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LIFE ALERTS 01/02/2014

Jahi McMath Has Been Starved for Three Weeks During Battle Over Her Life
A judge in the legal dispute over Jahi McMath has ordered attorneys for the hospital and Jahi’s family to meet Friday. One of the judges issued an order today instructing representatives of Children’s Hospital Oakland and the family of Jahi McMath to attend the mandatory settlement conference and try to avoid going to trial.
Meanwhile, the attorney for Jahi’s family says she is not getting proper food and water.
Pro-Life Movement Winning: Passes More Laws From 2011-2013 Than in Previous Decade
A new report from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, a former arm of Planned Parenthood, shows the pro-life is winning — passing more pro-life laws to stop abortions in the last three years than the previous decade.
The proof is in the pudding when it comes to whether or not pro-life laws are making a difference. The number of abortions in states that are consistently passing more pro-life laws stopping abortions are down to historic lows — making it so abortions are down to their lowest level nationally since just after Roe v. Wade.

THE POINT 01/02/2014

Obama Now Controls Every Detail of Medical Treatment

It's ObamaCare or nothing

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The Magic Words: ‘Credible Fear’
Those who seek to enter the United States illegally are resourceful in selecting their route. They climb over fences, scramble through underground tunnels, swim through waterways, and claw their way through the heat of the Arizona desert.

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Shuster: A Republican who champions transportation for all its benefits
When the U.S. House passed the Water Resources and Redevelopment Act in October – upgrading the nation’s ports and waterways – the near-unanimous vote of 417-3 demonstrated the effectiveness of a Pennsylvanian who is quietly emerging as a go-to conservative leader showing the way to renewing America’s economic strength and creating jobs.

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Separation of Church and State, Not God and Government
Under the true, original American View of law and government, all law, and therefore all rights, originate in God. Therefore, what is not in accord with God’s Law is not law.

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ACTIVIST POST 01/02/2014


ACLU Files FOIA Lawsuit for Reagan Exec Order on Surveillance of Americans
Activist Post

20 years ago, this comic predicted...
Amanda Warren

The U.S. Voted Biggest Threat to World Peace, Right According to Plan
Eric Blair

Irony Alert: Global Warming Scientists Finally Rescued from Antarctic Ice
Melissa Melton

GMO and ‘Natural’ Food Fight: Treacherous Terrain in 2014
Ronnie Cummins

2014: Let The Year Of The Solutions Begin
Bernie Suarez



Submitted by: Nancy Battle

Hawaiians are being poisoned by pesticides and GMO growers!


Submitted by: Phil Bulfinch


How Rain Dumps Fukushima Radiation On West Coast Jeff Rense 11-2-12

Radioactive isotopes are constantly spewed from the destroy Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and are easily picked up by the jet stream and transported across the North Pacific in storm systems.  When these weather fronts hit the mainland, the rains wash the radioactive particles out of the air and spreads them over everything that receives precipitation.   The US West Coast and especially British Columbia, specifically the Vancouver area, get hit the hardest.  As the jet stream migrates up and down the coast during the rainy season, the highest levels of radioactivity will accumulate, logically, in the areas of higher rainfall.   The more the rain, the higher the radiation concentration in the soil.  The radiation, of course, is not all washed out at once and continues to be transported and dumped on the US and Canada from West to East with measurable amounts of contamination ultimately having been recorded in multiple locations of Europe.  Note - Some winter storm systems come upward from the tropics and the Hawaii area (known as the 'pineapple express' storms) are much less contaminated.


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TEA PARTY 01/02/2014

BREAKING NEWS! Obama pollster asks reporters to stop covering polls in 2014…Read the latest now on

ACTON: Darkness lurks around the corner. Obama has committed grave injustices. He left innocent Americans to die in Benghazi...handed guns to criminals in the fast and furious...let scores of criminals illegally out of prison to roam our streets...and wants to grant amnesty to millions more criminals. We should fear what's next. Have you had enough? DEMAND Congress IMPEACH OBAMA now!

Contact Congress Here: For about what it would cost you in time and telephone charges, you can send Blast Faxes to:

ALL 100 U.S. Senators AND ALL 435 U.S. Representatives at their DC and Home offices.

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Look, I can't do this for everyone but...

JIHAD WATCH 01/02/2014

Jan 01, 2014 09:13 pm | Robert Spencer
talk about bad luck. The same family that was killed in Syria by Assad, also killed by IDF bombing Gaza few days ago.— SkepTorr (@SkepTorr) January 1, 2014 But if you doubt the atrocity tales that Islamic supremacists tell, you're a greasy Islamophobe, a genocide denier, and worse....

Jan 01, 2014 09:12 pm | Robert Spencer
@jihadwatchRS u ar the problem with this world — Mubee dreamz (@mubeedee) December 31, 2013 And it is I! Seriously, note how Islamic supremacists routinely direct their fury at those who report on jihadist atrocities, rather than toward the jihadists -- even when they profess to condemn jihadist attacks....

