Monday, February 13, 2023


Republicans Must Denounce Climate Change Scam

We’ll all be forced to drive those disasters called electric vehicles. Yes, auto makers are pledging to do away with all gas powered cars, SUV’s and trucks. I have a ton of disasters regarding EV’s and buyer’s remorse. Mark my words: Republicans WILL get massive support not only from Republican voters but independents who know the truth.

By Devvy

Our American Ecological Footprint Is Three Times Larger Than Our Country

As you know, Biden and Congress have invited over 6.6 million refugees into our country within the past 25 months. The next 24 months with Biden’s push to leave our borders open to anyone and everybody will result in another 6.6 million people. That’s over 13.2 million added people and another 4.0 million of their babies.

By Frosty Wooldridge

A World On The Edge, Part 2

In case you didn’t notice they are intending on starving people to death to achieve their goal of lower populations: to drastically reduce the world’s population via orchestrated food shortages across the globe. Stalin did that after WWII. About ten million died because he destroyed their crops a would not let them buy any food.

By Pastor Roger Anghis

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