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Can you believe this insanity?

We are seeing unimaginable things happen in our world, that herald a future of unspeakable madness and suffering for humanity. Yet, it is all being promoted as part of the UN Agenda 2030 to "save the planet". Please spread this urgent message to all your contacts, and post it in all your social media groups.


Pedophilia is being promoted as a natural preference that must be accepted. Parents who protect their children, are called “haters”.


Children are being indoctrinated to surgically alter their sexual identity, without the consent of their parents.


Drag queens are brought into kindergartens, and first grade to teach kids about homosexuality.


Digital ID’s are being developed, to exclusively allow people who had their umpteenth injection, to partake in society.


Cities are testing to limit the movement of people to 15 or 20 minutes from their homes. Unprecedented surveillance is installed.


Thousands of ranchers are forced to kill their livestock, while synthetic meat, and genetically modified insects are pushed as the new food source for humanity.


The World Economic Forum states that in the future cyborgs will rule over of humanity, while A.I. will direct our lives.


Elitist billionaires are working on transplanting their mind into artificial carriers, to obtain immortality.


The WEF publicly states that soon governments will read our thoughts, emotions and dreams, which will be recorded 24/7.

Abundant evidence for all of this can be found on

How can we end this?

What you see above, is just the beginning of something none of us could have possibly imagined. It is all part of the United Nations Agenda 2030, which aims to radically transform every aspect of human existence: financial, sexual, social, food, health care, etc. is an international platform that takes a stand against these destructive developments. Through our emails we accurately inform you about what is threatening humanity. Knowing the truth prepares and empowers you to defend yourself, and your beloved ones. We also reveal inspiring developments that you can join to build a better world.

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