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 Bitter Liz Cheney Does Most Vengeful Deed Yet


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Explosive Hunter Biden Evidence Released - Top Republicans Just Revealed the Smoking Gun


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Original Rock ’N Roll Legend Dead At 87

Brady Announces Divorce


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Watchdog Reveals Soros Backed Org's Dirty Laundry   

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Israel Breaks 2-decade Aliyah Record! Jewish View: Vegetarianism vs. Meat; LinkedIn Fails to Take Down Antisemitic Content; Afghan Champ to Join Israel’s Cycling Team; Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelLinkedIn Fails to Take Down Antisemitic Content; Boarding Passes for Noah’s Ark; WATCH: Palestinian Authority Endorses Murder of Israeli Soldier; Israeli Startup Wins Prize at World Sustainability Awards


 Biden - Confused Again


Democrat Blows Whistle on Ballot Harvesting Scheme

'Long-Running, Widespread' Election Crimes Revealed. . .More




State residents flag hundreds of books in schools for 'pornographic' content
'We have an obligation to protect the innocence of children.' Read more…



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The latest University of Reno poll reveals that I’m still in the lead in my bid to serve as your next Treasurer!


October 28, 2022
Trump returns to Twitter? 12 corporations vow to boycott
Trump returns to Twitter? 12 corporations vow to boycott
Tech billionaire Elon Musk has taken control of Twitter, ending months of uncertainty. Now, the real questions are whether Musk will reactivate Donald Trump's account... and how advertisers will react. Read More 


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Guy Who Decided To Ban The Babylon Bee Wondering If He Might Be In Hot Water

Guy Who Decided To Ban The Babylon Bee Wondering If He Might Be In Hot Water


Biden Begs Hasidim for Support, Next Day They Run Republican Fundraiser; Kanye Almost Named Album ‘Hitler'; UN Member States Call Inquiry on Israel ‘Antisemitic’; Latest News!
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Russian Ambassador: Relations with Israel are Still Good, on One Condition


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John Kerry Urges Top Polluters To Take Action On Climate Change

imagePresidential envoy John Kerry urged some of the worst contributors to pollution to take action Thursday to address the effects of climate change, particularly in Africa.

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Fetterman Lies About Illegal Wife

Fetterman Exposed For Contradictions, Lies. . .More

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October 28, 2022





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‘The View’ Co-Host Says NYC ‘One Of The Safest Cities In The Country’


Breaking: Democrats TORCHED By Conservative Star


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Biden Describes Fetterman With 2 Bizarre Words - Even Democrats Are Laughing About It



Trump Makes HUGE Announcement Regarding His Twitter Account

Masks and Robots Confirmed? Watch This…


Submitted by Eduardo Nunez via W Bissell

This is going to be a HUGE Deal   STEW PETERS has been exposing this stuff for 2 yrs and I've watched him all the way thru.  Karen Kingston, Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Judy Mikovitz and now Embalmers and Funeral Directors are giving us the straight poop... 
Those that got that Kill Shot  Or like college students and employees who were FORCED to get the Kill Shots.  Including my Own Mom who died a few months later,  will realize now they have been FOOLED,   they are no longer Human and are now filled with Snake Poisons and Graphene Oxide!!!   This is 4 minutes of Pure Slap in the Face  WAKE UP CALL!!!!


October 28 2022
Happy Friday from Washington, where Democrats’ “COVID-19 relief” pays for cash giveaways in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other major cities. Fred Lucas reports. A Vermont family takes their school district to court, alleging retaliation for opposing a transgender policy that endangers girls. Mary Margaret Olohan has the story. On the podcast, Heritage Foundation economist EJ Antoni sees worrisome signs in that new report of an improving economy. Plus: Steve Scalise decries political violence; the praying coach returns to the gridiron; and why we honor first responders. Sixty years ago today, blinking under pressure from President John F. Kennedy,  Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev orders the withdrawal of Soviet missiles from Cuba.


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Trump Reports SECRET Documents In Chinese Restaurant!

Trump Reports SECRET Documents In Chinese Restaurant!

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