Wednesday, September 21, 2022

FROM: John Porter

To: Americans everywhere
September 19, 2022

        In our justice system, an established crime is investigated searching for a person who may have committed it. In our system of justice, you do not investigate a person in search of a crime that may have been committed. I would like for our Department of Justice to explain to me and all of America, what crime has Donald Trump been charged with? No charge has been leveled after 6 years of investigating him. It is very evident, they have been and are investigating a person in search of a crime. Our Constitution doesn't allow for any such action against an American citizen.

A picture
                                                          of Abraham
                                                          Lincoln, with
                                                          text saying,
                                                          "It used
                                                          to be a
                                                          amongst men
                                                          that when a
                                                          charge was
                                                          made some sort
                                                          of proof was
                                                          forward to
                                                          establish it,
                                                          and if no
                                                          proof was
                                                          found to
                                                          exist, the
                                                          charge was
                                                          dropped. - A.

P.S. Is there any person reading this who could withstand such an investigation? This really has nothing what-so-ever to do with a political party affiliation. It is only a matter of right and wrong.

Thank you; John Porter, Harrison, Arkansas.

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