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       LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.




Monday –

February the 13th, 2023



I was privileged to appear on a national podcast The Bryce Eddie Show airing from California.  The Host, Bryce Eddie, was most gracious inviting me to participate on his show and share thoughts regarding the collapse of our borders forcing our exceptional nation to accept the New-World Order, the Global Community without national sovereignty.  Bryce also invited me to share about my thoughts as to what spiritually is transpiring in America given the many political events unfolding.  Mentioned below are the links for your review.

            May I share what a surprise and pleasure it was participating with Bryce Eddie on his program.  We had not met prior nor held any conversation as to what would be discussed.  I was sincerely touched experiencing his hospitality and easy manner by which the issues could be explored without feeling hurried or entrapped.  Much more so, I was greatly touched participating on a show where today’s issues could be discussed from a Christian perspective.  I pray you not only enjoy the conversation but may sense the Lord’s Hand on and surrounding the topicals we shared. 

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.




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