as a citizen co-sponsor... then give a donation of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can so we can get it to Congress and start building the mass wave of support across America.


 Citizen Co-Sponsor Status: Requires Signature—Not Signed
^^^ THIS IS YOU ^^^


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2021-337-901-5603

We must change this to ACTIVE & SIGNED right now! CLICK HERE


to send to every member of Congress and President Trump at the White House.

We’re not screwing around. We mean business and boy are they going to know it.


They can scoff all they want at the coming articles of impeachment from Congresswomen Greene (R-GA) on January 21st but the reality is...


They’re about to get a big taste of their own BITTER medicine.