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These cowards are now trying to protect themselves from prosecution for any crimes THEY COMMITTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...TAKE A LOOK !

JIHAD WATCH 02/27/2015

Australia: Muslims outraged at PM’s “aggressive rhetoric against Muslims”
By Robert Spencer on Feb 26, 2015 08:10 pm

Australia: Muslims outraged at PM’s “aggressive rhetoric against Muslims”
What was his “aggressive rhetoric against Muslims”? What were his “incredibly reckless” remarks? He said: “I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a religion of peace…I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often and mean it.” And: “The Islamist death-cult has declared war on the world.” In response, instead of declaring their […]

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WashEx: Treasury Used Unauthorized $3 Billion for Obamacare
NY Times: House, Senate Prepare Measures to Fund Homeland Security
Bloomberg: GOP Pledges to Fight Net Neutrality Rules
Special: Test Your Thyroid at Home. Doctor Shows How.
Politico: Holder Blames Struggles With Republicans on Race
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BULLET BAN: Obama Admin. Pushes Ban that Will Affect USA’s Most Popular Rifle

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South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy introduced an immigration bill to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty. 

CHUCK KOLB 02/27/2015 abbreviated

Shabbat Shalom -  You Command - Parasha Tetzaveh !!!

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The Appalling Talk of Boycotting Netanyahu !!!

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Rebbe Yaakov Yitzchak of Peshischa and to the point ...

Many people love falsehood. Few love the truth. Because falsehood
can be loved truly, but truth cannot be loved falsely.
Hallelujah !


Dear Patriot,
Obama's Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch is in some relatively hot water.
Looks like she has been implicated in allowing one of the world's largest banks to evade criminal charges.
Surprisingly, the story broke back in 2012 before Lynch was in the spotlight. But now the story is coming back to haunt her...
Click Here to See Why Loretta Lynch Could Go to Jail Before She Takes Over as Attorney General
Steve Thompson

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THE POINT 02/27/2015

Jeb Bush to Conservatives: “Look, I Kind of Feel Your Pain.”

Immigrants... so much better than conservatives.

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Somali terrorists cleverly avoid racial profiling

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Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister of Russia and a top political nemesis of President Vladimir Putin, was shot and killed in central Moscow early Saturday, one day before an opposition rally was scheduled to take place.

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Featured - Friday, February 27, 2015


Massive Archaeological Discovery in England Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Find [PHOTOS]

It’s always neat to see pieces of history discovered all across the world and the latest archaeological discovery in England was so rare that it’s being called a once-in-a-lifetime find. Archaeologists discovered an incredibly rare Roman tombstone in Cirencester, England, recently, and it was carefully flipped over on a live broadcast by the BBC to

Former CIA Agent Calls For THIS Move Against Mosques… Muslims Go Crazy

A terrorism expert just made a controversial statement about Muslim groups within the United States — but he may have a point. Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons recently appeared on Fox News and stated that creating profiles of Islamic mosques is a necessary step in fighting Islamic terrorism. “Without profiling, we are never going to

VIDEO: GOP Congressman’s Visit to Temple Mount Takes Nasty Turn When He Runs Into Muslims

During a recent visit to the Temple Mount, Republican Congressman Dennis Ross, his wife and son, along with a Jewish tour group, experienced a heavy dose of anti-Semitic bigotry first hand when they encountered several groups of fully-covered Muslim women who weren’t happy they were there. The women immediately began chanting “Allahu Akbar” incessantly at Ross’ tour group

BREAKING: Judge Strikes MASSIVE Blow to Obama’s Common Core

One by one, states are rebelling against President Barack Obama’s Common Core. Now a judge in Missouri has just ruled that it is illegal for the government to work with an interstate testing company that administers Common Core standards on behalf of local schools. Missouri Circuit Judge Daniel Green stated that the state’s alliance with a group

PHOTOS: Authorities Stumble Onto Enormous Secret Tunnel Near Major Stadium

A mysterious tunnel has just been discovered in a suspicious place — and authorities are baffled about its purpose. Police in Toronto, Canada, are investigating a 33-foot-long passageway that is reportedly large enough for a person to walk in. The location of the tunnel has some officials alarmed. It is not far from the major stadium where the 2015 Pan

VIDEO: Homeless Man Caught Pushing People in the Snow… Then Karma Paid a Visit

There is a tendency for some people to do strange things during outbreaks of severe weather, such as snow storms. These things that people do can sometimes be good things, or can sometimes be bad. Regardless, karma has a way of keeping score and evening things out from time to time. A homeless man in

VIDEO: Morgan Freeman Stuns Liberals… Uses 1 Surprising Word to Describe “Black History Month”

February is officially “Black History Month” — but one of the most famous black actors in the world has an opinion on that designation that no doubt drives liberals crazy. A while ago, Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman appeared on “60 Minutes” and revealed his surprising views on having a month dedicated to African American history. Journalist

“Jihadi John’s” Real Identity Just Got Exposed… It’s Worse Than We Thought

Most Americans and other Westerners who have been following along with the tragic developments out of the region controlled by the Islamic State group are well aware of a man nicknamed “Jihadi John.” John was the hooded figure with a British accent who appeared in the beheading videos of American journalists James Foley and Steven

VIDEO: Muslims Make Shocking Move in Front of White House… Is This America?

With Islam-sympathizing President Barack Obama on a roll with regard to trashing Christianity and defending the so-called “religion of peace,” the landscape in Washington, D.C., has certainly changed in the past six years. That was illustrated recently when over 100 Muslims took to the front of the White House and began praying to Allah, claiming

BREAKING: “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright’s Daughter Thrown in Prison For Sickening Crime

It looks like President Barack Obama needs to choose better friends. The daughter of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the president’s long-time pastor in Chicago, has just been sent to jail for violating the terms of her bail from an earlier money laundering conviction. Jeri Wright is accused of committing theft while she was waiting to be sentenced