Wednesday, September 21, 2022


 Submitted by: Jackie Juntti

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If you are, like myself, covered by medicare thru SS - please be aware of the changes coming.  not only the economic changes but more and more physicians are not taking Medicare patients due to the low reimbursement and extra paperwork they have to endure.  I have encountered this for several years with many not taking medicare patients.


This is why I am so thankful to have learned and changed my pH balance in the early 2000's to the alkaline level which has prevented me from dealing with any virus or bacterial illnesses.  My medical problems are connected to my failing bones - and high blood pressure.  The only prescription med I take is for the BP.


I also learned about muscle testing to see if my body needs certain herbal supplements.  Paying attention to the food I eat - how much of it - and my liquid intake is mostly straight water - no soft drinks at all. Sugar and salt intake is minimal.


Learn how to read what your body needs and what causes any illness and then MAKE THE CHANGES to correct it.


A former sister in law went on welfare and when she died the State came in and confiscated everything she had even the things that were on loan to her from family members.  They couldn't get any of it back either so keep that in mind if you go on state Medicaid (welfare).


Do what you can to NOT NEED the AMA physicians or BIG PHARMA meds.  Also, learn what the changes are that are coming the first of 2023.


Jackie Juntti

MARANATHA  ! ! ! !! 



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