Tuesday, February 14, 2023



This Is How DUMB They Think You Are

A top US general said that they are not ruling out aliens and UFOs.

It's China. It may well be advanced superweaponry that we are unfamiliar because we are too busy with our pronouns but make not mistake, it ain't little green men.

Everyone ...

AXIS OF EVIL: Iranian President Raisi to Visit China to Shore Up Ties

President Raisi and President Xi will no doubt discuss how they can further exploit the weak Biden Administration to fulfill their nefarious objectives.

We are in very dangerous times.

The world marches to war while America sexually cuts up ...

‘SPECIAL NEEDS” Fetterman Has Trouble Hearing Voices After Stroke, But Hears Charlie Brown Voices In His Head

He can't hear but can he hear the voices in his head.

Pennsylvania voters stood by while the Democrats hijacked their elections. I have no pity. They could have had a doctor, a professor emeritus of cardiothoracic surgery at Columbia ...

EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Protest Drag Queen Story Hour met with Leftist Chaos Outside NYC Library

Dec 29, 2022 3 pm. Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

On Dec 29, the Leftist  “Defenders of Drag Queens” behaved badly,  ripping signs, pepper-spraying the non-violent Guardians of Divinity while assaulting their cameras with horns and very ...

‘WE NUKED A TOWN”: Media Blackout On “Catastrophic” Environmental Disaster in Ohio Caused By Large Controlled Explosion, Journalists Covering It Arrested

“We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open,” said Silverado Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist.

Palestine, Ohio looks like a disaster movie.

At around 9 p.m. on Feb. 3, 50 cars of a 141-car Norfolk ...

Group Targeting Musk’s Twitter For ‘Climate Misinformation’ Is Linked To Russia Hoax Fusion GPS, Disinformation Campaign

There is conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact.

It's all of a piece, you see. All of it. Election fraud, climate hoax, China etc etc

Group Targeting Musk’s Twitter For ‘Climate Misinformation’ Is Linked To Fusion GPS, Disinformation ...

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