Tuesday, February 14, 2023


Constitutionality of Cabinet Level Departments

That means the only branch of the federal government legally capable of enacting laws is Congress. When an executive branch department or agency writes “regulations” with the force of law, those acts are not made pursuant to the Constitution, so they are not the supreme law of the land and are void.

By Paul Engel


Brain Fog at Foggy Bottom

And so, today reason and truth are passe and, as they say, we must do it their way. But this time they run risk of waking up the goyim and the sheeple to their plight and also the identity of the purveyors of these schemes and agendas because these perps are massively "overreaching" with their actions as they hope to fulfill the agenda of the Great Reset.

By Sidney Secular


Republicans Must Denounce Climate Change Scam

We’ll all be forced to drive those disasters called electric vehicles. Yes, auto makers are pledging to do away with all gas powered cars, SUV’s and trucks. I have a ton of disasters regarding EV’s and buyer’s remorse. Mark my words: Republicans WILL get massive support not only from Republican voters but independents who know the truth.

By Devvy


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