Wednesday, September 21, 2022



Patriot – this is exactly why so many do not trust corporate media.

My wife Celeste just put together this amazing ad to tell voters how I’ve been an underdog my entire life – and why they can trust me to ALWAYS fight for them in the U.S. Senate.

But as soon as the New York Times got wind of it, they decided to run a smear piece attacking Celeste simply for being the wife of a Republican.

Utterly despicable. I truly have no other words to describe this. But actions speak louder than words…

Which is why I’m asking every patriot to stand with me and show the left-wing New York Times that these attacks against my wife are going to BACKFIRE with a SURGE of grassroots support to help us take the lead in this must-win Senate race.

So please, make a contribution to help me TAKE THE LEAD in Colorado’s 1-point Senate race (the 1 SEAT to flip the 50-50 Senate) – and I’ll even personally 1,400% MATCH your gift.

CONTRIBUTE $25 >> $375

CONTRIBUTE $50 >> $750

CONTRIBUTE $100 >> $1,500

CONTRIBUTE $250 >> $3,750

CONTRIBUTE $500 >> $7,500


Thank you,

Joe O’Dea
Official Republican Nominee
U.S. Senate (Colorado)

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