NEWS WITH VIEWS 01/02/2014

January 2, 2013
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Why Do You Make Life So Hard?
Speak the truth. Become known as a person who's word is his bond. Even when you find yourself in a difficult situation the safest and most likely way to navigate your way to the shore is by simply telling the truth. Lying is insidious. It breaks down trust between individuals and causes resentment among the one who has been wronged. Dishonesty is a trait that is hard for others to forget. Honesty is remembered in much the same way....
by Coach Dave Daubenmire

COWBOYBYTE 01/02/2014

It’s official: Obamacare debuts with more canceled plans than enrollments

Great stats Obama. Check this out: Obamacare may have promised health insurance for the masses. But on its first day, it’s left more Americans without coverage than before the law was passed. More than 4.7 million Americans had their health … Continue reading

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Submitted by: Jason Lord 
Jan 02, 2014 04:50 am  

By Sarah Hurtubise 
Obamacare may have promised health insurance for the masses. But on its first day, it’s left more Americans without coverage than before the law was passed.

GRASSTOPS USA 01/02/2014

"Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give luster, and many more people see than weigh."
~ Philip Stanhope
The I-Word Hits Washington Again
Dems Paranoid Over Obama Impeachment Talk?

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sent out a paranoid email Saturday evening urging supporters to vote for Democrats so that Republicans can’t impeach Barack Obama

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Join Us, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Steven Seagal, Ted Nugent, Neal Boortz And The Movers And Shakers Of The Conservative Movement At The Western Conservative Conference.
GrassTopsUSA is a proud co-sponsor of the 2014 Western Conservative Conference will be held in Phoenix on February 21st and 22nd at the Phoenix Convention Center. Get your tickets now.

MUTH'S TRUTHS 01/02/2014


Paraphrasing The Rock: “Finally…First Friday…has come back to…Stoney’s!”

That’s right.  Our First Friday Happy Hour is returning to where it all began over four years ago: Stoney’s Rockin’ Country.  But note that Stoney’s itself has moved since then and is now in the same shopping mall as the Blue Martini, where we’ve held First Friday the last few months.

Our VIP guest-of-honor tomorrow night will be tea party leader and longtime conservative activist Niger Innis…who may or may not have a thing or two to say about his potential congressional candidacy in Nevada’s 4th congressional district – the seat currently occupied by Democrat Rep. Steven Horsford.

Also, to welcome us back in style will be former Nevada State Sen. Sue Lowden, the conservative GOP candidate for lieutenant governor whose son, Chris, is part-owner of Stoney’s.


Submitted by: Phil Bulfinch

More on Fukushima…who would have thought this?
Is this why all the hush hush?
In Japan at the height of the disaster, “the nuclear industry and government agencies [were] scrambling to prevent the discovery of atomic-bomb research facilities hidden inside Japan’s civilian nuclear power plants”.1  (See Yoichi Shimatsu, Secret Weapons Program Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant? Global Research,  April 12, 2011)
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: How it Happened


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National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 1-2-14
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Obama slithers again toward 'New World Order'
Protest planned against ambitious free-trade agreement

From: ORYR
OAS: Col. Riley Call To Action; Corrupt & Criminal Leadership Must Be Removed Exclusive Interview with Col. Harry  Riley (Ret.) on the “American Spring” “IT’S ALMOST AT T...


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

Former MSNBC Host Told Not to Warn Public About Fukushima
Posted By: Lymerick [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 1-Jan-2014 19:16:44
January 1, 2014
Paul Joseph Watson
“Because the official government position is that it’s safe”
Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur was told not to warn the public about the danger posed by the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant during his time as a host on the cable network.
“I was on MSNBC at the time when this happened, I said, “Don’t trust what the Japanese government is saying, they’ll say trust what the electric power company is saying. Go, go, go, get outta there. Get as far away from that plant as you can. It’s literally a core meltdown.” And they always don’t want people to panic, so they were always like, “Oh it’s going to be okay.” [...] I’m like, “You’re crazy man, don’t be anywhere near that reactor.” And I remember at the time, of course not at The Young Turks, but on cable news, people were like, “Hey Cenk, you know, I don’t know that you want to say that, because the official government position is that it’s safe.” Oh, is that the official government position? Now go explain that to the people who served on the USS Ronald Reagan.”


Submitted by: Phil Bulfinch

With the Japanese organized crime doing the repairs on Fukushima and unstable folks in the U.S. like Hillary Clinton making back door deals that US citizens don’t know about, it seems the possibility of a greater disaster in Japan as contractors and TEPCO removing fuel rods is simply waiting to happen.
I’m as pissed or more so, than you are…imagine if the call to evacuate the west coast really does occur?
Fuel and food would be the first to disappear. Roadways would be jammed solid, causing further panic. I imagine air travel would devolve into something only the richest people could afford, assuming there was a place to land easterly and pilots that would return to the west and incur higher doses of as cesium-137 radiation.
And then one has to ask if the Jetstream would just dose the east of the US anyway?
Unlike many, I have pack animals and a ton of protective devices and could try to get to family in the east and avoid roads in general, but this time of year (if a Japanese blowout happened tomorrow) the only reasonable passage to travel 3000 miles east is the southern route. And I imagine many, many stranded refugees would be walking parallel with my wife and I. Shooting people trying to steal my stuff sounds like something right out of Sci-Fi…what a FUBAR.