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Keep It Down In There! “I can’t climax quietly ... ”

End The Diversity Agenda In Florida Colleges: DeSantis



Major media get sued for suppressing truth on COVID and other biggest stories
Posted by Bob Unruh
They're the biggest stories of our time: from COVID cures, lockdowns and adverse vaccine effects to the Hunter Biden laptop and the so-called 'climate emergency.'

Now, a serious lawsuit has been filed against the pretenders in Big Media who are doing their best to deceive you, and a famous name is jumping on board. Read more…





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Ron DeSantis Unveils PLAN For Child Attackers

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Ted Cruz Drops Bombshell On Dems, Exposes Dirty Trick

Plus the truth about Biden...




Virginia Lawmakers Approve Bill To Ban Teachers From Hiding A Child’s Gender Transition From Parents
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Chinese Now Outpacing U.S. In Production Of Super Weapon   

Biden to Blame?



Patriots News Daily
DAILY NEWS | February 07, 2023


Biden EXCUSES HIMSELF - Says He's Not Responsible!

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John Kerry landed himself in hot water after this sinister scheme backfired



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 Stewart Reeves submits:

Fire At New Zealand's Largest Egg Farm Kills 75,000 Hens Amid National Shortage | ZeroHedge

How many of these have to burn down before people wake up to the deliberated destruction of the food supply?


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Biden is scrambling to declare this new public health emergency

COVID-19 threw the entire United States into chaos for years and gave the government far too much power. Now the Biden administration has announced a new threat.

That’s why Biden is scrambling to declare this new public health emergency.


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Major News Outlet RAVES About Palestinian Terrorist; Israeli NBA Player Sets Record; Israelis Rush to Help Turkey Amid Natural Disaster
United with IsraelIsrael’s Response to Terror: Gaza Border Gets New Jewish Community; Sanction Anti-Israel International Court, Demand US Lawmakers




by Americans Report



NY Times Signals Kamala That Her White House Ambitions Are Hopeless

imageIn the old days of the USSR, Kremlinologists used to figure out who was in and who was out in the power struggles at the top by looking at the reviewing stand for the May Day military parades. Proximity to the leader was the criterion.


The Dan Bongino Show
February 7, 2023


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Biden Regime Frees 9/11 Terrorist While Everyone Was Busy Staring at a Balloon
Biden Regime Frees 9/11 Terrorist While Everyone Was Busy Staring at a Balloon
Salim Ahmed Hamdan Khan, a Pakistani citizen and former Guantanamo…




WATCH: Terrorist Car Bomb Explodes ‘In Wrong Place at Wrong Time’; Muslim Migrant Steals NJ School Bus – Intentions Revealed; The Israeli Left’s Violent Rhetoric and Phony ‘Apologies’
World Israel News

BIBI v. BEN-GVIR: Will Illegal Arab Building be Demolished?